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Newcastle United co-owner Amanda Staveley married her husband, Mehrdad Ghodoussi, in 2013. The couple are parents to a son named Alexander.

Amanda Staveley’s husband comes from Iranian origin and is a businessman, just like her. Despite their busy professional life, the couple has maintained a private life dedicated to nurture and care their son.

Amanda Staveley Husband On Amazon Documentary Promotion
Amanda Staveley Husband On Amazon Documentary Promotion (Source: Instagram)

Amanda Louise Staveley is a famous British business executive and co-owner of the English club Newcastle United. Her relationship with Middle Eastern financiers is what makes her stand out most.

Amanda helped a Saudi consortium take over Newcastle United in a deal completed in October 2021. Also, in 2007, she was involved in a failed attempt by Dubai International Capital to buy a 49% stake in Liverpool FC.

Staveley left her degree at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, after suffering from stress following the death of her grandfather. 

Then, Amanda started her business with borrowed £180,000, buying a restaurant and stocks in 1996. Today, the business magnate has an estimated net worth of $170 million.  

Amanda Staveley Husband

Amanda Staveley Husband, Mehrdad Ghodoussi, is a businessman of Iranian origin. The couple got married in 2011. 

Together, they have a son named Alexander, nicknamed Lexi. He was born prematurely in 2014 after Amanda went into labor in a business meeting. 

Before getting married to her husband, Amanda briefly dated Prince Andrew, Duke of York. She gained significant media attention in 2003 when she declined a marriage proposal from Andrew. 

Amanda Staveley Husband In Newcastle United Stadium
Amanda Staveley Husband In Newcastle United Stadium (Source: Instagram)

The power couple had not one but two marriage ceremonies at Buckinghamshire and West Wycombe Park. They celebrated the occasion with only 500 guests, including their family, close ones, and VIPs from different fields.

After her marriage, Amanda was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 2013 known as Huntington’s disease. She continues her work despite her condition, and her husband provides the support and motivation to continue with her life and ambitions.

The Iranian-British financier often posts about his wife on Instagram, especially on important occasions like Women’s Day. 

Amanda recently joined the popular social media platform Instagram. Mehrdad, being a supporting husband, made a social media post asking his followers to follow Amanda.

In just less than 2 weeks of joining the platform, Amanda has amassed more than 55k followers.  

Who Is Mehrdad Ghodoussi? 

Mehrdad Ghodoussi, Amanda Staveley husband, is a financier and the co-owner of Newcastle United. 

Mehrdad has been a managing partner at PCP Capital Partners LLP, founded by his wife, since September 2009. PCP Capital currently holds a 10% stake in Newcastle United. 

The Iranian businessman genuinely seems to be involved with the club and recognizes the fan culture. He also frequently posts about his club and seems to enjoy spending time with them.

Ghodoussi left the position of Director at Deutsche Bank in December 2013.

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