Alessia Zecchini Net Worth: Income, Salary And Netflix Documentary

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The new Netflix documentary “The Deepest Breath” has helped to increase Alessia Zecchini’s net worth significantly.

By looking at the years she has been a professional diver and all the sponsors she has, we have tried to estimate Alessia Zecchini’s wealth. 

Alessia Zecchini Getting Ready To Dive Into The Water
Alessia Zecchini Getting Ready To Dive Into The Water

Alessia Zecchini was born June 30, 1992, and she is an Italian freediver. She has been breaking records in Italy as well as the whole world in the realm of freediving.

Alessia finished the federal “Apnea Blu Mare” course at the age of just 13 years old.

She then switched clubs in 2009 and joined Dive Free Roma and Nuoto Belle Arti as an athlete.

The freediver has competed for Italy’s national indoor and outdoor freediving teams since 2012.

As of now, she has already bagged 16 gold, five silver, and two bronze medals at the World Championships.

On top of that, she also has three gold, six silver, and one bronze medal at the European Championships.

Some of her notable records in diving are -113 meters (-371 ft) in constant weight (monofin) and being the first woman to have reached a depth of -100 m exclusively with the use of her arms (free immersion).

What is Alessia Zecchini Net Worth? 

Alessia Zecchini’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Divers are well respected as sports personalities, and she definitely has a fair earning. 

In the US, even an average diver makes a national average salary of $49,602 per year. In this article, we are talking about a professional-record-holding diver. 

She has been in this line of work since she was almost 13 years old. All of the hard work must have accumulated into a lot by this time. 

Zecchini is also the face of many brands which are sponsoring her for their promotions. Her first sponsor was Salvimar, who is supporting her to this day.

Alessia Zecchini Inside The Water Flautning Her Sponsors
Alessia Zecchini Inside The Water Flaunting Her Sponsors (Source: Instagram)

She claims that they believed in her since the beginning, and this was before she won her gold medal. 

There are even other brands, such as Coltri, Seiko, and Solgar, among many others, who are affiliated with her and are making financial contributions to her endeavors.

On top of all of that, she holds an enormous following on social media.

Her Instagram handle alone boasts a following of about 182K followers, which she uses to advertise several brands and products. 

Moreover, the Netflix documentary “The Deepest Breath” has definitely increased her net worth.

Furthermore, has also published a book about diving called “Apnea” which has been generating passive revenues for her. 

Alessia Zecchini Parents

It is said that Alessia was born sometime around 4:40 pm, from which her parents’ lives changed forever. 

Her father, Enzo Zecchini, an Italian native, welcomed the new love of his life after his wife, whose name remains a mystery for now. 

Enzo and his wife receive all the credit for Alessia turning into the person she is today.

The diver was introduced to the water for the first time by her father when the whole family was on vacation. 

Alessia Zecchini With Her Parents
Alessia Zecchini With Her Parents (Source: Instagram)

However, it was Alessia herself who took the first step and showed interest in swimming and diving. Her parents fully supported her, and the couple loved to watch her play in the water.

Alessia’s father is an associate director for a corporate organization in Italy. He is also a graduate of the Sapienza University of Rome.

Alessia’s mother is a homemaker who is concerned for the security and well-being of the family as well as, most importantly, her daughter.

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