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Alex Verdugo sister, Maria Verdugo, has previously attended baseball ceremonies with her brother. He also has two older brothers, Chris and Joey Jr. 

The older sister of Alex Verdugo, Maria isn’t the most active family member on social media.

But in 2019, she did share pictures of her attending the Dodgers Gala. It was one of the perks that come with your brother being an MLB star. 

Alex Verdugo Pictured Celebrating With His Side Boston Red Sox In 2022
Alex Verdugo Pictured Celebrating With His Side Boston Red Sox In 2022 (Source: Twitter)

Verdugo made his MLB debut in 2017 for the Dodgers. But left the side the same season as they lifted the World Series Title, or else he would be one of the names alongside Mookie Betts and Justin Turner to win the ring. 

Things haven’t been that bad for Verdugo since leaving the Dodgers. Since 2020, he has starred with the bat for the Boston Red Sox and has been one of their trustworthy players. 

Alex Verdugo Sister Maria Verdugo

Alex Verdugo’s sister, Maria Verdugo, is a graduate of Pima Community College, having previously interned at Gadabout.

Born on November 3, 1992, Maria is older than her brother by four years. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, and welcomed a new addition to the family in 2021. 

The older sister of Alex Verdugo experienced parenthood for the first time with her boyfriend, Joe Perez. The couple has been in a relationship since 2019 but is yet to tie the knot. 

On January 20, 2021, Maria surprised her friends on Facebook, sharing pictures of baby clothes, a pregnancy journal, and a couple of ultrasound pictures.

Alex And Maria Pose In Blue Carpet Of Los Angeles Dodgers Gala In 2019
Alex And Maria Pose On The Blue Carpet Of The Los Angeles Dodgers Gala In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

A few months later, with her boyfriend, Maria had a gender reveal party. The pink smoke filled the air around them as the couple found out they were having a baby girl. 

Maria with Joe welcomed their daughter, Remi Marie Perez, on September 8, 2021. Since then, Maria hasn’t shared many pictures on Facebook, with Remi’s last picture coming before her first birthday on April 14.

The supportive sister, Maria, was plus one to her brother as the sibling duo attended Los Angeles Dodgers Gala together in 2019. 

Maria is available on Twitter and previously would share supportive tweets for her brother, but she hasn’t been active on the social media site since 2021. 

Alex Verdugo Brothers Chris And Joey Jr 

Alex Verdugo has two older brothers, Chris Verdugo and Joey Verdugo Jr. 

Both his brothers are former high school baseball players, with Joey being a former catcher at Tucson High School. 

Joey played his final season for Tucson in 2008, having starred in 16 games with a batting average of .233 and an on-base percentage of .303. Since then, Joey has been out of public limelight. 

Chris Verdugo Is An Active Supporter Of His Brother

Alex Verdugo’s other older brother. Chris Verdugo is a constant social media presence in the baseball scene. Chris, 30, played high school baseball at Sahuaro as a first baseman. 

Though he didn’t become an MLB player like his brother, his commentary about the league can be caught up on his Twitter handle

Chris(Middle) Poses With His Siblings For A Picture In 2012
Chris(Middle) Poses With His Siblings For A Picture In 2012 (Source: Facebook)

Earlier this year, Chris took a dig at Matt McCarthy, MLB Broadcaster, for tweeting negatively about his brother. In his tweet, McCarthy voiced his opinion about Alex and his future with the Red Sox. 

The commentator wanted Red Sox to trade the outfielder despite a good season. Chris chimed at the broadcaster, tweeting, “Hey Boston fans, does it get annoying listening to people on the radio who don’t know what they are talking about.”

Alex Verdugo Parents, Joey, And Shelly Verdugo 

Alex Verdugo is assiduously private and doesn’t share much of himself on social media. The Red Sox outfielder, despite being overtly popular, has his Instagram handle on private mode right now. 

But in an interview in 2017, the former Dodgers player gave a sneak peek about his childhood and family. 

Alex Verdugo comes from two different family backgrounds. His father, Joe Verdugo, is Mexican, and his mother, Shelly, hails from Minnesota. 

Alex Verdugo Poses With His Parents Shelly And Joe (Right) In 2019
Alex Verdugo Poses With His Parents Shelly And Joe (Right) In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

The youngest of four siblings, Alex always had the support of his family since the day he decided to become a baseball player. His father, Joe, would accompany him to various baseball games. 

Shelly is called Alex’s manager by Joe, as she previously handled all his baseball contracts. A hairdresser, Shelly owns the salon Studio 99 Hair Design.

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