Aiyda Ghahramani Bio: Marriage & Career

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Aiyda Ghahramani, a bold, independent, and head-strong woman who is an advocate by profession, is also known as the wife of Randall Cobb.

A Persian attorney, patent lawyer, and human rights advocate, Aiyda has her own identity.

Of course, she is more than just being Cobb’s wife, but we can not deny that Aiyda is in the limelight because of her husband.

Besides, Ayida is someone who fights for justice, and she loves working for people. And even after getting married and having kids, her career was not affected.

Aiyda Ghahramani
Mr.and Mrs. Cobb. (Source: Instagram)

So, besides being Cobb’s wife, who is Aiyda? Today, we dive deep into the life of Aiyda; here, we discuss everything about her.

But first, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Aiyda Ghahramani
Date of Birth 1989
Place of Birth Not Available
Nationality Persian
Ethnicity White
Age 35
  • Persian Attorney
  • Patent Lawyers
  • Human Rights Advocate
Nickname Not Available
Sun Sign Virgo
  • New Hampshire Law School
  • State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Sexual Orientation Straight
Husband Randall Cobb
  • Caspian Cyrus
  • Cade Cyrus
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60 kg
Father’s Name Bahanor Ghahramani
Mother’s Name Shahla Ghahramani
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Sibling Ariya Ghahramani
Net Worth $500k-$1 Million
Randall Cobb’s Merch

Series Mobile Phone Skins Randall Cobb Proof Hot Style iPhone 6 / 6s

Social Media Instagram
Last Update July, 2024

Aiyda Ghahramani: Early Life 

In 1989,  Aiyda was born in New York, United States. Her father, Bahanor, and mother, Shahla, were of Persian descent.

Aiyda’s family was cultural; even though she lived in States, she was very fluent in Farsi (Irani Language).

Moreover, she and her brother Ariya had a fantastic childhood, as her parents gave them everything they could.

Alyda went to the State University of New Jersey- New Brunswick and got a degree in science in 2011.

Aidya Ghahramani on her brother birthday.
Aidya Ghahramani and her brother Ariya, celebrating Ariya’s birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Aiyda joined the New Hemisphere School of Law. In 2014 she completed her studies and got her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Apart from studies, she was also dynamic in sports; Aiyda ran track and did cross country.

On her graduation, she ran at 400 meters race at Rutgers. Similarly, she also became a student mentor and was labeled as a National Merit Scholar.

Aiyda Ghahramani: Career

Soon after graduating in 2014, Ghahramani worked in Sughrue Mion PLLC as an attorney.

At first, Ghahramani only worked as an associate back for that year summer. But later, due to her excellent work, Aiyda was given a chance to work as a permanent attorney. 

As Mion’s advocate, she focused only on intellectual property law.

However, she did not allow her medical background to go in the vein by focusing on the biomedical field.

Presently, she is working as a human rights advocate in the firm she started at.

Not to forget, Aiyda has another talent too; she is a great counselor.

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How did Randall Cobb and Aiyda Ghahramani meet?

It was 2011, and both Randall and Aiyda came across each other at an EA sports event held at Manhattan hotspot Lavo.

Randall was after joining NFL, and Aiyda was preparing for law school. 

They met through a mutual friend. So we can say it almost was like, love at first sight scenario for both of them. However, they did not rush and started as a friend. 

In 2014, after being friends for almost three years, they confessed their love for each other and started dating.

Both Aiyda and Cobb took their time, and after three years of dating, they finally got engaged in 2016.

Marriage Proposal 

As mentioned earlier, they dated three years before getting married. But what do you think? How might have Randall Randall proposed Aiyda? So, let us know more about the proposal.

It was 2015 and the month of August, her birthday month, and to make it more romantic, Randall chose the day when Aiyda was born.

At first, he took Ghahramani to the place where they first met, and to Aiyda’s surprise, Cobb decorated the entire place with flowers and candles.

Aidya Ghahramani and her family.
The Cobb Family. (Source: Instagram)

He then went down on his knees and proposed to her. Who would say no to this romantic proposal, right? 

Cobb and Aiyda’s Marriage

Aiyda and Cobb’s marriage was no less than a fairytale. In April 2017, Cobb and Aiyda got married, accumulating 250 guests in New York.

They chose New York because it had so many memories of them, and their meeting there for the first time was enough reason or them to marry there.

The wedding started with the vows at The Pierre Hotel; at first, Cobb welcomed everyone and expressed how lucky he was to have been marrying his best friend.

After Cobb, Ghahramani also expressed how thankful she was for marrying one kindest answer supportive gentleman.

And then, she also mentioned she and Cobb will always be best friends first and lovers later.

With all the happiness, fun, and dance, they got married. Still, after so many years of knowing each other, they are madly in love. 

The wedding also included quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver Jordy Nelson as guests.


Soon after getting married, Randall and Aiyda welcomed their first child in 2018 and named him Caspian Cyrus Cobb. 

Caspian’s’ entry into their life made them stronger as a couple, and after two years, in 2020, they again gave birth to another child, Cade Rumi Cobb.

Besides, this family of four vacations a lot, and Aiyda loves sharing pictures of her kids.

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Aiyda Ghahramani: Body Measurements

At present, Aiyda Ghahramani is 35  years old and happily married. She enjoys her birthday every year at the starting of autumn.

Besides, we would like to add that Ghahramani is one courageous woman. She is persistent and understands what is best for her and her work.

Aiyda is a pure soul, and she always stands by the people who need her help; as an advocate, she has tried her best to give justice to her clients. As a Virgo, it is her personality to be so.

She stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 60 kg. Indeed, she is a mother of two, so or now, rather than losing weight, breastfeeding her kids is important.

Likewise, her beautiful brown eyes and silky long black hair give a compliment to his look.

Aiyda Ghahramani: Net Worth

Aiyda is an advocate, and she does earn well. However, we do not know how much is her exact net worth as she has not disclosed it yet.

But as per sources, she has garnered a hefty net worth of $500-$1 million. Nonetheless, her husband’s money is also considered her money; in that case, Cobb has a net worth of $4 million.

 In 2019 Cobb Signed a contract worth $5 million which added a lot to his net worth. Indeed, this couple is living one luxurious life.

Randall and Aiyda live in a house-like mansion all white from the inside. Besides, his house has a big backyard, so that his two kids can play easily.

Who is Randall Cobb?

Randall Cobb is a famous NFL player drafted in 2011 by Green Bay Packers. Besides, he has been associated with other famous teams like Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texas.

While in high school, he was even awarded the Mr. Football trophy, and with his performances, Cobb helped his team win the state championship four times.

Apart from that, Cobb is the winner of the 2014 Pro Bowl, PF All-Rookie Team, First-team All-American, and two-times First-team All-SEC.

Aiyda Ghahramani and Randall Cobb’s pre-wedding photoshoot. (Source: Instagram)

Cobb attained fame quickly, and now he is considered one of the best NFL players. But due to a series of injuries, he has not been performing well and taking a break.

However, the Packers are positive towards Cobb, and they agree to let Cobb play in the 2022 season.

Social Media Presence

Aiyda is active on social media. However, she only has an Instagram account. Besides, she is followed by a huge number of people.

Even though she is not a celebrity, Randall Cobb’s fans treat her no less than a celebrity. She has almost 29k followers on her Instagram, and her account is verified. Most of her posts are about her family, vacations, and friends.

Apart from that, if you want to know more about Aiyda Cobb, you can find any information on her, which is available all over the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Aiyda and Cobb expecting a third baby?

No, they are not. Both Cobb and Aiyda are currently focusing on their two kids and have no plans for a third baby soon.

What did Aiyda wear during her wedding?

The bride donned a fitted, mermaid-style dress designed by Carolina Herrera. She changed into another wear by Berta for the reception party.

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