Araceli Torrado Edad (Age): David Nalbandian Ex Girlfriend Scandal

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Araceli Torrado, Edad 29, is a model and versatile personality. She gained attention in the media as the new romantic partner of former tennis star David Nalbandian.

The couple made their public debut just over two months after Nalbandian ended his 22-year-long relationship with his wife, Victoria Bosch.

David Nalbandian, a former Argentine professional tennis player, was born on January 1, 1982, in the small city of Unquillo in Córdoba Province, Argentina.

David Nalbandian, An Argentine Former Professional Tennis Player
David Nalbandian, An Argentine Former Professional Tennis Player (Source: Pinterest)

He was of Armenian and Italian descent and embarked on his professional tennis career at 18.

Nalbandian achieved remarkable success in tennis, reaching his highest singles ranking of world No. 3 in March 2006.

His illustrious career spanned from 2000 to 2013, marked by a notable runner-up position in the singles event at the 2002 Wimbledon Championships.

Notably, Nalbandian is the only Argentine man in history to reach the semifinals or better at all four major tennis tournaments and make it to the Wimbledon final.

His contributions extended to the Argentinian Davis Cup team, where he played a crucial role in reaching the finals of the World Group in 2006, 2008, and 2011.

Who Is Model Araceli?

Araceli Torrado is a 29-year-old model, influencer, and broadcaster from Rosario, Argentina.

She recently gained attention in the media as the new romantic partner of former tennis star David Nalbandian.

Torrado’s professional pursuits include working as a promoter for various motorcycle and automobile events.

Araceli Torrado, An Influencer Influencer From Rosario, Argentina
Araceli Torrado, An Influencer Influencer From Rosario, Argentina (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she is a radio program presenter in Rosario, adding another dimension to her career.

Beyond her work in promotions and radio, Araceli Torrado has experience in the theater. She played a role in the 2017 play “Zaúl no tiene cura” at the Broadway theater in Rosario.

Araceli Torrado, Edad 29, Sues David Nalbandian for Harassment and Invasion of Privacy

Araceli recently came forward to denounce her former partner, David Nalbandian, for harassment and invasion of privacy.

According to Lanacion, the two had been in a relationship from the end of 2022 until June of the following year.

Torrado accused the former tennis player of installing a video camera in their shared apartment. The intention behind this act was to monitor and control her activities.

The relationship between Torrado and Nalbandian became public in February, shortly after Nalbandian’s separation from his wife of 22 years, Victoria Bosch. 

Araceli Torrado, A Model And An Influencer
Araceli Torrado, A Model And An Influencer (Source: Instagram)

The situation escalated when Torrado discovered a hidden surveillance camera with real-time transmission capabilities in the ventilation of their apartment.

Nalbandian later confessed to being responsible for installing the device through a WhatsApp conversation.

Torrado reported the harassment and invasion of privacy to the Victim and Witness Assistance Office, seeking legal assistance.

 The case is now awaiting investigation by the Buenos Aires Contraventional Justice, with Torrado seeking protection measures.


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