Alex Formenton Wife: Is He Married Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

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Alex Formenton has no wife but was supposedly dating in 2022. The hockey player didn’t reveal the name of the mystery blonde woman whom he had been seeing since 2021.

In his last Instagram post, Alex can be seen with the woman who hasn’t been tagged in the post. The same woman has been seen with Alex in a few tagged photos from 2021 as well. 

The former Ottawa Senators player, Alex Formenton, hasn’t been active on social media since 2022. The 2017 NHL second-round draft pick, Alex, plays for HC Ambri-Piotta in the National League. 

Formenton Pictured During His Time In The NHL With The Ottawa Senators
Formenton Pictured During His Time In The NHL With The Ottawa Senators (Source: Instagram)

HC-Ambri-Piotta is part of the National League and plays in the Swiss League. Formenton signed for the NL team in 2022 after he didn’t agree terms with the Senators. 

Formenton, the New Jersey Devils players Cal Foote and Michael McLeod, the Flyers player Carter Hart, and the Flames player Dillon Dube have taken indefinite leave of absence from their clubs. The five players could have all been allegedly involved in a sexual assault case. 

Alex Formenton Wife: Is He Married Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

The former Ottawa Senators player Alex Formenton has no wife per his social media handle. There has been no information about Alex tying the knot with special someone. 

But he might have been dating someone in 2022. On his Instagram, Alex has shared only eight posts, and one of his last posts happens to be a gallery of images of him hanging out with his friends. 

He and his group of friends had taken a quick getaway to the Caribbean islands. In one of the images shared by Alex, he has kept his arms over a blonde woman. The blonde woman hasn’t been tagged in the photos. 

Alex and his rumored girlfriend were later tagged by their close friend Brianna Simard in another set of images from their trip to St. Kitts and Nevis.  

Formenton Was Seen With The Mystery Woman Since 2021
Formenton Was Seen With The Mystery Woman Since 2021 (Source: Instagram)

The hockey player might have begun dating his girlfriend in 2021. For the 2021 Halloween, Alex, his girlfriend, and his friends were dressed as The Wizard of Oz’s characters. Alex was dressed as The Tin Man and his supposed girlfriend was dressed as The Cowardly Lion. 

The two were also seen together during one of their close friends’ engagement party in September 2021. But it is believed that the woman’s name could be Hailey. 

Alex Formenton Family 

Alex Formenton is one of two kids of Christine and Jim Formenton. The couple hasn’t spoken much to the media, but it doesn’t look like Jim or Christine have a memorable history as athletes. 

In 2017, when Alex made his NHL debut, he was the youngest player in modern Senators history. His father, Jim, had spoken to Ottawa Citizen before Alex’s debut. 

Jim never thought his son would reach the NHL. At 15, Alex was only 5’5 and around 140-145 pounds. But there was that one year when Alex took his career seriously and never looked back. 

Formenton Pictured In 2022 In His Ottawa Senators Kit
Formenton Pictured In 2022 In His Ottawa Senators Kit (Source: Instagram)

Jim recalled how Alex’s love for hockey from a young age. Alex would always be in the basement with his rollerblades since age three. Jim said he remembers coming home from a weekend tournament and expecting his son to lie on the couch after playing six games.

But young Alex jumped out of the car, put on his rollerblades, and started playing hockey in the driveway. The hockey player also has a brother named Justin Formenton, who remains out of the limelight. 

Unlike his brother, Justin hasn’t chosen an athletic path. He is a Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student and previously graduated from St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School. 

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