Alex Caceres Brother Jose Caceres Is Also An MMA Fighter

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Alex Caceres and his brother Jose have shared very painful experiences growing up, as their father was a drug dealer. Maybe it was their upbringing that ultimately led both brothers to turn into professional MMA fighters.

Alex Caceres, born on June 20, 1988, is an American mixed martial artist who is currently competing in the featherweight division of the UFC.

After mostly fighting in his regional circuit, Caceres began his professional MMA career in 2008.

His big break came when he was signed by the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). 

Alex Caceres In UFC Weigh-ins.
Alex Caceres In UFC Weigh-ins. (Source: Instagram)

The fighter started his career in the UFC when he was just 21 years old. He joined the UFC’s reality show for amateur fighters, The Ultimate Fighter.

In March 2011, Caceres made his professional debut against Mackens Semerzier at UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis.

Here’s an interesting fact, his nickname, “Bruce Leeroy,” comes from a character in the movie The Last Dragon.

Furthermore, the fighter isn’t a vegan but claims to completely cut out processed meat from his diet.

Alex Caceres Brother Jose Caceres MMA Fighting Siblings

Jose Caceres, infamously known as the “The Fresh Prince of Kendall” in the realm of MMA, is the elder brother of Alex.

Born on Jun 5, 1987, the 36-year-old Jose is one year older than his 35-year-old veteran MMA fighter, Alex. 

He is reputation significantly increased in the MMA world after he defeated the famous Kamaru Usman in a professional MMA fight at the Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA). 

He won that match in style by landing a rear-naked choke in the first round and making Usman submit to him.

Alex Caceres With His Brother Jose Caceres
Alex Caceres With His Brother Jose Caceres (Source: MyMMANews)

Jose’s professional MMA record currently stands at fifteen wins and 12 losses (15-12-0). His last professional fight was on October 23, 2021, in XMMA.

The fresh prince is currently focused on coaching MMA fighters in his gym, “Fresh MMA Training,” rather than getting into fights.

He seems to be coaching people of all ages and especially encourages parents to send their children to learn MMA from a very young age.

Who Is Alex Caceres Girlfriend, Kashmeer Ramhit

If there is a fairytale love story of any MMA fighter, it has to be of Caceres. He has been dating Kashmeer Ramhit for a very long time now. 

If we look at Ramhit’s Instagram feed, we can find their pictures together since around 2012. This was when she started using Instagram. 

So naturally, we can assume that their love story dates way back before 2012. But if we look at her feed, we can find out why Caceres has the hots for Kashmeer. 

Alex Caceres With His Girlfriend Kashmeer Ramhit
Alex Caceres With His Girlfriend Kashmeer Ramhit (Source: Instagram)

Kashmeer was born to her father and mother, Loli Ramhit, into an Indian household. She grew up with two siblings, both brothers, Ajay and Vishal Ramhit.

Her mother, Loli, is a professional nurse, and she might be the reason for Kashmeer to pursue a career in the medical field.

Kashmeer graduated with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in 2019.

Along with being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Ramhit is also a founder of the Colonic Center of Plantation.

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