Basketball Insoles For Flat, Low, And High Arch Feet

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A lot of time in the store you will see shoes that please your eyes but not your feet. And that’s exactly when basketball insoles come to play.

Insoles can be easily placed on the bottom of your shoes for high heels and can reduce pressure from a certain area of your feet.

Shoe support is important to prevent keen, feet, or back problems, especially in sport. Good basketball insoles can also support you with your posture, helping you stay productive and active throughout your day. 

Insoles are like a bed to your feet.

The best way to judge insoles are based on comfort, pain relief, and performance. The insole you slide in your shoe must not hurt your feet, should be easy to walk on, and need to be high-quality that supports your every move.

Benefits Of Insole

  • Comfort: Shoe comfort has to be your priority if you are going on a long trip or stand on the feet for a maximum day. The shoe you buy will surely not take the shape of your feet, which can discomfort you whole day. So, to help you walk comfortably, you will surely need an insole. When inserting the right insole in your shoe, they take the shape of your feet keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.
  • Pain relief: What can be best than having pain-free shoes. You may find pain-free shoes, but you need to hustle and bustle to get one. And even if you hustle, there is no guarantee that a pain-free shoe matches your choice. Instead, you can accessorize your shoes with insoles and walk on your trip without soreness.
  • Performance: The performance of the insole is defined by how well it is structured to help you with your arch. You need to check whether your arch gets right on the insole or not. You can also judge the insole base on the bounciness. The more bouncy the insole, the more comfortable it will be.

When buying insoles for your feet, you need to determine your arch height. Knowing your arch height makes it easy to determine which insole you will need for your feet.

High Arches Insole

High arches people usually don’t stand on their whole feet. Usually, people with a high arch don’t have any major pain, but they can result in underpronation.

This means that archers don’t collapse enough to absorb the impact of excessive walking, which can put stress on your feet.

Insoles should provide firm support that relieves pressure on the ball and heel of the feet. Also, the cushion on the insole should distribute your body weight evenly across your feet.

Flat Arches Insole

Flat feet people have their entire feet on the ground as they don’t develop arch on their feet and it can lead to heel, knee, and ankle pain.

The insole should have a fatty pad under the heel area to stabilize the heel. Insoles should provide enough structure to align your feet.

Neutral Arch Insole

If your arches are not too flat and not too high, then your fall under neutral arch categories. Your feet will need arch support insole to stabilize your feet and prevent from feet pain.

Insole should have moderate arch support to relieve your feet pain. They have to fit well in your shoes giving you enough support in your feet.

The Right Way To Use Basketball Insoles

Wearing insoles is not a task. Insert insole in your shoes and get ready to walk the road.

This section doesn’t talk about how to insert insoles and how to walk on them. Instead, this section is all about how to use them right for long life.

Using insole and making them last longer is not a task if you know how to use them right. The life of the insoles depends on the person and the frequency of use.

However, resting your feet on top-quality basketball insoles ensures your comfort as well as durability.

Are High-Class Basketball Insoles IsThe Reason For Durability?

Probably the answer is no. Just buying branded insole doesn’t guarantee durability. It also depends upon the way you take care of your insole.

Some insoles last for 3 months and some last for 6 months or can even last for a year.

For the long-lasting life of the insole, you should remove them from your shoes after every use. If you have sweaty feet, dry used insole in the open air, not in the closed environment.

Even if you don’t have sweaty feet, drying insole promotes the life of insoles. Letting the insole dry in open air ensures freshness.

Insoles Don’t Give A Second Life To Old Basketball Shoes           

Many people think insole can give new life to old basketball shoes. This is true in the case of new shoes, but not in the old ones. Using the insole will surely not give a second life to your damaged shoes.

In order to prolong the life of new basketball shoes, you should be using insoles in them. Some shoes have built-in comfortable insoles, so you may not have to buy insoles for them. 

  • Arch Support Basketball Insoles Are Must

Have you ever experience uncertain foot pain? Many people get foot problems and it is mostly caused because of inappropriate support in the arch area.

Arch support insoles help reduce your foot pain, keeping you energetic. They lessen the pressure in your arch area providing stability, balance and minimize foot pain.

The benefit of sliding your feet on arch support insole

  • Arch Support Basketball Insoles Distribute Pressure Across Your Feet

Most built-in insoles are of a low quality, which is why they cause foot pain. Built-in insoles are not soft and don’t give enough support to your feet.

If your shoes don’t have enough arch support, that not only causes foot pain but can also hurt your back and knee.

Arch support insoles evenly distribute pressure across your feet and align your body.  When your body is properly balanced, it helps you in a long walk without any pain.

  • Arch Support Basketball Insoles Balance Your Body

Many might not know that arch support insole balances body. Usually, people wear an arch support insole for a comfortable and easy walk. However, putting your feet on insole improves your posture and balance.

Bad body posture can cause feet, knee, and back pain. If you have such issues, you can try using an insole in your shoes for good posture and comfortable walk.

  • Arch Support Basketball Insoles Can Prevent Pain

Uncomfortable shoes can cause body pain. Arch supports insoles help in reducing foot pain, back pain, and knee pain.  

Leg and back pain not just causes discomfort but also cause difficulties while doing day-to-day task and handling important duties.

Slide the insole in the shoes and experience a pain-free walk. When you are comfortable on your feet, you can work pain-free making you productive.

  • Arch Support Basketball Insoles Prevent Rashes

Using insoles doesn’t just improve balance, but they also support your arches, which prevents them from collapsing.

Insoles are also effective in long walks preventing rashes on your feet.

Insole to the feet is like braces to your teeth. Once you have learned the purpose of an insole, you will now understand why the insoles are important for your feet.

If the insoles don’t support your arch area, it can misalign your feet and also put pressure on your heel and the ball of your feet.

Features to consider before choosing insoles for basketball shoes

After you have the right pair of basketball shoes, you will want to add the insole to prevent injuries. The best basketball insole should have:

1. Arch Support

The insole can help only if it supports your arch area. Not only basketball insole, but every insole should support the arch area of your feet.

If you find the insole that supports your arch area but is larger than your feet, then you can trim the insole to fit your shoes.

2. Deep Heel Cup

Basketball insoles should have a deep heel cup that keeps the fatty pad centered beneath the heel to absorb shock effectively.

When insoles have deep heel cups, they stabilize your feet which improves balance and performance.

3. Firm Support

The basketball insole should definitely support the arch area and should not deflect easily.

The good insoles will have firm arch support that limits pronation, improves alignment, and prevent injuries like fasciitis and stress fractures.

Superfeet Green Insole

superfeet insole
superfeet insole

These insoles are designed to provide perfect structure to your feet. If you are searching for the insoles that align your body, then your search shall shop here.

These green insoles are featured with the widest and deepest heel cup, which gives maximum support and natural shock absorption.

Wearing these inserts can reduce arch stress, flat feet, and heel pain.

If you are searching for an insole for your work boot, hiking shoes or running shoes, these Superfeet insert can surely support your feet.

The plastic bottom of this insole guarantees high performance keeping you comfortable on your feet.

Many users have experienced positive effects on wearing these insoles. They have experienced less pain in the feet, calves, and lower back.

If you want to be comfortable on your feet during your busy schedule, these inserts can definitely help you.

People with high-arch should try these inserts. These can stabilize and support the feet, and cushion on the feet gives you long-lasting comfort.

Internet Reviews

Great support

A lot of reviewers with high arches have experience great comfort. These insoles fit perfectly in the shoes, and reviews have felt less pain on wearing them.

If you have to stand on the feet for a maximum day, then you can undoubtedly slide your feet on these insoles.

Best for sport shoes

While sporting you require a lot of energy. Inserting these insoles on any sports shoes will comfort you by holding your arch and heel in place and supporting your every move.

Outgoing reviewers responded positively as they encounter no rubbing and no sore spots on wearing these green insoles.

Pain-free insole

These insoles are an excellent solution for those who have plantar fasciitis. Reviewers suffering from fasciitis have been found to be effective in reducing pain.

These high-arches and deep heel cups offer maximum support reducing stress on your knee and ankles. 

Powerstep Wide Fit Full Insole

 Powerstep insole
Powerstep insole

Podiatrists recommend these inserts to prevent foot pain due to over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, heel pain, knee, arch, and many more.

When you insert these insoles in your shoes, you will surely not go back to your old ones.

 Powerstep insole offers support, control, and cushioning with a wider profit. These insoles from Powerstep have perfect arch support, flexible shell, a plush top layer, and a deep heel for ease walk.

The cushion of these insoles is thick to fit some shoes, especially dress shoes. Other than dress shoes, they fit perfectly in sneakers, work shoes, hike shoes, and boots.

On wearing these insoles, you will get support in your toe balls, and soreness will reduce with time. 

You can wear these inserts for walking, jogging, and hiking. If your work demands you to stand on the feet, you can definitely try on these inserts.

These insoles have a very high arch. For those with high arch can surely enjoy wearing these inserts. However, if you have a normal or low arch this insert is definitely not for you.

 Internet Reviews

Perfect cushioning

These Powerstep insoles are wide enough to support your toe bones. Person with wide feet and a high arch should try these insoles.

Reviews were satisfied with these insoles as these insoles have cushioning foam on the top, denser black foam on the bottom, and rigid plastic orthotic arch support that works together to comfort your feet.

Great for walking

Walking or standing on the feet for a long time will no longer hurt you when you slide your feet on these insoles.

You will get perfect arch, heel, and forefeet support. It might take few days for you to get used to them, but once you wear them, you will surely enjoy every step.

Firm support

Person with big feet and a high arch will surely love these insoles. They are perfectly firmed and can relieve your pain related to your feet even if you stand on your foot for half a day.

You can choose to hike with these insoles, and you will definitely notice less pain on your feet.

ProFoot Original Miracle Insole

Profoot insole
Profoot insole

These insoles are full length and are for those people with slim feet.  They mold to your feet, giving you the required comfort while running, hiking, walking, or just standing.

And also, you can wear them with or without socks. But if you have too sweaty feet, you will need socks.

Previous two insoles were for the high-arch foot while this insole from ProFoot is for flat feet. They can give you great comfort if you have fairly flat feet and have to be on the feet for maximum time.

The advanced memory-foam defines the insole’s comfort at the top layer and shock absorber at the bottom layer.

Advanced memory-foam adjusts to your feet, helps you walk, and the shock absorber supports your arch and stabilizes your feet.

These inserts are not too thick like others and can slide to your shoes easily. Their ultra-light 2-layer design gives all the feet comfort you need in a day. 

They are also easy to trim insole and can fit into sandals, flats, and even in heels. Whether you choose to wear sneakers or fancy heels, these insoles go with every shoe.

 Internet Reviews

Real miracle

Many reviewers on the internet have experienced positive changes on wearing these insoles. They felt less pain on their arch area, forefeet and heel.

For work shoes

People working long shifts found these insoles to be helpful. Standing or walking the whole day can be difficult, and with these ProFoot insoles, you will surely be able to focus on your work without any foot discomfort.

Offers good support

These insoles are thin enough to provide comfort and offer good support. However, they are not for wide feet person, they are best for those with slim feet.

Sof Sole Fit Insole

Sof Sole Fit insole
Sof Sole Fit insole

They have series of insoles to accommodate different types of arches. What’s so impressive about Sof Sole Fit insoles is that they have nylon fabric at the bottom which springs back and has great shock absorption.

The three types of insoles that Sof Sole offers can handle different aliments issues that you might have.

However, if you are going through any serious foot problem for more than a week, see a podiatrist. It’s not wise to think that a normal insole can cure your problem.

But if it is minor foot pain, then there is a good chance that these insoles can help you. You just have to figure out which one is right for your feet.

Sof Sole Fit has a blue insole which is for a low arch. These insoles are for those people who have completely flat feet but need very little support in arches.

If you have any arch problem, then this insole is just right for you.

Then, Sof Sole Fit has a green insole suitable for a neutral arch. These insoles fit the larger group of people as very few people fall under a low arch and high arch categories.

If you need little support in the arch area and heel of your foot, then this will help you a lot.

Next, the orange model fits those with a high arch foot. Putting these in the boots will support your high arch and heel of your feet perfectly, making you comfortable to walk and stand for hours.

Internet Reviews

Supports high arches

Many internet reviewers got relief from using Sof Sole Fit orange insoles. On wearing these insoles help you relax the balls of your feet. And the arch and heel get the exact support you need for a comfortable walk.

Great for low arches

People who purchase blue insole felt much better. The thin foam gives enough support to the feet, helping you with every movement and these inserts perform very well.


Neutral insole from Sof Sole Fit has satisfied most of the buyers. Sliding your feet on these insoles has reduced pain to those who have previously experience pain in the foot and back.

Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insole

Dr. Scholl’s insole
Dr. Scholl’s insole

You should definitely get Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insole, if you are involved in sports activities like running.

Sport shoes will not fully help you if you are playing on the field or just doing your morning exercise. So, you will need an insole that supports your everyday activities.

Dr. Scholl’s Sport insole has material at the bottom-middle of the insole for sturdy support. And the cushion at the heel and forefoot can reduce the impact on your foot.

When you are running or jogging, you will experience pressure on your heel and forefoot, and cushioning on this insole can definitely support you.

The gel part of the insole comforts your feet. The cushion on the forefeet and heel gives you enough support to be on your feet for a long time. However, inserting these insoles can be tricky because of their stickiness. 

You won’t feel discomfort wearing this unless you have a low arch. Users with low arch have felt uneasiness while wearing these.

But, if you don’t belong to low arch category, then this can be the one to comfort your feet and reduce pain.

Internet Reviews

Comfortable in foots

Most of the internet reviewers have felt comfortable on the feet. With these insoles, you can walk, run or work-out without any pain on your feet.

Great insole

These insoles are well made and give enough support to the feet. The gel on the heel and forefeet provide cushioning that relieves pain.

Extend the life of old shoes

Most of the insoles are not good for old shoes, but some reviewers reviewed that using these inserts has extended the life of their old shoes. 

Not All Soft Basketball Insoles Give Better Performance

Soft insoles comfort you in completing everyday tasks. Initially, you will love when you slide your feet on the soft insole.

But when using it every day, you will feel that the soft insole is not fixing the key problem, i.e, misalignment of the feet.

A good insole should be soft enough to support your flexible walk and hard enough to help you walk on the rough surface. 

The effective insole should have a cushioning design to retrain the muscles and help move in a more natural way. 

Don’t Move Your Basketball Insoles From One Shoe To Another

Most people prefer to use the same insole for all of their shoes. While it is true that you can move your insole from one shoe to another, it’s not necessary that you do it. Better not to move insole to experience positive changes.

If you want to experience some positive effect of using the insole on your feet and posture, ensure you don’t exchange the insole or use the same insole in all the shoes.

Having one pair of insole for one pair of shoes can minimize your pain and improve your body posture.

Wrap Up

You will find many insoles in the market that can trick you. Price and high quality are exactly two factors that you should be looking for to find a high-performance insole.

Insoles that cost more the average is the one you should be buying as they can guarantee comfort, high-performance, and pain-free.

Other than comfort, pain-free, performance, and price, you also need to consider how well the insole can support your movement and how perfectly they fit in your shoes.

Some insole needs to be trimmed to fit your shoes. However, if the insole fits perfectly in the arch and heel, trimming can be considered.

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