Who Is Tom Aspinall Mother? Why Didn’t She Watch His Fight?

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Tom Aspinall Mother: Professional MMA fighter Tom Aspinall recently became the world champion, winning the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 295. 

Born and raised in Wigan, England, Tom began training martial arts influenced by his dad.

Although his dad was not a professional fighter, he left his job to help his young son enhance his fighting skills. Meanwhile, Tom’s mother always trusted her son’s ability and supported his career.

English Mixed Martial Artist Tom Aspinall
English Mixed Martial Artist Tom Aspinall (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Thomas Paul Aspinall, better known as Tom Aspinall, is an English professional mixed martial artist. Starting his professional career in 2014, he currently participates in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After completing school, Tom initially signed a contract with Cage Warriors. Even though the UFC had already offered him a deal at the time, he turned it down, thinking it was not the right time.

Eventually, Aspinall made his UFC debut, fighting against American MMA fighter Jake Collier on July 25, 2020. Tom has appeared in 17 professional fights, winning 14 out of them.

Who Is Tom Aspinall’s Mother?

British MMA fighter Tom Aspinall was born to his parents on April 11, 1993, in Wigan, England.

Although there are several articles about Tom’s special relationship with his dad, there is not much information about his mother on the Internet. The only thing we know about her is that she is Polish.

Tom Aspinall Is Of Polish Descent Through His Mother
Tom Aspinall Is Of Polish Descent Through His Mother (Source: MMA Fighting)

Born and raised in Poland, his mother moved to England only as an adult.

While in the UK to pursue higher education, she met Tom’s dad, Andy, and settled with him in Wigan, England.

Why Didn’t Tom’s Mom Watch His Fight?

Tom Aspinall recently became the Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion, beating Sergei Pavlovich on November 11, 2023. 

Although his dad, cousin, and younger brother were present in New York City to support him during the fight, his mother and wife could not join him. As a result, many people thought they missed one of the most important fights of Aspinall’s career.

Trying to clarify things, the former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen posted a video on YouTube. In a six-minute clip, Sonnen praised Tom’s unique fighting spirit and spoke highly about his family’s bonding.

Chael said that he asked Tom’s dad why his wife was not present there, to which Andy hilariously replied that it was night in Britain, so she was sleeping.

Later, when he informed her about her son’s victory through a phone call, she casually replied, “He always does.” 

Tom’s Dad Quit His Job To Train His Son

Tom Aspinall’s dad, Andy, quit his high-paying job to start a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school and train his son in 2005. Before that, Tom trained at the Leigh Self-Defense Studio in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Before he dedicated his time to his son, Andy worked at an IT company for over two decades.

Tom Aspinall And His Dad Andy
Tom Aspinall And His Dad, Andy (Source: Instagram)

Speaking to talkSPORT, Andy said, “I was a contractor for a long time, making good money, and then I was an IT manager. I just decided to teach jiu-jitsu and hoped that Tom, at 12, and my other son, at 9, would teach jiu-jitsu because they’d have a career then.”

While Tom progressed significantly as a professional MMA fighter, his younger brother, Joe, teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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