Al Harris Wife Shyla Harris: Married Life & Kids

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Al Harris wife, Shyla Harris, shares four kids with the former NFL player. The two have been married for 16 years, but Al has never talked much about his personal life.

Harris was married before he met Shyla because, in one interview, Shyla mentioned sharing a stepson with the former Green Bay Packers player. 

The former cornerback was drafted in the sixth round in 1997. He played for the Eagles before he joined the Packers in 2003. He spent eight seasons with the Packers and later played one season each with the Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams.

Al Harris Pictured During A Press Conference In 2023
Al Harris Pictured During A Press Conference In 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Harris’ coaching career began with the Dolphins in 2012, and he previously coached the Kansas City Chiefs for six years. In 2020, he joined the Dallas Cowboys as their defensive back coach. 

But with Dan Quinn leaving the Cowboys to become the head coach of the Commanders, the defensive coordinator position remains vacant. And many believe nobody could be a better fit than Al. 

Get To Know Al Harris Wife, Shyla Harris

Al Harris wife, Shyla Harris, has kept herself out of the public spotlight. The couple isn’t available on social media, but previously, it was stated that the two married in March 2007. 

In 2009, Shyla and other wives of the Green Bay Packers were interviewed. The interview is no longer available, but one of the users of a gossip website had previously saved the article and shared it on the site.

According to the interview, Shyla hails from Pompano Beach, Florida. The interviewer asked Shyla how Green Bay compared to her hometown, to which Shyla said she actually loved Green Bay more than her hometown.

Al Harris And Shyla Were Married When He Was With The Packers
Al Harris And Shyla Were Married When He Was With The Packers (Source: Facebook)

She said the people of Green Bay were warm and inviting. Shyla added Green Bay is a very family-orientated town, and their love for the team is visible.

When asked how she met Al, Shyla said her husband and older cousin went to the same high school, where they played football. One night, she was out with her cousin, and Al noticed her. 

Al didn’t know they were cousins, so he assumed Shyla was dating her cousin. But they immediately corrected him, and Shyla’s cousin introduced her to the footballer. 

The rest was history. At the time, Shyla was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in sociology and told the interviewer that upon her graduation, she would work towards her nursing degree. 

When asked what her favorite Packers memory was, Shyla said it involved her husband. It was when Al ran back the interception to win the 2003 Wildcard Playoff Game, the Packers vs. Seattle. 

Al And Shyla Kids

Al and his wife, Shyla, share four kids- Lyla, Al Jr, Gavin, and Gage. In the same interview, Shyla mentioned that Al Jr was her stepson.

Al Jr tried following in his father’s footsteps but never made it to the NFL. Al Jr played defensive back at  St. Thomas Aquinas High School and later enrolled at the University of South Carolina. 

In his freshman year, Al Jr played 12 games, making four starts as a cornerback. He recorded 21 tackles and broke up three passes. In his sophomore year, Harris Jr played ten games and recorded 25 tackles.

Al Harris Jr Previously Played At Green Bay Blizzard
Al Harris Jr Previously Played At Green Bay Blizzard (Source: Facebook)

He transferred to Jacksonville State University for his junior year, but there isn’t much known about his career at Jacksonville. In 2021, it was reported that Al Harris Jr had joined the Indoor Football League team Green Bay Blizzard, but now he isn’t seen on the roster. 

The other three kids of Al and Shyla are out of the spotlight, and not much is known about them.

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