Who Is Axel Disasi Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

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French professional soccer player Axel Disasi has been the talk of the town after his recent transfer to the English Premier League Club Chelsea FC. His fans are curious to know if he has a girlfriend.

Axel has not previously revealed anything about his relationship. Despite the constant pressure of fans and media for all these years, he has succeeded in keeping his private life a secret.

The French Professional Soccer Player Axel Disasi
The French Professional Soccer Player Axel Disasi (Source: Football365)

Meanwhile, the newly arrived Disasi enjoys his time at Chelsea and is willing to talk only about soccer.

After signing the contract, the professional soccer player expressed his happiness, saying that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time and felt lucky to be a part of the big club.

Axel Disasi began training soccer at an academy when he was eight. After spending a year at Paris FC’s youth academy, he eventually made his league debut, playing Liga 2 for the club in 2015.

Soon after, Axel played in the French top-tier league, Liga 1, for Reims and stayed there until 2020.

Despite being a defender, Axel is known for his assisting and goal-scoring abilities and gained more popularity after playing for AS Monaco.

Axel Disasi Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone?

The media and his fans have been asking Disasi about his relationship status for a long time, but the player is adamant about his decision not to talk about it.

The young talent started having a huge fan following since his Liga 1 debut for Reims, and while most of them just want to know about his love life, some move ahead and make marriage proposals.

Axel Disasi
Axel Disasi (Source: Instagram)

However, Axel seems uninterested in beginning a romantic relationship, as he is a budding athlete. He thinks he still needs to focus more on his career and is not ready for a committed relationship yet.

Still, fans doubt that he is hiding things about his personal life. While it may be true, one can never be sure about this. Based on his social media profile, it looks like he is not currently dating anyone.

Disasi Choose To Play For France Over Congo

Axel Disasi was born to his parents on March 11, 1998, in Gonesse, France. The son of Congolese and Angolan-origin parents, Disasi was also eligible to play for Congo.

However, Axel had been living and practicing soccer in France all his life.

When he was still a kid, his family migrated to Villiers-le-Bel, where he enriched his soccer skills. Growing up, his inspiration was the Brazilian defender Thiago Silva.

When Paris FC made an offer to him in 2014, he immediately agreed, as Silva had already begun playing soccer for PSG. So, he was excited to see his idol from a close distance in Paris.

Axel Desasi Made His-Senior Team Debut For France In 2022
Axel Desasi Made His Senior Team Debut For France In 2022 (Source: AS Monaco)

In addition, the club let him finish high school and allowed him to play league matches just after one year of signing. 

Axel knows he has a great connection to Congo through his parents, but he has been French all his life. He got everything he wanted in France, so he considers his birth county his dearest place.

Even though the Congolese Football selectors had called upon him to represent their U-20 team in 2017, Axel decided otherwise and instead chose to play for France.

Disasi made his French national team debut playing against Tunisia in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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