Audrianna Williams Mugshot: Is Monroe Cheer Coach Still In Jail?

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Audrianna Williams, an educator at Monroe Comprehensive High School, was arrested this past Tuesday on charges related to se*ual assault.

The well-known figure, recognized for her teaching role and vibrant presence on platforms like TikTok, where she rapped under the alias Miss Williams, found herself entangled in allegations involving a minor student.

Monroe High School Cheer Coach Audrianna Williams
Monroe High School Cheer Coach Audrianna Williams (Source: WALB)

Over the years, her influence grew significantly, evident from her sizable following of 125k on Instagram.

Beyond the impending legal repercussions, Williams stepped down from her teaching position at the institution.

Audrianna Williams Mugshot: Is Monroe Cheer Coach Still In Jail?

On Tuesday, Audrianna Williams was arrested and subsequently released after posting a $2,000 bond.

She faces charges on two counts of se*ual assault in her capacity as a teacher, principal, assistant principal, or another administrative role.

The Dougherty County School System, in response to the charges, issued a formal statement detailing that Williams had been charged by their Police Department with these counts.

This action came after an investigation revealed potential misconduct involving a student under her supervisory or disciplinary authority.

Mugshot Of Audrianna Williams
Mugshot Of Audrianna Williams (Source: WALB)

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Williams preemptively resigned from her role last week, avoiding potential termination by the Dougherty County Board of Education.

Furthermore, on December 13th, another teacher from Dougherty County was placed on administrative leave due to concerns over a “possible inappropriate relationship” with a student at Monroe Comprehensive High School.

Given Williams’s charges, a conviction could lead her to serve anywhere from one to 20 years in prison for each offense.

What Did Williams Do?

An X user @75__South was among those who circulated a widely viewed video featuring the individual in question.

The video, set in a dimly lit room, depicted her alongside a young man. Additionally, an image portraying her in a kiss with a male student gained significant traction on TikTok.

In the tweet mentioned above, the user speculated that the person in the video was likely her. The user pointed to the sightings of her wearing the same baseball cap.

On TikTok, @tiaraamalone shared insights, indicating that the young man accompanying her in the video was a football player, Quan.

Amidst the escalating allegations, Audrianna Williams resigned from her position at the educational institution where she worked.

It’s worth noting that she exchanged wedding vows with a guy named Corbin Williams. Furthermore, the couple has a young son together.

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