Amed Rosario Brother: Is He Related To Eddie Rosario? Family Tree

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Who is Amed Rosario brother? Fans are speculating about the relation, but truth be told, there is no connection between the player apart from their baseball profession and last name.

Amed Rosario and Eddie Rosario are the two baseball players for the MLB with different ethnic inclinations; Amed is Dominicano, while Eddie is Puertorriqueño.

Amed Rosario, MLB Player For The Cleveland Indians
Amed Rosario, MLB Player For The Cleveland Indians (Source: Wikipedia)

So as reported, they both are not biologically connected and have their own respective siblings, as Amed has one sister, and Eddie has two brothers and one sister.

Both players have established their baseball careers, Eddie as a left fielder and Amed as a shortstop.

Moreover, Amed, after his 2017 MLB debut with the New York Mets, he is now playing with the Guardians.

Amed Rosario Relation To Eddie Rosario

Despite having the same last name and career field, Eddie Rosario is biologically unrelated to Amed Rosario.

Per the speculations, they are unrelated, as Eddie already has brothers named Kevin And Gabriel Rosario.

Eddie Rosario is the eldest of all the brothers and has a younger sister named Jackeline Rosario.

Kevin Rosario & Gabriel Rosario

Kevin is the younger brother of Eddie, who lives in Florida, and has an online store, “The Underdog Boutique 55,” which sells Eddie Rosario merch online.

He has two children, a son Keithan and a daughter. However, the information about the name of the daughter and the mother of the kids is unavailable.

Eddie Rosario & His Brothers Kevin Rosario & Gabriel Rosario
Eddie Rosario & His Brothers Kevin Rosario, Gabriel Rosario & Father Eddie Rosario Sr.(Source: Instagram)

Gabriel is not married, as per his Instagram, and mostly stays connected with the updates of Amed’s matches.

Both brothers utterly support their brother’s baseball career progress and keenly stay updated about it.

Eddie Rosario Sister Jackeline Rosario

Jackeline, also known as “Jackiee” is the youngest of all her siblings and is dearly loved by her three brothers.

She was born on Nov 16, 2007, which makes her 16 years old.

Jackeline also shares a love for baseball and always keeps present in the stands of baseball stadiums, cheering and supporting them.

Meet Amed Rosario Sister Aniana & Brother In Law Willi Castro

Amed Rosario grew up with his younger sister Aniana, who is now married to the Minnesota Twins (MLB) player Willi Castro.

Wili and Aniana are blessed with one beautiful daughter Arantxa Castro, loving called Lilo by her loved ones.

Amed And Willi Castro
Amed Rosario And Willi Castro (Source: Instagram)

Arantxa was born on Dec. 21, 2019, as per Willi’s Instagram post captioned with “Welcome my little princess.”

Amed Bond With His Brother In Law Willi Castro

In the past, Amed Rosario and Willi Castro, both professional baseball players, stayed together in Tampa during the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, they trained, played video games, and cooked together, strengthening their bond.

Rosario, a player for the Guardians, had more experience in the MLB than Castro, who played for the Detroit Tigers (2019–2022). Castro looked up to Rosario for guidance in his career.

Despite the challenges of being away from his family, Castro found solace in being with his brother-in-law and having their support during the pandemic.

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