Yordan Alvarez Parents: Father Agustin Alvarez Salazar And Mother Mailyn Cadogan Reyes Salazar

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After a long wait, the Yordan Alvarez parents, father Agustin Alvarez Salazar, and mother Mailyn Cadogan Reyes Salazar eventually got a chance to see their son play.

The entire family of Yordan immigrated from Cuba in 2016 to Haiti in the hope of establishing residency, although they eventually settled in the Dominican Republic.

During that same year in June, Yordan signed as an international free agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

After his first pro season in the D.R. summer league, he moved to the United States for Class A in 2017.

Yordan Alvarez
Yordan Alvarez (Source: Twitter)

But to get the ball rolling the Cuban slugger had to leave his parents behind to fulfill his MLB dreams.

Since then Yordan has made history by being the 19th player in team history to reach 100 home runs.

With a stroke of luck and hard work, Yordon in 2023, joined Biggio, Bagwell, and Bregman with a 40-game on-base streak.

Yordan Alvarez Parents: Agustin Alvarez And Mother Mailyn Cadogan Reyes

Yordan Alvarez, along with his younger brother Yonder Alvarez Cadogan, is blessed with parents named Augustin Alvarez and Mailyn Cadogan.

Augustin, Yordan’s father, was also a baseball player in Cuba, which explains Yordan’s deep passion for the sport.

Furthermore, Yordan’s father is fluent in the Russian language and has managed restaurants, while his mother, Mailyn, takes care of the household as a homemaker.

His younger brother, Yonder, a fifteen-year-old, greatly admires and wholeheartedly supports him in all aspects of his life.

The humble MLB star’s family maintains a lowkey presence, refraining from sharing personal details even on social media.

Astros Alvarez Family Baseball
The Parents Of Houston Astros’ Yordan Alvarez, Agustín Eduardo Álvarez Salazar and Mailyn Cadogan Reyes (Source: Twitter)

They emphasize privacy and tranquility and prioritize cherished moments with loved ones rather than seeking public attention.

However, during Game 1 of the ALDS, in playoffs, Yordan fans got the hundred-to-one-shot chance to see his parents and brother Yonder cheering for him.

On August 23, 2022, the heart-throbbing moment at Minute Maid Park was priceless, as his parents were witnessing him play in the crowded concourse wearing a No. 44 Alvarez jersey since 2014.

The excitement was understandable because Yordan’s family had very few chances to watch Yordan’s games.

As told by his father, the Cuban government blocks internet and TV signals for Cuban players in disapproval of their participation in US baseball.

However, after years of enduring numerous struggles, Yordan’s family finally reunited with him in the United States and saw him play.

Pivotal Role Of Houston Astros In This Reunion

The Houston Astros stand out as one of the most diverse teams in Major League Baseball, boasting players from different countries. However, this diversity often brings about visa-related challenges for the players.

To navigate through these immigration complexities, the team relies on the expertise of their immigration attorney, Carlos Rosas.

Carlos Rosas has helped several players on the Astros roster from Jose Altuve to Yuli Gurriel.

Family Of Yordan Alvarez
Family Of Yordan Alvarez (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, this time it was Yordan, who finally got to bring his parents to the United States after nearly two years of working with Rosas.

This marked a significant moment for Yordan’s family as they were able to personally witness his games in the U.S.

This long-awaited reunion was possible due to Yordan’s determination and the support of his parents, who eagerly awaited the opportunity to be with their son in the States.

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