Yared Nuguse Parents Alem And Mana Berhe Are His Inspiration

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Yared Nuguse parents, Alem and Mana, were originally from Ethiopia; later, they moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

Yared’s father thinks of himself as a lucky fellow who, even in his six-month detention, didn’t suffer torture during the Ethiopian civil war. He eventually made it to Sudan and then America.

Yared Nuguse Winning The Game
Yared Nuguse Winning The Game (Source: Instagram)

Yared Nuguse, born on June 1, 1999, is an American middle-distance runner who specializes in the 1500 meters.

He earned the title as the 2019 NCAA Division I champion. Moreover, Yared also holds the North American outdoor record for over 1500 meters.

Additionally, Nuguse also holds indoor records for 1500 meters, one mile, and 3000 meters.

The runner attended DuPont Manual High School, where he started as a runner prior to attending the University of Notre Dame.

Furthermore, Yared participated in a collegiate competition with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The NCAA 1500-meter record was set by Nuguse on May 13, 2021, in a time of 3:34.36, which also met the Olympic requirements.

Who Are Yared Nuguse Parents?

Yared Nuguse was born to his mother, Mana, and father, Alem Nuguse. 

In Arlington, Alem met Mana, his wife. She is also from Tigray, but she didn’t meet her husband until after they had both left the country.

The parents of Yared were actually from Ethiopia, but later they moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

The immigrant parents own a liquor store, from where they gave education to all their children.

“My family is a huge part of who I am,” Yared said. “I wouldn’t be hard-working in school or running if I didn’t have that strong force within me to pursue that.”

The athlete grew up with six siblings: Fastina, 34; Tegest, 33; Senait, 26; Yared, 24; and twins Zebeeb and Alula, 22.

Yared With His Siblings
Yared With His Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Despite being born and raised in the U.S., they are close to their roots.

Moreover, the brothers also care about and respect their ancestry and heritage.

Additionally, Nuguse also uses his platform to raise awareness of the ongoing Ethiopian civil war.

Nuguse’s Father Was A Refugee

Ethiopia, one of the world’s oldest nations and the second-most populated nation in Africa, dates back to the time of the Bible.

It suffered from conflict for many years and was ruled by a socialist government in the 1980s when Alem Nuguse said he was a target for political reasons.

Before that, he taught Mathematics and English.

Yared Nuguse With His Father
Yared Nuguse With His Father (Source: Twitter)

“If you have different kinds of ideas,” he said, “they just throw you into prison.”

He claimed that after being released, he walked to Port Sudan with three other migrants.

They were more frightened of going back to prison than of dangerous animals. The refugees traveled at night with an armed guide.

After that, the father said he started teaching and resided at a friend’s house instead of moving to a refugee camp.

Later, Alam flew to Washington and settled in Arlington, Virginia, after receiving political asylum during the Ronald Reagan government.

Additionally, he accepted a position as a clerical assistant with Aetna Insurance and eventually worked for the post office.

Moreover, he founded an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian community.

Alem Nuguse didn’t let his children suffer from his horrific past, and he led them to a great future without complications.

“Yared, you just don’t need to know anything about Tigray right now. Concentrate on your races,” his father told him.

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