12 Best Female Soccer Team in the World

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We all know how popular soccer is among females these days, but do we know what the best female soccer team looks like? 

Yes, in today’s article, we will be mentioning the top women’s soccer team in the world. However, we will be ranking these teams as per their nation of representation. 

Netherlands at the UEFA Women’s Championship

Although women’s soccer wasn’t as popular as their male counterparts, they are slowly gaining popularity nowadays; all thanks to these sportswomen who have shown their power (physically and mentally) and endless motivation.

So, make sure to look through the article because some of the teams mentioned here have quite a story. 

12 Best Female Soccer Team in the World

Our today’s ranking is based on the ranking done by FIFA based on points scored by each team. 

Rank Name of Players Points
12 Norway
11 Australia
10 Korea DPR 1940
9 Spain 1959.16
8 England 1974.29
7 Brazil 1976.86
6 Canada 2007.21
5 Netherlands 2021.99
4 France 2034.41
3 Germany 2070.26
2 Sweden  2079.13
1 USA 2109.09

12. Norway

Directed by the Football Association of Norway, the Norwegian Women’s national soccer team is among the best female soccer team in the World. 

Moreover, this team is a former Olympic, European, and World champion. This is the team that has tasted the heights of success. However, since the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Norway women’s soccer team hasn’t found much success. 

2019 Norwegian Women's National Soccer Team (Source: The Guardian)
2019 Norwegian Women’s National Soccer Team (Source: The Guardian)

But, despite this, the morale and team spirit of these beautiful and equally strong women hasn’t gone down a bit. Besides, they rank 12th on the world ranking. So, the numbers speak for themselves. This team is indeed a force to be reckoned with. 

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11. Australia

Managed by Football Australia, the Australian women’s national soccer team is a member of the AFC and the regional ASEAN Football Federation. Also known as “the Matildas,” the team is loved and respected by all. 

Especially the team is praised and considered the best female soccer team in the sport. Also, the Australian women’s team is a three-time OFC champion, one-time AFC champion, and one-time AFF champion.

Likewise, the team also became the first national team to win in two different leagues. Moreover, the team represents Australia in the FIFA Women’s World Cup and other similar big tournaments. 

Australian Women's National Soccer Team (Source: Box2Box)
Australian Women’s National Soccer Team (Source: Box2Box)

Furthermore, according to sources, Australia and New Zealand are said to co-host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

10. Korea DPR

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea women’s national football team represents North Korea in international women’s football. Besides, even though the country is known to be closed to the rest of the World, it’s quite open and dominant in women’s soccer. 

Plus, let’s not forget, the Korean DPR team was the winner of 2001, 2003, and 2008’s AFC Women’s Asian Cup.

North Korean National Football team Logo
North Korean National Football team Logo

However, the team’s ranking dropped from the December 2020 rankings due to inactivity since March 2019.

But, despite not having played a match in over two and a half years, the team has returned to the rankings after FIFA increased its inactivity interval from 18 months to 4 years. 

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9. Spain

We all know how dominating the Spanish Men’s soccer team is. But, did you know that the Women’s team is equally dominant? In other words, the Spanish Women’s soccer team is ranked 9th in the ranking for the best female soccer team in the World.

Having to represent Spain in the international women’s football competition since 1980, the Spain Women’s soccer team is regarded as among the best of the best. Likewise, this brilliant team is controlled by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. 

Similarly, the team holds one of the best records in the World. Winning two continental titles, the team also reached two worldwide finals.


Spainish Women's National Football Team Logo
Spanish Women’s National Football Team Logo

In addition, the Spanish side collected numerous awards from the 2020 UEFA. The awards collected were for best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward, and overall best player. It was the first time players from a nation won all the categories.

8. England

Managed by the Football Association (FA), the English Women’s National Soccer Team is one of the best female soccer teams in the World. 

Moreover, this talented team started playing international matches in 1972. Their first opponent was Scotland. 

English Women's National Soccer players (Source: The Washington Post)
English Women’s National Soccer players (Source: The Washington Post)

Most national football teams represent their sovereign state as a member of the United Kingdom’s Home Nations. However, England is permitted by FIFA to maintain its national side. Somehow, they are exempted from this rule. 

Also, let’s not forget that the English women’s national football team has been qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup multiple times. Out of which they have reached the quarterfinals three times.

7. Brazil

Considered to be among the best female soccer team in the World, the Brazilian women’s national soccer team represents Brazil in international women’s soccer. Besides, this team is managed by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Likewise, this talented team has participated in eight FIFA Women’s World Cups. Playing their first international game in 1986, the team soon found themselves competing against top teams in the FIFA World Cup series. 

The Brazalian football player, Marta V. Silva holding 2018 Copa America Trophy)
The Brazilian football player Marta V. Silva, holding the 2018 Copa America Trophy)

Moreover, the team’s 2007 World Cup second place to Germany was one of the most iconic matches of the year. 

In addition, the Brazilian team won the silver medal two times in the Olympic Games, one in 2004 and the other in 2008.

And, let’s not forget that Brazil is considered to be the most successful women’s national team in South America. 

6. Canada

Overseen by the Canadian Soccer Association, the Canadian women’s national soccer team is the 6th ranked female soccer team globally.

The team competes in international tournaments and the Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football.

Reaching the international reputation in the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the team lost against the US, becoming third in the tournament. Besides this, Canada made it to the quarterfinals in its first Olympic tournament. 

Canadian women's national soccer team (Source: Waking the Red)
Canadian women’s national soccer team (Source: Waking the Red)

Most significantly, Canada won its first gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Also, let’s not forget that the team is also a two-time CONCACAF Women’s Champion.

5. Netherland

When it comes to ranking the top soccer teams in the World, the ranking cannot be completed without Netherland. 

Controlled by the Royal Dutch Football Association, the Netherlands women’s national soccer team is one of the top members of UEFA and FIFA. 

To clarify, the Netherlands officially started playing international matches in 1971. Their first match was against France.

Similarly, the Netherlands team has played in many final tournaments. Out of these tournaments, they went on to win the 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship.

Netherlands women's national soccer team (Source: Sporting News)
Netherlands women’s national soccer team (Source: Sporting News)

In 2019, the team came close to securing their FIFA title. However, the team lost to the US in the final match. 

4. France

Representing France in international women’s soccer, the French women’s national soccer team competes in many international tournaments such as UEFA, Olympics, Algarve Cup, and FIFA. 

Besides, the French soccer team is ranked as the 4th best female soccer team in the World. 

French women's national soccer team (Source: Live Soccer TV)
French women’s national soccer team (Source: Live Soccer TV)

Although they struggled during their debut on the international stage, they slowly started gaining traction. Especially their play during the 1997 UEFA, where they reached the quarterfinals. Well, nobody saw this coming. 

In addition, the French women’s soccer team reached their first FIFA cup (2003) in the quarterfinals. Similarly, they scored fourth place in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Following this, they won the 2012 Cyprus Cup and also came fourth in the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament.

3. Germany

We all know Germany’s good in the Men’s FIFA World Cup, but did you know the Women’s team is equally dominant? 

The German women’s national soccer team, managed by the German Football Association, is one of the best teams in the women’s soccer league. 

DFB Women
DFB Women

To clarify, they have won two World Championship tournaments, in both men’s and women’s categories. Plus, Germany is the only country that has won in both men’s and women’s tournaments. 

Let’s not forget, Germany has won eight UEFA European Championships, where six titles were won consecutively. 

In addition, they also claimed the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. 

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2. Sweden 

The Swedish Football Association manages the Swedish women’s national football team and is ranked 2nd in the global ranking for the best female soccer team. 

As popular the men’s counterpart is, the female team also found themselves wrapped in popularity since they secured a second position in the 2003 World Cup. 

In addition, Sweden won bronze medals in the World Cup three times. 

Sweden national football team badge
Sweden national football team badge

Talking about the team, Lotta Schelinis, with a total of 85 goals to her name, is the top goalscorer in the history of Sweden. 

1. USA

The United States women’s national soccer team is undoubtedly the best female soccer team in the World. Ranked number one with 2109.09 points, the team is also the most successful team in the American continent. 

Talking about their victories, the team is a four-time Women’s World Cup champion, four-time Olympic gold medalist, and eight-time CONCACAF Gold Cup champions.

Not to mention, they won every World Cup and Olympic tournament in women’s soccer from 1991 to 2015. 

United States women's national soccer team (Source: Fortune)
United States women’s national soccer team (Source: Fortune)

Since the establishment of FIFA ranking, team USA has been ranked number one for 13 years. The only team to be ranked number one for that long. Besides, they have never been ranked below second.  

Speaking of which, the USWNT was selected as the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Team of the Year in 1997 and 1999.


Although women’s soccer doesn’t get as much attention as men’s soccer, we can’t deny that it’s not interesting. Besides, these talented women soccer players are beautiful and skilled and fearsome in their sport.

Especially soccer was widely considered a sport for men, but these brave and talented women proved it wrong by not just playing it but also mastering it.  

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