Aliyah Boston Is Inspired By Sister Alexis

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Aliyah Boston, while still a young girl in her early twenties, is one of the best basketball players in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). 

The Indiana Fevers drafted Aliyah as the number one overall pick in the 2023 WNBA draft, followed by Diamond Miller as the second overall pick.

A basketball prodigy since childhood, Aliyah won Gatorade Massachusetts Player of the Year for three years consecutively, from 2017 to 2019.

After completing high school at Worcester Academy, she joined South Carolina Gamecocks, where she further honed her skills.

Aside from becoming the NCAA champion in 2022, she won numerous prestigious awards, including the Naismith College Player of the Year and John R. Wooden Award.

Aliyah Boston With The South Carolina Gamecocks
Aliyah Boston With The South Carolina Gamecocks (Source: Good Morning America)

Born and raised in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, Aliyah found her early inspiration in her elder sister, Alexis, to play basketball.

She was about nine years old when she took the game seriously, and by twelve, they both moved to New England to live with their aunts.

Both sisters performed exceptionally well at Worchester Academy in Massachusetts, especially Aliyah.

Even though Aliyah is the more successful one, she never misses giving credit to her older sister, Alexis, for all the support she gives her.

Aliyah Boston Sister: Alexis Boston

Alexis was born to her parents, Al and Cleone Boston, in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, on May 31, 1999.

She is just two years and seven months older than her younger sister, Aliyah. 

As the girls grew up, their parents sent them to live with their aunt in the mainland USA.

They believed the Caribbean Island would create limited opportunities for the girls, so they needed to move out. The girls only met their parents only after they shifted.

Sister Of Aliyah Boston, Alexis Boston
Sister Of Aliyah Boston, Alexis Boston (Source: LinkedIn)

Alexis had already started playing basketball then, and like her parents and aunt presumed, she had a pretty good time at Worchester Academy.

Along with her, Aliyah made tremendous progress in her basketball gameplay at the same institution.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the elder sister graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in sports and fitness administration from the University of South Carolina. 

Reportedly she joined Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia, for her master’s degree in 2021.

Alexis Stayed Behind While Aliyah’s Career Soared

After graduating in 2017, Alexis Boston played basketball at Owens Community College and Labette Community College.

Eventually, she transferred to South Carolina after her younger sister Aliyah graduated high school and started playing for Gamecocks.

Her parents still resided in St. Thomas then and wanted to see their daughters together while visiting the mainland.

Alexis Boston With Her Parents & Sister
Alexis Boston With Her Parents & Sister (Source: Instagram)

However, after transferring to South Carolina, Alexis stopped playing collegiate basketball.

Although she stepped away from the game, she still was partly involved as she was the equipment manager for the Gamecocks for two seasons.

In 2021, she participated in the FIBA Women’s AmeriCup as a U.S. Virgin Islands team member. 

Meanwhile, her sister, Aliyah, has represented the United States in almost every age group since 2017.

Aliyah won a gold medal representing the United States at the 2021 FIBA Women AmeriCup.

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