Alexis Bawden Age & Wikipedia: How Old Is Nick Bawden’s Wife?

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Nick Bawden and Alexis Bawden joyfully exchanged vows at the age of 27, embarking on a journey of marital bliss.

Since their union a few months ago, the newlyweds have been savoring the joys of companionship and building a life together.

Beyond her role as a dedicated wife, Alexis is a multi-talented individual seamlessly navigating the responsibilities of motherhood and a thriving career as a model.

Nick Bawden With His Now Wife, Alexis Bawden
Nick Bawden With His Now Wife, Alexis Bawden (Source: Instagram)

American football fullback Charles Bawden plays for the New York Jets in the National Football League (NFL).

His journey in the NFL commenced when he was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the seventh round, securing the 237th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Demonstrating his dedication and talent, Bawden joined the New York Jets’ practice squad on September 23, 2021.

His hard work paid off when he earned a promotion to the active roster on November 24, 2021.

Before his professional career, Bawden embarked on his collegiate football journey as a quarterback at San Diego State, showcasing versatility and adaptability in his athletic pursuits.

Alexis Bawden Age & Wikipedia

Born on February 12, 1996, Alexis Bawden embraces her 28 years age with grace and charm.

Her Instagram bio, under the name Alexis Elizabeth, defines her as a “wife, mother, and a lover of Jesus,” showcasing the diverse facets of her life.

With a remarkable following of over 115K, Alexis has carved a niche as an Instagram model and a prominent social media personality.

Her feed is a delightful mix of glamorous content and captivating moments shared with her NFL husband.

Nick Bawden Wishes His Now Wife Alexis Bawden On Her 26th Birthday In February 12, 2022
Nick Bawden Wishes His Now Wife Alexis Bawden On Her 26th Birthday On February 12, 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The love story between Alexis and Nick unfolded in Arizona, sparked by connections with mutual friends. Their engagement, a testament to their deep connection, took place on July 1, 2022.

In an interview with People, Nick shared that Alexis’s “confidence and heart” captivated him, emphasizing her self-assured identity and wholehearted love.

He says she knows herself well and radiates love in every aspect of her being.

On the other hand, Alexis expressed her admiration for Nick’s drive, highlighting that he competes with the top 1% of athletes globally and surpasses them all with his unwavering determination and dedication.

Their love story is a harmonious blend of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s unique qualities.

A Whirlwind of Love: Nick and Alexis Bawden’s Enchanting Wedding

Nick Bawden and his now-wife, Alexis Elizabeth, sealed their commitment in a heartfelt ceremony only months before.

The picturesque setting was the Thomas Fogerty Winery in Woodside, California, on July 7 this year.

Reflecting on their special day, the couple shared with PEOPLE,

“It was an absolute dream come true. The food was incredible, our wedding planner executed flawlessly, and everyone danced their faces off. It was, without a doubt, the best wedding we’ve ever been to.”

Love Uncorked: Nick Bawden and Alexis Elizabeth's Three-Day Celebration at a California Winery
Love Uncorked: Nick Bawden and Alexis Elizabeth’s Three-Day Celebration at a California Winery (Source: Instagram)

A week following the joyous occasion, the newlywed bride delighted her Instagram followers with several snapshots from the ceremony. Playfully, she captioned one post,

“And let me tell you, I got that ring,” humorously sharing the excitement of her new marital status.

In another post, she announced a symbolic social media change, bidding farewell to her former handle, “thecaliforniagirll,” and welcoming the world to the new chapter as “Mrs. Bawden.”

Speaking to PEOPLE, the bride expressed that the venue, nestled in Woodside, was the perfect backdrop for their union.

Both hailing from nearby coastal cities, Los Gatos and Danville, the location served as an ideal gathering place for their friends and family.

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