Bev Priestman Wife Emma Humphries: Married Life And Kids

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Bev Priestman and her wife, Emma Humphries, have a shared passion for soccer. They both motivate and support each other to reach their full potential.

Both hailing from different countries, Bev from Britain and Emma from New Zealand, they are deeply immersed in the soccer world.

Presently, the couple resides in Canada, along with their charming son, Jack.

England-born Bev is a soccer coach, while Emma, who used to be a player during her younger days, is also actively involved in coaching.

Bev Priestman During A Training Session
Bev Priestman During A Training Session (Source: Instagram)

Bev Priestman, an English woman, currently holds the position of head coach for the Canada national team.

Her coaching experience also includes leading Canada’s U-17 and U-20 teams, as well as working as an assistant for the England national team (Women’s).

Moreover, she served under the guidance of former Manchester United and Everton player Phil Neville.

In October 2020, Priestman was appointed as the head coach of the Canada women’s national soccer team.

Furthermore, she achieved a significant milestone by winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics on August 6, 2021.

Who Is Bev Priestman Wife? 

Bev, the coach of the Canadian women’s team, is married to Emma Humphries.

She is a former soccer player who represented the New Zealand team as a midfielder, earning 12 appearances.

Emma’s soccer journey began during her college days when she played for Cal State Fullerton and later for Coastal Carolina.

She also had the honor of representing the national team in the 2006 Women’s Under 20 World Cup.

Emma Humphries With Her Son Jack
Emma Humphries With Her Son Jack (Source: Instagram)

Her senior debut came in a match against China on 16th November 2006, where her team suffered a 0-4 loss.

In 2007, Emma participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals in China with the New Zealand team.

Unfortunately, their campaign was disheartening as they lost all three games without scoring a single goal.

Currently, Emma serves as the head coach of the U-17 national team since September 2021.

How Did The Couple Meet? 

The couple first crossed paths due to their shared passion for soccer.

During Emma Humphries’ tenure as the technical director for Football New Zealand from 2009 to 2013, she crossed paths with Bev Priestman, who was serving as the soccer manager for the national team.

Their common love for the sport ignited a spark between them, leading to a romantic relationship.

Working in soccer often requires people to move around the world. Fortunately, destiny played its part, and they were brought together again in Canada.

Emma secured a position with the Vancouver Whitecaps, coinciding with her partner, who was already working as an assistant for the Canada women’s team. 

Bev Priestman And Emma Humphries During Their Wedding Ceremony
Bev Priestman And Emma Humphries During Their Wedding Ceremony (Source: Instagram)

This reunion not only allowed them to be in closer proximity to each other but also enabled them to pursue their professional ambitions together.

Their shared dedication to soccer and to each other has strengthened their bond. Reportedly, they married in September 2016

Priestman will strive to lead the Canada team to victory in the FIFA World Cup 2023.

We are confident that Humphries will be by her partner’s side, offering unwavering support throughout the journey.

The Couple Together Have A Son 

Bev and Emma are parents to a son named Jack Priestman, who was born in 2018. In December, when Jack was three and a half years old, he was diagnosed with autism.

Despite their busy lives, both parents have managed to create a nurturing and supportive environment for Jack’s growth and development.

As parents of a child with autism, Bev and Emma have taken on the role of advocates. They work tirelessly to raise awareness about autism and provide support to other parents facing similar situations.

Bev Priestman’s involvement as an ambassador for Autism Canada is a reflection of her dedication. 

She uses the platform to promote awareness and highlight the available support systems.

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