Adnan Ahmadzada Wife guhsk1: Real Name And Friendship With Messi

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Adnan Ahmadzada has kept the name of his wife private to date. Although the businessman frequently shares her photos, he has not made further details public.

For the general public, Adnan Ahmadzada is a mysterious name. Nonetheless, the corporate world is slowly discovering about Adnan and his high-stakes persona.

In addition, there are also intrigues regarding his personal life. What is the name of his wife who he shows off on social media?

And his relationship with global soccer phenom Lionel Messi is undoubtedly a concern for sports fans.

Business Executive Adnan Ahmedzada
Business Executive Adnan Ahmedzada (Source: X)

Adnan Ahmadzada is a businessman originally from Azerbaijan but living and working in Great Britain. He was born in 1978, and any or all of his childhood information is not out in the open.

Ahmadzada is one of the names that is frequently brought up during any discussions of SOCAR. It is the primary oil company of the state of Azerbaijan and is one of the strongholds of Azerbaijan’s economy.

Adnan serves his deployment as a major player in SOCAR’s marketing arm, SOCAR Trading.

His tenure as the executive chairman of SOCAR Trading started in 2018; before that, he had been working with SOCAR for many years.

The businessman previously worked in management, most prominently in marketing, export, and economic operations.

Moreover, Ahmadzada has created a “ghost identity” in the trading world. His role within SOCAR Trading is still in discussion, and his business ventures are relatively secret.

Who Is The Wife Of Adnan Ahmadzada? 

Regarding his personal life, Adnan Ahmadzada is a married man. The details regarding his marriage are discreet information.

More so, we do not even know the real name of Adnan’s partner. Despite posting pictures with his wife, Adnan has chosen not to reveal any such identical details.

Adnan Ahmedzada And His Wife
Adnan Ahmedzada And His Wife (Source: Instagram)

The real reason for not revealing such information might be primarily security concerns. In the oil business, every information holds value, and personal details are no exception.

Nonetheless, the business tycoon is very frank about his adventures with his wife. The couple loves sunbathing and attending concerts and events like the Cannes Festival.

All we know is her Instagram handle is guhsk1, a private account. Also, we can presume she is from London as her name is written as ‘London girl.’

Furthermore, she is an advocate and studied at King’s College and City Law School.

Adnan And His Kids

Not only is the millionaire a husband, but he is also a loving father of 3 children. He has two daughters and one son; their names are not public.

Adnan With His 3 Kids
Adnan With His 3 Kids (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he holds a very special bond with each of them. Adnan has posted pictures of him spending time with his kids, playing, and experiencing the essence of fatherhood.

He even went to watch the Champions League Final in Istanbul with his son. 

Adnan Ahmadzada: What Is His Relationship With Messi?

The first picture on Adnan’s Instagram is of that with Lionel Messi. They did not meet at a restaurant or hotel; instead, Messi invited Adnan to his home.

Adnan And Lionel Messi
Adnan And Lionel Messi (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Adnan went to Rosario with his wife to meet Messi and his wife, Antonella. He posted a short reel of the meeting on his Instagram on the occasion of Leo’s birthday.

This is indeed an intriguing friendship, as many question why and how the two personalities are friends. But there’s no reason for such relations, and as the general public, we are not aware of many things behind the scenes.

Adnan Is A Person Facing Controversy

In April 2023, a human rights activist claimed Adnan to be a fraud. He alleged that Ahmadzada had stolen money from the Azerbaijani people.

He reported the case on X, further claiming Adnan sued him for attempted investigation.


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