5 Nike Deadlift Shoes To Hit Gym

As you have landed on this page, you are definitely searching for deadlifting shoes. Nike deadlift shoes have been the favorite of many fitness freaks.

 These shoes are very effective in deadlifting as they transfer energy evenly on foot.

If you regularly deadlift, you will know which deadlift shoes work best for you. And if you are new to deadlifting, you might have heard the debate on deadlift shoes.

Some might recommend you high heel deadlift shoes, and some might suggest you to wear flat shoes.

Heel shoes and flat shoes both are effective for workouts. All you need to know is which shoe is best for you.

When you complete reading this article, you will have an idea of which shoes works for you. As Nike offers ranges of deadlift shoes, people’s preferences have scattered among the model.

You will find some people leaning more on one kind of Nike deadlifting shoes, and others may completely disagree with the statement. This is because they may have different feet structures.

Though Nike has a range of deadlift shoes, the features of each shoe differ from each other. One model from Nike can completely support you while working out, and the other may not give you that support you need.

Have a close look on your feet, and then make a decision on buying suitable Nike deadlift shoes.


Why Not??

Running shoes suit the majority of people, and they seem comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you wear those shoes for weightlifting.

Choosing running shoes over deadlift shoes is not a good idea as they won’t support you at all while weightlifting and can cause injuries.

Running shoes are designed in a way to support you to run. While running, you land on the heel, which is why they are designed with a compressive and cushiony sole.

And if you use these shoes to deadlift, you will lose a lot of energy when pushing down when you squat.

The sole in running shoes force a lot of force from landing on the heel than the rest of the foot, which is not good while squatting.

When all energy is forced on the heel, you will lose the right posture of squatting, causing pain in your back, knee and foot.

The strongest reason why not to use running shoes for weightlifting is that they give you motion.

While lifting a bar, you want your feet to stay in the right position giving you stability, and you can’t expect this support from running shoes.

But support during regular exercising

Though running shoes are not useful for deadlifting, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for any other exercise. Other than weightlifting, you can wear running shoes for other training.

Not all exercises demand feet stability. If you are newly joining a gym, you will not go straight to deadlift. You will look for easy exercise to start. In that case, you can put-on regular running shoes.

Regular running shoes are great for many exercises. The cushioning soles in the running shoes are extremely comfortable and can support regular exercises.

If you wear them regularly in the gym, they will tear out quickly. Make sure you use the same running shoes for regular exercise and to the gym. This can decrease the life of the shoes.

Separate your regular running shoes from gyming shoes. You will have two shoes for two different activities making your shoes last longer.

Why use Deadlift Shoes?

As you have already learned, weightlifting requires stable feet, and deadlift shoes provide the right feet stability to support you lift the bar. The hard sole has slight arch support giving you a strong ground for your feet to stand.

Deadlift shoes are designed in a way that reduces motion as much as possible, which is required for deadlifting.

Lifting weight wearing deadlift shoes maintains posture and improves results. You will get a more upright chest, open hip and angle.

When you squat with deadlift shoes, it allows your knee to transfer more forward over your toes, giving you more ankle mobility.

Ankle mobility allows your hip to drop as far as possible while maintaining your upright chest.

A more upright chest allows you to lift more weight without letting the bar fall. You can do a front squat, overhead squat or any classic squat with deadlift shoes.

The hard insole in the shoes allows you to get maximum energy transfer and lateral stability when you are balancing your position for squatting. You will get rock-like stability while squatting.

If you are having a problem while squatting because of the poor ankle, a little lift in your heel will support you to hit deeper and easier.

Deadlift shoes are definitely beneficial for deep squatter and people with a poor ankle.

Say not to deadlift shoes if…..

Though deadlift shoes are perfect for squatting, they may not be suitable for some people.

If you are at the beginning stage of squatting, you will definitely not go for a full squat. You will start with a low bar squat.

So, if you are a low bar squatter, deadlift shoes will not please you. Deadlift shoes have a high heel which doesn’t give good feet support for low bar squatter.

When low bar squatters wear deadlift shoes, they can feel like they are pushed forward, which will not give an expected result and can cause back injury.

For low bar squatters, they will need flat shoes.

Flat shoes have a thin sole that lets you stick to the ground allowing you to maintain balance on your heel and forefoot.

Wearing flat shoes, low bar squatter will be able to get the right position and proper balance instead of wearing heel shoes.

Know to lift wearing deadlift shoes

Deadlift shoes are heavier than other regular shoes. So, it may take a little time to get used to. In the beginning, you may feel heavy on your feet.

When you are used to it, you will definitely not feel comfortable on any other shoes than in deadlift shoes.

When you enter the gym in other shoes than deadlift shoes, you can easily do regular exercises. But that so doesn’t mean deadlift shoes are not effective in other exercises.

  • These shoes can also support you in other exercises. With these shoes, you can easily maintain posture while doing exercise, helping you reach your goal faster.
  • You will have to change your back angle wearing deadlift shoes. Your torso angle needs to come up, and your knee has to travel a bit further. If this is not done correctly, you may have a back problem.
  • If you are a pro at the gym, you will surely not need an expert to teach you and guide you on the shoes or outfit you need. But if you are new at the gym, you can talk to your instructor to guide you to exercise with deadlift shoes.
  • Switching from regular shoes to deadlift shoes can be a bit difficult at the beginning, which is why you will need guidance even doing normal exercises.
  •  Unless you are not used to deadlifting shoes, you will need help from your instructor to correct you and guide you while gyming.
  • You may also use a deadlift sock for good grip. 

So, when there are various deadlift shoes in the market, which one is best for you? When it comes to gym shoes, there are many brands offering gym shoes. First thing first, Nike deadlift shoes are recommended shoes for the gym.

Nike Deadlift Shoes

Nike has a range of deadlift shoes that are perfect for weight lifting. And most importantly, Nike deadlift shoes fit a maximum number of people. Whatever foot type you have, you can find the right shoes for your feet.

Not only Nike provides wide ranges of shoes, they also guarantee quality and durability. If you are Nike’s loyal customer, you already know what they are best at. You will not need a reason why to prefer Nike products.

So, when you are convinced that you will buy Nike shoes for the gym, you just have to decide which deadlift shoes to get.

Below are the list of Nike deadlift shoes that fits people with different foot types.

Nike Romaleos 3XD

Nike Romaleos 3XD
Nike Romaleos 3XD

Romaleos 3XD shoes from Nike are one of the most preferred shoes to hit the gym, especially for deadlifting.

These shoes are designed in a way to hold your feet on the ground, supporting you while squatting for deadlifting.

As most deadlift shoes this model shoe from Nike won’t be comfortable for walking or doing any regular exercise.

But for sure, these shoes are great at deadlifting. You can have worthy experience in gym with these shoes.

They are heavy. Actually, deadlift shoes are made heavy to support you while lifting the bar. However, Nike Romaleos 3XD deadlift shoes are much lighter than shoes from other brands.

Nike Romaleos 3XD shoes are made of synthetic material, which gives a replica of leather. The outer cover of the shoe is pretty thick, ensuring enough support.

They got a very stylish heel. 0.75 inches heel can effectively support you in lifting and squatting, giving you rock-solid stability. 

What you can assure with Nike Romaleos 3XD is that they can guarantee durability. The tough padding of the tongue ensures long life. Some deadlifting shoes can rip off when you pull the tongue to place your foot.

To minimize mobility, they have a strap on the top of the shoes.  Fixing your shoes all the time is something that you won’t consider when you are dedicated to work-out. 

And yes, these shoes have a tiny drawback, not for the narrow-footed people but best for the wide-footed people.

Romaleos 3XD got a narrow toe box. So, these may not be the deadlift shoes to wide-footed people. And if you are ordering Romaleos 3XD, you may have to order one or half size up than regular training shoes.

Internet Reviews

Improve Deadlift

Reviewers have reviewed that this shoe from Nike can greatly improve deadlifting.

Excellent Quality

There is no doubt Nike manufacture top-quality products. Reviews are satisfied with the quality of shoes.


This shoe from Nike offers proper stability while squatting. Reviewer has commented that Romaleos 3XD has provided stability while squatting.

Nike Metcon

Nike Metcon
Nike Metcon

This model of deadlift shoes from Nike is perfect for wide-footed people. The toe box of the Nike Metcon is pretty much wide than Romaleos 3XD.

If your feet don’t fit in Romaleos 3XD, then Metcon is a perfect shoe for you. Metcon is pretty wide shoes that can comfort people with wide footed while squatting deep and weight listing.

 The soft design of the Metcon can mislead you. You may think that the soft material of this shoe won’t support your deadlift.

But, don’t allow its soft material to mislead you. They are very effective and supportive in weight lifting.

Just like Romaleos 3XD, Metcon also got Strap to hold your feet. The strap helps you fit the shoes very well without letting your heel slip.

The highlighting feature of the shoes is how easily you can slip your foot in and out of the shoes. The stretchy sleeve of the shoes takes the shape of your feet, which is why this deadlift shoe suits wide-footed people.

 Another amazing feature of Metcon is its ankle area. The ankle area of Metcon is how comfortable it feels in your ankle.  

Internet Reviews


Reviewers have agreed with the review which states that Metcon is comfortable and looks good. The stretchy material of the shoe comfort you to workout.

Run small

 Reviewer has suggested getting one size up as they run small. And other people have supported the suggestion.

Excellent wear

Internal footbed provides excellent support making them great shoes to wear. 

Nike Romaleos 4 Cross-Trainer shoes

Nike Romaleos 4
Nike Romaleos 4

This cool-looking shoe from Nike is amazing for heavy weight lifting. Nike Romaleos 4 plant you on the ground helping you squat and maintain balance during weight lifting.

The noticeable feature of this shoe is the double strap. There is no chance that your heel will slip with the double strap. 

These are heavy. Like pretty heavy shoes, and they got a narrow foot box. If you are getting this shoe, you will need half or one size up than your normal training shoes.

When you get the right size you there is no chance you will experience any slip. You will be able to lift weight and squat with this shoe from Nike.

As they are heavy, they are not the shoe to take out. They are perfect for the gym but surely not for walking on the street.  You can surely not walk on the street.

And another highlight of this shoe is the heel. The still and solid heel of this shoe is durable and supports your every move in the gym.

 They are designed using hard material, which provides the exact support you need for weight lifting. And the stitches on the shoe are good enough to make them durable.

Talking about the ankle area, this shoe gives maximum support you need in your ankle area to hold you down, keeping you planted to the ground.

Internet Reviews

Highly Recommend

The comfort and quality of the shoe have satisfied the reviewer and recommend buying these shoes.

Great Squat Shoe

Reviewers were satisfied as these shoes support your feet while squatting.

Run Small

As these shoes run small, reviewers have recommended going half-size up.


Nike Romaleos 3

Nike romaleos 3
Nike romaleos 3


Looking for a light deadlifting shoe? This is where your search shall stop. Nike Romaleos 3 is the perfect shoes for those who are looking for light deadlifting shoes.

They do look a bit different from other weightlifting shoes but resemble weightlifting shoes. 

Toe box of this shoe is very flexible. Though being flexible, these shoes are great at providing stability and keeping you to the ground.

Some people might feel they are pull down to the ground when wearing deadlift shoes because they are heavy. But this is not the case with Romaleos 3. They are so light on the feet compare to other deadlift shoes.

And of course, they don’t just support you in deadlifting, but they are also best for exercises. These deadlift shoes can be wear with deadlifting and while doing other exercises.

To make things better, Romeo 3 got a hollow honeycomb at the bottom of the sole. Hollow honeycomb reduces the weight of the shoes, making them even lighter.

And you don’t have to worry about finding the right size. You can choose the same shoe as your normal training shoe. 

Internet Reviews

 Run True To size

Many reviewers were delighted that they run true to size and they were wide compared to other deadlift shoes.

Light And Breathable

 Lightweight and breathable feature of these shoes have satisfied reviewers.

Interchangeable Insole

Reviewers were very satisfied with the interchangeable insole.

Nike Metcon 2

Nike metcon 2
Nike metcon 2

Metcon 2 is the shoe for beginners. These can be your first training shoes. If you want to start your training minimal, then this is the right shoe for you.

For a beginner, metcon 2 will support you with every support you need in every workout. You will not go straight on doing a heavy workout.

You will start from basic training. When doing basic training, you will need a shoe that supports you in every exercise. And this shoe will support you with a basic exercise routine.

Metcon 2 has a plastic piece at the top of the shoe to fit your feet in the shoe. You can tight the shoe using the lace to fit it perfectly. These plastic pieces provide the lateral stability you need while weight lifting.

And the best part about this shoe is the ankle support. The shoe provides the best ankle support to lock yourself on shoe.

Moreover,  they provide good contact to the ground, which can aid in balancing your posture while exercising.

If you are doing light to heavy exercises, then this shoe is what you need. If you are doing boot camp exercise like walking or running on the treadmill, this shoe will comfort you with that too.

And if you are lifting lightweight or heavyweight, this shoe will even support you with that.

With this shoe, you will be about to deadlift, plyometric work, a lateral box jump, and other regular exercises.

However, this shoe may not be the shoe for people who are pro in the gym. They usually do heavy exercise like deadlifts, so they may not like these shoes. If you are a pro at the gym this is not the shoe for you.

You would want something heavy and tough. You may choose the shoe mentioned above if you are looking for something heavy and tough shoe.

They succeed in providing great stability and support. If you are a beginner and doing minimal exercise, you better choose lightweight shoes than heavy shoes.

Heavy shoes will not suit a beginner as they might feel heavy on the feet and may not be able to focus in training. 

Internet Reviews


Reviewers found Metcon 2 to fit perfectly and also provide stability while lifting weight.

Not for wide feet

Reiewer suggested to get one size up than the regular shoe for a perfect fit. 

Soft and Comfortable

Reviewer commented that Metcon 2 are soft and comfortable help you running and weighting.  

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