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Jason Kipnis sister, Amanda Kipnis, is a graduate of the University of Maryland and a former collegiate athlete.

A former softball athlete, the bat and ball game has taken a backseat in her life but hasn’t been completely eradicated. Amanda is a teacher at San Altos who teaches baseball to young students in her free time.

Amanda is not the only sibling of the former MLB player. He has two older brothers, Todd and Blair, who played the game during high school. All four Kipnis siblings have gone on to have different career trajectories. 

Jason Kipnis During His Time As Cleveland Guardians Player
Jason Kipnis During His Time As Cleveland Guardians Player (Source: Instagram)

Kipnis might have retired from the MLB, but the former Cleveland player has kept himself in the spotlight. And this time around, it’s because of the comments he reserved for his former teammate, Francisco Lindor Jr

Recently, in a podcast, Jason pointed fingers at the Mets’ leadership, and when asked about Lindor’s leadership skills, Jason didn’t budge.

This has now led to Lindor’s wife calling him a bully. It looks like another case of a former teammate turned into a foe. 

Jason Kipnis Sister Amanda Kipnis 

Jason Kipnis’s sister, Amanda Kipnis, is a former athlete at the University of Maryland. Amanda played softball at Maryland but didn’t pursue the sport professionally. 

Amanda graduated with a degree in Special Education from the University of Maryland and is now working at San Altos Elementary School. 

At San Altos, Amanda works as the specialized academic instruction teacher for students in grades three to five.

She works with students with moderate to severe disabilities and, now and then, promotes new curriculums to help incorporate the students.

Amanda Kipnis Pictured At The i-Ready Program In 2022
Amanda Kipnis Pictured At The i-Ready Program In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

In 2020, Amanda talked about i-Ready Reading and Mathematics, which she incorporated into her teaching and saw massive improvements.

Amanda might not have pursued softball professionally, but she hasn’t forgotten her roots. In her free time, she coaches softball and works on the project national non-profit, Girls On The Run. 

The project inspires girls to recognize their abilities and strengths and work in a team environment. In 2020, Amanda was included in the Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educators list. 

Talking about her relationship with her brother, Amanda has been spotted attending her brothers’ games.

In 2016, when Cubs faced Guardians in the World Series Finals, Amanda wrote on Facebook that it was difficult for her Cubs-supporting family to root for the Guardians. 

Jason Kipnis Parents: Mark And Kay Kipnis

Jason Kipnis’ parents, Mark and Kay Kipnis, once gifted the former MLB star a giant teddy bear for Christmas.

In 2015, Kipnis shared a photo of him holding the giant teddy bear and captioned the post saying that his parents were in a dilemma about what they should buy for him as the baseballer, with his salary, could buy anything he wanted. 

In the end, his parents settled for the giant teddy bear, and looking at the pictures, Kipnis certainly loved it. 

Jason Kipnis Pictured With His Mom, Kay Kipnis In 2015
Jason Kipnis Pictured With His Mom, Kay Kipnis, In 2015 (Source: Instagram)

Mark Kipnis, the father of four, went through years of legal proceedings after being charged with fraud at Hollinger International. He served as the general counsel when the allegations were made in 2007.

This led to Mark having his law license stripped. But in 2010, he was cleared of all the charges, and his law license was returned to him. 

Jason said in an interview that seeing his family go through the difficult time made him work even harder. He has previously shared appreciation posts for his mother on Mother’s Day.

Jason Kipnis Brothers: Blair And Todd Kipnis

Jason Kipnis has two older brothers, Jason, and Todd Kipnis, who previously played high school baseball.

Unlike Jason, Blair has followed in their father’s footsteps. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Blair, after earning his degree in science, made his way to Loyola University Chicago School of Law. 

Jason Kipnis (Left) Pictured With Brother Blair(Center) And Todd In 2015
Jason Kipnis (Left) Pictured With Brother Blair(Center) And Todd In 2015 (Source: Instagram)

Blair is working as an associate attorney at Cunningham Meyes and Vedrine LLC and previously worked for Brennan Burtker. 

Todd Kipnis graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and later earned his master’s degree in sports from the University of Denver.

Since 2018, Jason has been operating Denver Art Glasses, a stained glass studio that opened in 1980.                   

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