Who Was Patrick Rooney? Art Rooney II Son Death And Obituary

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The Rooney family is in mourning after Patrick Rooney death. His passing and obituary brought grief to his loved ones and left a deep impact on the world.

He died peacefully at age 84 on October 29, 2023, at his Palm Beach, Florida residence.

Pittsburgh Steelers Founder Art Rooney Sr
Pittsburgh Steelers Founder Art Rooney Sr (Source: Steelers)

Art Rooney II aka Arthur Joseph Rooney II, is the owner and president of the Pittsburgh Steelers, born on September 14, 1952, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Moreover, he is a member of the Rooney family, which has a long and storied history with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team was founded by his grandfather, Art Rooney, in 1933.

His father, Dan Rooney, was also deeply involved with the franchise and served as its president and later as the United States Ambassador to Ireland.

Art Rooney II took over as president of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003 following the death of his father, Dan Rooney.

Under his leadership, the team has continued to be competitive in the NFL and has had success, including winning multiple Super Bowl championships.

Rooney has been instrumental in the team’s decision-making, including hiring coaches and front-office staff and representing the franchise in league matters.

Art Rooney II is widely respected in the NFL community for his commitment to the Steelers and his contributions to the league.

Therefore, the Rooney family has been a significant and influential force in professional football, and Art Rooney II has carried on this tradition.

Art Rooney II Son Death And Obituary

Patrick J. Rooney Sr., the son of Art Rooney II, the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers and a former co-owner of the team, peacefully passed away at the age of 84 on Sunday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers shared the somber news of his death on Tuesday and paid their respects with a tribute:

“We are saddened by the loss of Patrick J. Rooney RIP.”

Patrick’s obituary not only deeply affected his family but also resonated with the public and the media.

Patrick Rooney Death And Obituary
Patrick Rooney’s Death And Obituary (Source: Facebook)

He passed away just 10 months after his twin brother, John, who co-owned the Palm Beach Kennel Club, passed in December 2022.

After this sad news, heartfelt condolences and prayers flooded social media as people supported the grieving family during this difficult time.

Who Was Patrick Rooney?

Patrick Rooney, one of Art Rooney II’s five children, played a vital role in the Steelers’ legacy, furthering his family’s sports legacy.

Born on March 7, 1939, in Pittsburgh, Patrick was the son of Art Rooney II, the revered founder of the Steelers.

Patrick and his twin brother, John, immersed themselves in Pittsburgh’s sports culture during their formative years on the North Side.

Both brothers attended North Catholic High School, solidifying their strong community connections as they pursued their education.

Art Rooney II Son Patrick Rooney Died At 84
Art Rooney II’s Son, Patrick Rooney, Died At 84 (Source:)

Patrick’s life was closely tied to the Pittsburgh Steelers, holding a minority ownership role alongside his twin brother, John.

Together, they contributed significantly to the enduring legacy of a franchise that had played a pivotal role in the NFL’s history.

Similarly, Patrick’s life reflects Pittsburgh’s indomitable spirit, from his upbringing to his unwavering commitment to a beloved sports franchise.

In conclusion, Rooney’s impact will continue to resonate across generations, like the Steelers themselves.

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