Who Is Annika Thomas? Ice Hockey Max Johnson Girlfriend Or Wife Age Gap And Dating

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The ice hockey player Max Johnson’s girlfriend, Annika Thomas, is a Data Acquisition Specialist at Dodge Construction Network.

Their journey as a couple spans over 6 years, commencing their dating relationship in March 2018.

A noteworthy detail is that Annika Thomas is one year his senior, highlighting an intriguing age gap between them.

Max Johnson Playing Against Boston Bruins At The University of Notre Dame In March 2022
Max Johnson Playing Against Boston Bruins At The University of Notre Dame In March 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Born in May of 1998, Max Johnson is the proud son of Scott and Jill Johnson. He’s the younger brother to two sisters, Elle and Lauren.

The athletic blood runs in the family, with Max’s father, Scott, having a notable football career at Wisconsin.

Max’s pursuit of knowledge and excellence led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Bowling Green.

Currently, the hockey player is pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy analysis.

Max Johnson Girlfriend, Annika Thomas

Annika Thomas, hailing from Longmeadow, MA, USA, is a Data Acquisition Specialist working full-time at Dodge Construction Network for two months since joining the company in September 2023.

She is a multifaceted, goal-driven expert who consistently strives for excellence in all her endeavors.

Before her current role, she was a Contracts Coordinator at GPRS, making significant contributions from October 2022 to September 2023.

Her journey also includes roles as a Laboratory Technician at Pace Analytical Services and a Data Entry Specialist at WIS International, where she exhibited her skills for several months.

Before embarking on her professional path, Annika dedicated her time and skills as a devoted member of Alpha Xi Delta. She served as a Campus Ambassador for nearly two years, starting September 2017.

In pursuing higher education, Annika earned her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Communication and Media Production from Bowling Green State University, graduating in 2020. Her academic background provides a solid foundation for her current endeavors.

Max Johnson Celebrates His Sister's Wedding Alongside His Girlfriend Annika Thomas Around Naval Base Coronado In January 2022
Max Johnson Celebrates His Sister’s Wedding Alongside His Girlfriend Annika Thomas Around Naval Base Coronado In January 2022 (Source: Instagram)

With a contract coordination and data entry background, Annika brings a hands-on approach to her work.

Moreover, her track record showcases an exceptional talent for bolstering day-to-day operations, delivering top-notch services, and devising practical solutions to meet and surpass established objectives, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

One of Annika’s standout strengths lies in her ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Max Johnson’s Relationship: Dating & Age Gap

Max Johnson’s relationship with Annika Thomas has been a steadfast and cherished journey since March 2018.

Despite a year of age gap, their connection remains strong, underlining the depth of their bond.

Max takes every opportunity to celebrate their moments together, capturing their shared experiences in heartwarming photographs.

Whether attending family gatherings, relaxing on the beach, or celebrating at a party, Annika is a constant presence by his side.

One can see Max’s devotion in marking important occasions in Annika’s life.

Max Johnson Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day With Girlfriend Annika Thomas At Bowling Green State University In March 2018
First Spotting: Max Johnson and Annika Thomas Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at Bowling Green State University, March 2018 (Source: Instagram)

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or her birthday, he always makes her feel cherished and special.

His gestures reflect the depth of his love and his effort to nurture their relationship.

As their relationship surpasses the five-year mark, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Max Johnson and Annika Thomas’ journey together.

The question on everyone’s mind: will wedding bells be ringing soon?

Fans eagerly await the day when they might see Max and Annika exchange vows, solidifying their commitment to each other.

The prospect of them becoming husband and wife is a dream many of their supporters hold close to their hearts.

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