Who Is Victoria Gracie, James Gallagher Girlfriend? Are They Married?

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Victoria Gracie is the girlfriend of the featherweight champion James Gallagher.

Gracie proves to be an exceptionally supportive girlfriend, standing by James through challenging times.

Moreover, the couple shares a strong bond through their love for fighting; as James steps into the ring, Gracie stands by him outside, providing unwavering support.

James Gallagher posing for a photo
James Gallagher Posing For A Photo(Source: Instagram)

Born October 24, 1996, and nicknamed “The Strabanimal,” James Gallagher proudly represents SBG Ireland, a renowned training camp known for producing formidable talents.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, the Featherweight sensation has made a mark in professional MMA with a stellar 12-2-0 record.

Notable wins, such as submissions over Roman Salazar and Jeremiah Labiano, and setbacks, like the loss to Patchy Mix, highlight Gallagher’s journey in the Featherweight division.

His moniker, “The Strabanimal,” speaks volumes about his aggressive fighting style and the ability to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents.

As James Gallagher navigates the dynamics of professional MMA, his journey continues to captivate fans and fellow fighters alike.

Moreover, with a current streak of one win and a promising career ahead, ‘The Strabanimal’ is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Featherweight division.

Victoria Gracie: James Gallagher Girlfriend?

Victoria Gracie is James Gallagher’s girlfriend; she is also his child’s soon-to-be mother.

According to James’s social media, their son, Andrew Charles Gracie, was to be born on May 11, 2022.

However, no additional updates on his child have been provided, possibly due to privacy considerations.

James Gallagher with girlfriend Victoria Gracie
James Gallagher With Girlfriend Victoria Gracie(Source: Instagram)

Talking about his girlfriend Victoria, she actively participated in college football during her university days.

According to her social media presence, she takes delight in cheering for James during his fights, and in her downtime, she relishes staying at home with their dog.

Unfortunately, details about their marital status remain confined.

Gallagher’s Fighting Journey

James Gallagher, the resilient Strabane native, is gearing up for a comeback at Bellator 298 after a formidable 21-month hiatus. 

Two canceled fights due to injuries cast a shadow, with Gallagher needing surgery on his thumb and later injuring his knee.

Yet, compared to Conor McGregor in his early career, the fighter remains undeterred.

This comeback is more than just a return to the cage; it’s a strategic move to the featherweight division.

After the defeat against Mix, Gallagher faced physical and mental challenges during his grueling weight cuts to meet the bantamweight limit.

James Gallagher poses for a photograph before a match
James Gallagher Poses For A Photograph Before A Match(Source: Instagram)

The decision to shift to featherweight is a testament to a newfound understanding of his body, a desire for a more natural weight class, and a departure from the draining effects of excessive weight cutting.

In a recent interview with BBC Sport, Gallagher exudes confidence and enthusiasm, expressing how the last year provided a perfect balance for personal growth.

“I’m always growing, always learning,” he says, emphasizing the importance of enjoying every moment, both highs and lows.

Moreover, Gallagher recognizes the maturity and edge that come with time, drawing parallels between his journey and any young fighter thrust into the spotlight.

His perspective, forged through the crucible of public scrutiny, mistakes, and growth, reveals a fighter with a depth of understanding beyond his years.

Gallagher’s journey becomes more than a tale of fights and victories in a sport where physical and mental well-being are intertwined.

It becomes a lesson in resilience, adaptation, and the continuous pursuit of personal growth. 


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