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Alessia Russo’s parents, Carol and Mario Russo, raised their only daughter in a house filled with love for soccer. The Russo family has Italian roots, with the England soccer star’s grandfather migrating to the UK in the 1950s.

The 25-year-old England player grew up with two athletic brothers and a former soccer player father.

Alessia Russo Pictured Celebrating With Teammates As England Goes Through The Euro 2022 Quarterfinal
Alessia Russo Pictured Celebrating With Teammates As England Goes Through The Euro 2022 Quarterfinal (Source: Instagram)

A big fan of Manchester United, Alessia fulfilled her dream of playing for the club before joining the London-based team Arsenal earlier this year. 

Last year with her teammates Lauren James, and Chloe Kelly, Alessia lifted the Euros title, beating Germany 2-1 at home in Wembley.

Recently, the striker sat down for an interview with soccer legend David Beckham before the FIFA World Cup Tournament, talking about the chances of the Lionesses winning the prestigious tournament. 

The team is currently unbeaten in two games and will play their final group match against China. The England team led by Leah Williamson is one of the tournament favorites, along with Alex Morgan’s US side. 

Alessia Russo Parents, Carol, And Mario Russo

Alessia Russo’s parents, Carol and Mario Russo, raised their three kids with a love for soccer.

For Alessia Russo playing soccer wasn’t a choice, it was a compulsion. After all, she came from a family full of soccer players and athletes. Alessia Russo and her love for the sport stems from her Italian grandfather.

Her grandfather moved from Sicily to England in the 1950s and played for the non-league side Met Police. He also absolutely loved Matt Busby’s Manchester United team. 

Alessia’s father followed in his dad’s footsteps and joined Met Police. Mario remains the side’s record goal scorer. Mario joined the side in 1980 and played for them for 18 years. 

Alessia Russo Pictured With Her Dad, Mario Russo During Her Time In The US And With Her Mom, Carol Russo In 2022
Alessia Russo Pictured With Her Dad, Mario Russo, During Her Time In The US, And With Her Mom, Carol Russo In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Born in Sydenham, Mario represented the British Police on numerous occasions and later began his coaching duties. When Alessia was five, she began training with her dad’s team, West Farleigh FC. 

At the time, Alessia and her cousin were the only female players. Mario was adamant about making his daughter a soccer player and later enrolled her in the youth boys team Bearsted FC. 

In an interview, Mario said he would get strange looks from other parents as they couldn’t believe a girl was training alongside their superstar boys. Her mother, Carol Russo, has also supported her soccer career, traveling with her husband to root for their daughter.

Mario is available on X with the username @Aragona7, with his page dedicated to soccer. Her mother, Carol Russo, is available on Instagram but has kept her handle private.

Alessia Russo Brothers, Luca, And Giorgio

Alessia Russo grew up alongside older brothers Luca and Giorgio Russo, two former athletes. 

Luca, the oldest of three siblings, is a former track and field athlete, and Giorgio played for the non-league side Ramsgate. 

Luca Russo Was An Athlete For University of Missouri

The older brother of Alessia Russo received a scholarship from the University of Missouri for track and field. A St Mary’s University graduate, Luca enrolled at the University of Missouri in 2015.

He competed in the indoor and outdoor track and cross country for the University of Missouri. In 2017, Luca completed his Master’s degree and received his M.Ed. in Positive Coaching Psychology. 

During his time in the US, Lucas was a soccer coach for One Soccer Schools in Santa Barbara, California, and later joined Mass Premier Soccer as International Development Assistant. 

Alessia Russo Pictured Signing For Arsenal With Her Brother/Agent Luca, Beside Her In 2023
Alessia Russo Pictured Signing For Arsenal With Her Brother/Agent Luca, Beside Her In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

He returned to England in 2018, joining Soccer Elite FA, and worked as their Fitness and Conditioning Coach for seven months.

In 2019, Luca became Director of Football at FORTE Management Group, where he remained until 2022 before establishing Volante Sports.

Alessia is one of many women soccer players in Volante Sports, which calls itself the UK’s leading Women’s Football agency. Caitlin Smith, Mel Filis, and Molly Pike are a few of the players signed to the agency. 

Earlier this year, on May 20, Luca tied the knot with his longtime partner, Lauren, with their wedding ceremony taking place in Italy. 

Giorgio Russo Is An Account Manager At DHL

The middle child of the Russo family, Giorgio, also began his journey as a soccer player, playing for several Kent-based teams. 

But unlike his sister, Giorgio swayed away from becoming a professional soccer player. Giorgio previously played for Ramsgate and later focused on his academics.

He was previously a Sales Consultant for Elfin Kitchens Limited and later became a Crew for British Airways.

Giorgio Celebrates His Sister Winning The Euro 2022 As He Bites Her Medal
Giorgio Celebrates His Sister Winning The Euro 2022 As He Bites Her Medal (Source: Instagram)

In 2019, Giorgio joined DHL as their account manager and was promoted to major account manager in January for DHL Express UK. 

Giorgio is available on Instagram with the username @giorgiorusso__ and has shared several posts with his sister. Earlier this week, the Russo family also had the opportunity to meet the soccer and Manchester United legend David Beckham.

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