Barcelona 3-3 Levante: Barcelona lost a 2-0 lead

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Barcelona lost a 2-0 lead and saw their La Liga hopes to get a big setback when they played with Levante.

Lionel Messi has put the visitors ahead with a very well-controlled low volley. Before they doubled their lead as Pedri turned to Ousmane Dembele‘s cross following the Messiah’s ball.

But Gonzalo Melero headed one back, and Jose Luis Morales opened the scoring 2-2.

Barcelona has returned to the lead with Dembele’s powerful shot. But Sergio Leon has found the back of the net late for Levante.

Barca has moved up to second, above Real Madrid, but would have been ahead with a win. And one point behind leaders Atletico Madrid, who have a game in hand.

Atletico has three games left and will be the Spanish champions for the first time from 2013-14 to win them all.

Barca midfielder Sergio Busquets has admitted his team’s chances of winning 27 La Liga are slim.

“There are very few options that are available for us to win the league now,” he said.

“Sounds bad. We couldn’t win the game, and we started well. We got the advantage and the second goal.

But we couldn’t get the third. As has happened so many times, the mistakes have misled us.

“This point means very little to us. We did not represent our accuracy, and they used it to the full. 

“We have had our chances, but we already have paid for our mistakes. And we did not have a good second chance.

“It’s our fault, and we got committed. And we allow the teams to score when they face us.”

Koeman was confused when Barcelona rejected him.

Barcelona seemed to be in complete control after scoring two goals in the first 34 minutes. Facing a Levite team that needed one point to make sure they avoided relegation.

However, as defender Sergi Roberto entered and went into an unusual defensive position, Ronald Koeman’s side began to look weak and conceded twice in three minutes.

Melero rose above Barcelona’s defense to put the goal back. And Messi carelessly lost control of the 30-meter lead with Morales voting for Levante’s first equalizer.

Ronald Koeman (Source: Fubo TV)
Ronald Koeman (Source: Fubo TV)

Dembele’s goal, which got awarded after the referee’s check in the video, ruled that Antoine Griezmann did not misplay. 

Levant’s Jorge Miramon restored the visitors’ lead. But Leon went ahead with Gerard Pique to score the third quick goal.

“In the second half, we lacked energy. And I don’t know what to do during the break as we were high in the first half,” said Koeman.

“They surprised us by scoring three goals. And I have no explanation – I do not know why that happened.

“Strong, down, and very relaxed. The whole team defensively was not at the required level. Winning three goals in 45 minutes is the biggest thing for this team.”

Barcelona won the Copa del Rey last month but exited the Champions League in the previous 16. And could miss the Spanish title for the second consecutive season.

Atletico will score four points if they win their hand-to-hand match on Wednesday at home. Against fifth-placed Real Sociedad, before Real Madrid play Granada on Thursday.

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