Art Briles Wife: Jan Allison Is A Texas Tech Alum

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An American football coach who is currently the head coach for the Guelfi Firenze in the Italian Football League, Art Briles wife is Jan Allison.

Jan has been with Art for more than 40 years now and is still going strong.

Allison attended Texas Tech University.

Art Briles served as the head coach of the Houston Cougars from 2002 to 2007 and later took the helm as the head coach of the Baylor Bears from 2008 to 2015.

Arti Briles And His Wife Jan
Arti Briles And His Wife Jan (Source: Waco Tribune-Herald)

Unfortunately, his college coaching career came to a controversial and premature end in 2015 due to his dismissal from the Baylor University football program amid the highly publicized and deeply troubling Baylor University sexual assault scandal.

In addition to his coaching career, Art Briles is known as the author of “Beating Goliath: My Story of Football and Faith,” a book published in 2014 that delves into his personal journey and experiences in the world of football and his faith.

Art Briles Wife Jan Allison Attended Texas Tech

Tragically, on October 16, 1976, a devastating car accident claimed the lives of Art Briles’ parents and aunt.

This heartbreaking incident occurred on U.S. Route 380 near Newcastle, Texas, while they were en route to Dallas to watch Art play in a game.

At that time, Art’s girlfriend, who is now his wife, Jan Allison, had initially planned to accompany his family on the trip.

However, she made the decision to stay behind in Rule, Texas, to attend a friend’s bridal shower.

Following the conclusion of the 1976–77 academic year, Art Briles decided to leave the University of Houston.

He then transferred to Texas Tech University, where Jan was also attending, in order to complete his bachelor’s degree, which he successfully earned in 1979.

Later, Art furthered his education by obtaining a master’s degree in education from Abilene Christian University before embarking on his coaching career.

Relationship Commencement & Timeline

Art Briles and his wife, Jan, have shared a loving partnership for over 40 years, a testament to their enduring bond.

Art has often expressed his deep admiration for Jan, referring to her as the “best thing that’s ever happened” to him and acknowledging her as the bedrock of their family. He has described her as an integral part of his life.

Their journey together began in the summer of 1970 when Art’s family moved to Rule, Texas, where his father, Dennis, became the high school’s football coach.

Jan was an eighth-grader at the time, and Art was a freshman. Art’s arrival in the small town garnered attention, particularly from the girls, but Jan decided to play it cool, even though she found him appealing.

Despite her efforts to remain composed, Art noticed Jan. They began spending time together, often joining a group of friends for post-football game activities.

Art Briles
Art Briles (Source: New York Daily News)

By the time Art was a sophomore in 1972, he was smitten with Jan, and the feeling was mutual. Their first official date involved dinner at the Cliff House Restaurant in Stamford, solidifying their connection.

For Art, Jan was not only beautiful but also possessed a kind heart, strong spirit, good morals, and common sense—an ideal combination in his eyes.

Their relationship blossomed, and even as young teenagers, they couldn’t envision themselves with anyone else.

Art and Jan’s journey continued, and six years later, as college students, they exchanged vows in a simple ceremony in Rule.

The celebration was followed by cake and punch in the church basement. Eager to enjoy their honeymoon at the beach, they hastily flew from Lubbock to Corpus Christi but overlooked a crucial detail—packing sunscreen.

The result: a sunburned and uncomfortable return.

As Art pursued his coaching career, following in his late father Dennis’s footsteps, he sought Jan’s guidance at every turn.

Her input and support were invaluable as he progressed from being an assistant at Sundown in 1979 to Sweetwater a year later.

Throughout this journey, Art and Jan’s deep connection and shared decisions continued to strengthen their enduring love story.

Family & Support


Art Briles reflected on his coaching journey, acknowledging that the choices he made along the way didn’t just impact him but also his wife, Jan, and their children.

He emphasized the importance of seeking Jan’s thoughts and support, recognizing that the coaching profession demands a wholehearted commitment.

They were a team in every sense, wholeheartedly embracing the challenges and opportunities that came their way without hesitation.

Their coaching journey coincided with the arrival of their first child, Jancy, in Sweetwater.

It became a running joke that Jan seemed to be expecting whenever they embarked on a new coaching position, leading to humorous comments from friends and family.

In 1984, Art secured his first head coaching position at Class 2A Hamlin High School, where success quickly followed.

However, they understood that in the unpredictable world of football, victories can be fleeting, and they never took their success for granted, even as Art later transformed Stephenville into a state powerhouse.

Art Briles
Art Briles (Source: Tulsa World)

Jan shared that the roller-coaster ride became truly exhilarating when their son Kendal became the quarterback at Stephenville in the late 1990s.

Kendal’s success on the field, including a state championship in 1999, brought both pride and anxiety for Jan as a parent.

They also experienced the hardships of sports, particularly when Kendal suffered a season-ending ankle injury during his first college season at Texas.

This personal perspective deepened Art’s understanding of the emotional toll injuries can take on athletes, especially during times when hope seems distant.

Art’s coaching career continued to flourish, and after a successful stint at the University of Houston, he was offered the position at Baylor in 2007 despite the program’s struggles at the time. While Art saw potential, Jan initially had reservations about the move.

However, her trust in Art’s judgment ultimately led her to support the decision.

Six years, four bowl appearances, a Heisman Trophy, and the construction of a new on-campus football stadium later, Art’s faith in the Baylor opportunity was unquestionably validated.

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