Does Andrew Geddes Have A Wife? Convicted Tennis Coach R*pe Case

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Former French tennis player Angelique Cauchy recently opened up about her traumatic past involving the former coach and convicted child r*pist, Andrew Geddes. 

A tennis prodigy, Cauchy first encountered Geddes at the Sarcelles Tennis Club when she was twelve.

Speaking at the Palais Bourbon, she said that Geddes harassed her sexually almost 200 times a year, starting in 1999.

With this revelation, interest in Andrew Geddes’s life and family background, including his marital status, has peaked. 

Convicted Child Rapist And Former Tennis Coach Andrew Geddes
Convicted Child Rapist And Former Tennis Coach Andrew Geddes (Source: Archyde)

The French former tennis coach was born in 1967 and is currently in his mid-fifties.

In 2021, the court sentenced him to 18 years imprisonment after finding him guilty of sexually assaulting young girls between 12 to 17 years.

Even though the victims reported his abuse to the authorities at the club immediately in the past, the president did nothing about the matter.

They defended him, saying he was successful as he contributed a lot in bringing titles to the club.

Does Andrew Geddes Have A Wife?

The French and other international media have reported Andrew Geddes as a successful tennis coach.

However, his past, including his early life and career, has primarily been overshadowed by his criminal record.

Despite the frequent media coverage about him in the past few years, nobody has written about his personal life.

On the other hand, Geddes seems to be the kind of guy who refrains from using social media handles as much as possible. He is not available on any social media platforms.

As a result, there is no detailed information about his wife and kids. So, almost everything about him, except his criminal deeds, has remained a mystery.

More On Angelique’s Recent Testimony Against Geddes

French former junior tennis athlete Angelique Cauchy shared the accounts of her horrific past in early September 2023.

Appearing before the French parliament, she testified about the sexual assault she endured at the hands of her former tennis coach, Andrew Geddes.

She stayed in the tennis institute, where Geddes was a coach for two years in the nineties, during which he r*ped her over 400 times.

French Former Tennis-Athlete And Survivor Angelique Cauchy
French Former Tennis-Athlete And Survivor Angelique Cauchy (Source: Franceinfo)

During that time, she was No. 2 in the junior tennis rankings. So, her parents had sent her there to train with one of the most accomplished tennis coaches, but she said it ruined everything for her, including her childhood, youth, and career.

Speaking about her refusal to begin a relationship, she said, “I told him, ‘No, you shouldn’t, it’s not right, I don’t want to.”

Cauchy added that he was insistent and manipulated her, saying everything he did was normal.

Not only that, but Cauchy also revealed that she was blackmailed by telling her that he transmitted AIDS to her, which left her traumatized when she was between thirteen and eighteen.

During the same session, she also said that she even thought of ending her life so many times, but thankfully, she decided to fight back.

She is currently a tennis coach and physical education teacher for young girls in Paris.

Her recent testimony at the French Parliament was said to be a part of an inquiry to learn about the shortcomings within sports communities, sports governance bodies, and sports movements in France. 

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