Dillon Dube Wife: Is He Married Or Have Girlfriend? Charged With Sexual Assault

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Dillon Dube Wife: The Canadian professional ice hockey shares a strong bond with his wife like girlfriend. However, things have taken a dark turn as he has been caught up in a major scandal in January 2024.

To begin with, Dillon Dube has become a household name in a career spanning six years in the NHL.

On the personal front, his life seemed to be going smooth-sailing with his partner.

But in a shocking turn of events, he has taken a leave of absence from the team amidst a sensational controversy.

Calgary Flames Forward Dillon Dube
Calgary Flames Forward Dillon Dube (Source: ESPN)

Dillon Dube, a Canadian ice hockey player, joined the NHL in 2016 after being drafted in the second round by the Calgary Flames.

Additionally, he has also represented Canada at junior levels.

Notably, he captained their U-20 side in the World Junior Championships 2018, winning the gold medal.

Dillon Dube Wife

The Calgary Flames forward shares a tight-knit relationship with his girlfriend, Kristina.

Additionally, we can report that he does not have a wife and is not married yet. Dillon prefers privacy in terms of his love life and does not share much with the public. 

Despite that, there are reports that Kristina is involved in the modeling industry. Undoubtedly, the couple share a glamorous connection.

Dube Keeps Information About His Personal Life Under Wraps
Dube Keeps Information About His Personal Life Under Wraps (Source: X)

Furthermore, Dillon chooses to keep information about Kristina under wraps.

A wise and experienced head of the sport, he knows the effects that mainstream media attention on a player’s personal life can bring.

Nevertheless, the two seemingly share a strong bond. As Dillon navigates the competitive world of the NHL, Kristina stands as an unwavering pillar of support.

However, deciding to focus on his sporting endeavors, he keeps things about his private life close-knit from the outer world.

It will be interesting to see if he reveals anything soon. As his stature in the sport keeps growing, the intrigue surrounding his personal life also increases.

More On The Scandal

Five prominent players in the NHL have been asked to report to police to face sexual assault charges in an incident that has rocked the ice hockey world to its core.

Subsequently, the charges are about an accusation of a group sexual assault on a woman in a hotel room in 2018.

Commencing this, Dillon Dube has asked for a leave of absence from the Calgary Flames, citing mental health reasons.

Dube Has Taken A Leave Of Absence From The Team
Dube Has Taken A Leave Of Absence From The Team (Source: The Hockey News)

This has led to fan speculation that Dillon is possibly one of the players involved in the incident.

Flames coach Ryan Huska was interrogated about the matter. However, he decided to stay silent until further information.

“I saw the reports this morning just like everybody else, but I have no information. I am sorry about that.”

London, Ontario, Police revealed they plan to conduct a news conference on February 5.

This is to provide additional information regarding a sexual assault investigation from 2018.

Furthermore, the NHL deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, stated that the league would take action whenever all details are revealed.

“We have been in contact with the London police, continue to want to be in contact with them, make sure that there is visibility concerning what our process is.”

All eyes are now on the police conference on February 5, which is a significant date to see what is next in this scandal.

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