Bears CEO Kevin Warren Wife Greta Warren: Married Life & Kids

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The CEO and president of Chicago Bears, Kevin Warren, lives a stable and loving marital life with his wife, Greta.

Additionally, the couple is blessed with two children, establishing a tight-knit and strong family unit.

Chicago Bears CEO Kevin Warren
Chicago Bears CEO Kevin Warren (Source: The State News)

Kevin Warren is an American sports executive figure, serving as the president and CEO of the Chicago Bears.

Before this role, he served as the commissioner of the Big Ten Conference. Preceding this position, Warren held various high-ranking positions with the Minnesota Vikings, including Chief Operating Officer and vice president of legal affairs.

He is also an attorney, earning a Juris Doctor from the University of Notre Dame Law School in 1990.

Bears CEO Kevin Warren Wife

To begin with, Kevin is married to his wife, Greta. The couple exchanged wedding vows in 1992.

Spending over three decades of marital life, the couple share a strong bond of love and trust. 

The demanding nature of the NFL industry, with its rigorous schedules and high-pressure situations, requires individuals to have a stable and understanding personal life.

Subsequently, a loving partner can benefit their professional career by providing a supportive and balanced foundation.

Kevin And Greta Tied The Knot In 1992
Kevin And Greta Tied The Knot In 1992 (Source: X)

Kevin is blessed to have his wife, Greta, as a source of motivation and support in his sporting career and personal life.

In past interviews, Kevin has revealed how Greta is a crucial advisor in his life. He appreciates how she is always honest with him and does not try to sugarcoat anything.

“You never have to wonder what she is thinking. I’m very clear-headed, which is by far the best way to just be totally honest. And I need people to be brutally honest with me. These positions, they’re designed to have a lot of blind spots and you have to have people not only in the co-pilot seat, but throughout the plane who can tell you if something is going wrong.”

Undoubtedly, Kevin highly values the thinking and opinions of his wife. This adds another layer to the dynamic relationship the couple shares.

Additionally, the pair are also involved in philanthropic activities. They are the co-founders of the Warren Family Foundation, an organization to uplift student-leaders in the community.

Subsequently, the foundation donated $1 million to Lurie Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in 2024. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of caring for patients with pediatric cancer and blood disorders, their philanthropy emphasizes the importance of providing comprehensive support beyond medical treatments.

All in all, Kevin and Greta share a wonderful married life. They go hand in hand in everything they do and have achieved success in diverse fields.

They Are Parents To Two Children

The pair have formed a tight-knit family unit with their two children, daughter Peri and son Powers.

Kevin Warren Family
Kevin Warren Family (Source: Sports Business Journal)

Powers, currently playing as a tight end at Michigan State, transferred from Mississippi State after completing his degree. He also has a background in attending IMG Academy.

The family often appears together at high-profile events and ceremonies, posing on the red carpet. In summary, they have a close and joyful family bond.

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