Is Andrew Trimble Related To David Trimble? Family Tree Explored

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Andrew Trimble is a former Irish rugby player who has had a successful career in the sports world.

Besides his game career, people are interested in knowing whether the rugby player has a connection with the late North Icelandic Minister, David Trimble.

For your kind information, Andrew and David are not related. Yes, the only thing similar in them is their surname.

Apart from their surname, these two personalities do not share any kind of blood relationship or family connections.

Andrew Trimble Is A Former Rugby Player
Former Rugby Player Andrew Trimble (Source: Instagram)

Andrew Trimble (born on October 20, 1984) is a retired Irish rugby player famous for his time with Ulster and the Ireland national team.

The sportsman started his rugby journey at Coleraine Academical Institution, shining in the Ulster Schools Cup before joining Ulster Rugby, where he mainly played as a winger or outside center.

The Irishman’s passion for the sport endured despite facing injuries, including a groin and hernia operation.

In May 2018, the 2014 Six Nations Champion, Andrew, retired from professional rugby, occasionally participating in amateur matches with his local Coleraine rugby club.

Is Andrew Trimble Related To David Trimble?

Andrew Trimble is not related to a late Irelandic minister, David Trimble. They are two different personalities from different fields.

They don’t have similarities in their professional fields or family background.

Yes, the former rugby player doesn’t share any blood relationship or familial connection with the late minister.

Their common surname and common birthplace (Ireland) probably fueled the rumor of their connection. 

They don’t share any other kind of connection besides the same surname.

Andre Trimble Is Not Related To Davd Trimble
Andre Trimble Is Not Related To David Trimble (Source: Instagram)

Even these personalities never appeared together on any platform. No photos or video profs are there to support their close bond.

Since no data confirms their belongingness, these two media personalities are unrelated.

The former rugby player, Andrew, has never disclosed his connection to the minister.

They are undoubtedly people of two different family backgrounds sharing no relation.

Family Tree Explored

Andrew is his parents’ youngest child. His dad’s name is Maurice, and he was also a former rugby player.
Andrew revealed during an interview that his father instilled a passion for rugby.

It was his dad who made every possible effort to make him walk in Maurice’s footsteps.

Likewise, the former Ulster player shares a close bond with his family. He often shares his family details with joy whenever asked in interviews.

Andrew has older sisters named Angela and Alison. Likewise, he is close to his mother, Margaret.

Unfortunately, the rugby star hasn’t disclosed much about his mom and sisters. Though he shares limited information on his family members, he has a healthy relationship with them.

He never misses a chance to praise his family members on various occasions. Also, he credits his dad for his successful rugby career.

Late Irelandic First Minister, David Trimble
Late Irish First Minister David Trimble (Source: The Guardian)

Meanwhile, the late Irish first minister, David Trimble (1944-2022), was the son of William and Ivy Trimble. His parents were lower-middle-class Presbyterians who used to reside in Bangor, County Down.

The politician studied at Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB) from 1964 to 1968. Per reports, he was honored with the McKane Medal for Jurisprudence.

Not just that, David held a first-class honors degree (the first at Queen’s in three years), becoming a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B).

Sadly, he died on July 25, 2022, after a short illness.



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