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Ashleigh Barty is a renowned Australian professional tennis player, as well as a former cricketer. She is also the number one player in the world in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and a second Australian No. 1. WTA singles.

If we move towards her achievements, we can see her victory on single titles and double titles on WTA Tour. She is also the powerful champion in singles at the WTA Finals.

She was a normal girl born in Ipswich of Queensland, starting the career at four and turns into one of the greatest and passionate players of all time. But in the 2014 season, Barty ended up in her cricket career. Now, let’s move to her top 66 inspiring quotes.

Ashleigh Barty on field
Ashleigh Barty on field

“My Indigenous heritage is something I hold close to my heart.”― Ashleigh Barty

“The cricket team has been great. There’s never a lonesome moment. If you are struggling, there are 10 girls who can help you out and get you through the tough times. We can enjoy the ups and downs together.”― Ashleigh Barty

“There’s no need to look too far into the future or the past. Enjoy the moment.”― Ashleigh Barty

“There are a lot of hours and a lot of sacrifices you have to make to achieve your dreams as a tennis player.”― Ashleigh Barty

“One of the best sayings in tennis and sport is that pressure is a privilege.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I just want to be the best I can and create my own style of game.”― Ashleigh Barty

“You’ve just got to believe in and trust everyone in your team, and no doubt they will, too.”― Ashleigh Barty

“If I win, it’s a bonus. If I lose, the sun still comes up the next day, and it’s all good.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“I think you have to go out believing you can win the match; otherwise, there’s no point walking out on the court, really.”― Ashleigh Barty 

“My heritage is really important to me. I’ve always had that olive complexion and the squished nose, and I just think it’s important to do the best I can to be a good role model.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It is tough when you’re by yourself, and I think that’s why team sport is so appealing.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Obviously, it’s nice when you’re having success, but this isn’t going to last forever. There are going to be rough times as well, but you’ve just got to ride those.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I was very fortunate to have a coach when I was young who taught me all the traditional shots and taught me a pretty traditional game style, in a way.”― Ashleigh Barty

“When I can control the ball off the first shot after serve and return, especially with my forehand, that’s when I’m in control most matches.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It would be awesome to play in my backyard.”― Ashleigh Barty

“You obviously have a different perspective on life when you’re 20 compared to when you’re 16.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It’s never over until we’re shaking hands at the net. Then you’ve either won or you’ve lost, and – either way – you look them in the eye and say, ‘Well played, mate.’”― Ashleigh Barty

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“I feel like I put pressure on myself to perform well and to play well and to do well. That’s what I expect of myself. It’s not always going to happen, but I can certainly sort of put myself in the position where I can get the best out of myself.”― Ashleigh Barty

“The most confronting thing you can do is talk about your feelings and open yourself up.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Whether I’d stopped playing professionally at 17 – or if I stop at 35 – tennis will always be a part of my life.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It’s the best feeling ever: the adrenalin, the extra boost, the support you get from the very passionate Australian Open crowd is amazing.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I have just gotten to know my body well enough now to know when I need a little bit of help.”― Ashleigh Barty

“There is nothing else can get you ready for matches than matches.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Any time you get to play a champion like Serena, it’s amazing.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I don’t think there’s been that many indigenous players in Australia.”― Ashleigh Barty

“You always learn a lot more when you lose.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“It’s a bit different when you’re 16 as to when you’re 20. You’re a little bit more developed and mature in your body.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It’s a lot easier when you’re winning.”― Ashleigh Barty

“That top 100 is a big barrier that every tennis player strives to break into.”― Ashleigh Barty

“We’re always wanting to get better. I’m very much a perfectionist.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I would like to not lose the first set all the time and not get hit off the court.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I just continue to work on what I want to work on, and I’m not rushing to achieve anything, really.”― Ashleigh Barty

Ashleigh Barty with her family
Ashleigh Barty with her family

“The more balls that I hit, it’s going to get better and better. Once I get a bit more confidence in my ball striking, that’s when we can get down to the nitty gritty parts of the game.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Cricket and tennis are very different skill sets, but I’ve played tennis all my life, so it’s a lot easier coming back than learning how to face a cricket ball for the first time.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I went from not being known anywhere in the world to winning junior Wimbledon and six months later playing the Australian Open. I was a victim of my own success, really.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“I just think it’s great in cricket to come into a team environment. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced it.”― Ashleigh Barty  

“I feel comfortable on and off the court, happy in my own skin, just really comfortable with the way I’m playing my tennis.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I want to prove I’m a top-15 player, possibly top 10.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It’s nice to know that whoever I walk out on court against, I feel comfortable.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Any time you enter a tournament before a slam, there’s always the possibility you’ll be arriving late. It’s a very good problem to have.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Australians are hungry for sport. They love it. They’re addicted to it.”― Ashleigh Barty

“There has to be a very good balance between being aggressive and then being able to defend as well.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Any time you can go out and compete is better than getting on a practice court.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I certainly fear no one, and I know I can go out there and match up with the world’s best.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I think the only expectation is that I put on myself to do everything right and to put myself in a position to perform as best that I can.”― Ashleigh Barty

“The support we get in Australia is phenomenal.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“I’ve become more mature on and off the court, and I’ve learned how to deal with some of those big occasions much better.”― Ashleigh Barty

“When I’m relaxed, I play my best tennis.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I don’t normally get too excited. I just – yeah, I just try and keep it pretty simple, and that’s just my personality, really.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I’m driven to win every single match.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“There are not a lot of people in the world that get to say they get to walk through the gates of Wimbledon and play on Centre Court. It’s pretty phenomenal, and we’re very lucky to live this life that we do.”― Ashleigh Barty  

“Every single match, win, lose or draw, there’s something that we can improve on, and it’s about us addressing that straight after the match.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I think everyone needs to take a few breaks.”― Ashleigh Barty

“You never approach any prof or semi-professional sport as a hit and giggle.”― Ashleigh Barty

“Cricket is semi-pro for women in Australia, but the girls work damn hard, and it’s credit to them to try and grow the sport.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I’ve always wanted to be my own player from the start and do things a bit differently to what the others do. I want to play my own way.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I don’t watch much tennis, never really have.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“It’s the older girls I seem to get on with. I think it’s just because they kind of respect me as a player, I suppose.”― Ashleigh Barty

“It’s exciting when there is any growth in women’s sport.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I love the sport of tennis, but I sort of got a little bit away from what I really wanted to do. It became robotic for me, and that’s not what I wanted. It’s such an amazing sport, and I just really wanted to enjoy it, and I lost that enjoyment and that passion.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“I’m certainly not the tallest girl on the tour, so I know that I have to sort of try and match the girls in the way. I know, for me, it’s trying to be super aggressive, especially off the first ball in the rally.”― Ashleigh Barty  

“That’s the ultimate goal – to try to go deep into the Australian Open and deep into the other slams throughout the year.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I think women’s tennis is so open. Anyone in the top 30 can do damage in the big tournaments.”― Ashleigh Barty

“I had never played a team sport when I was younger.”― Ashleigh Barty

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“Tennis has been a part of my life since I was five years old.”― Ashleigh Barty

“You love the competitive one-on-one aspect, where you look across the net, and you’re trying to beat your opponent. You’re doing everything you physically can to win on that day.”― Ashleigh Barty

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