Bjorn Fratangelo Parents And Net Worth: Madison Keys Husband

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Bjorn Fratangelo was always set to be a tennis player, as his parents named him after the former Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg.

Coached by his father, Mario Fratangelo, he started playing tennis at the tender age of three.

He initially attended St. John the Baptist School in Plum, Pennsylvania, but later relocated to Naples, Florida, with his family. 

They moved to Florida so that he could get access to intense training and a broader range of competitions. 

Bjorn Fratangelo Claims His Fourth ATP Challenger In Cleveleand On November 2021
Bjorn Fratangelo Claims His Fourth ATP Challenger Tour Title In Cleveland On November 2021 (Source: Instagram)

He gained worldwide recognition after beating Dominic Thiem for the boy’s singles title at the 2011 French Open

This victory catapulted him to a career peak, securing the No. 2 spot in the junior rankings.

His first Grand Slam win came in 2016/17 after he secured victory in the 2016 French Open Wild Card Challenge, followed by a victory at Savannah Challenger. 

He then debuted alongside his now-fiancee, Madison Keys, in the 2021 US Open mixed doubles.

Likewise, he teamed up with Christopher Eubanks as wildcards in the Grand Slam men’s double. 

They reached the second round, marking Fratangelo’s first Grand Slam doubles victory. 

Bjorn Fratangelo Parents

Fratangelo was born on July 19, 1993, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now resides in Orlando, Florida. 

He is the son of Mario Fratangelo and Pamela Fratangelo. 

He was named after the famous Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg, suggesting his parents were tennis enthusiasts.

From the beginning, he received coaching from his father, who has supported him throughout his journey on and off the court. 

Bjorn Fratangelo Parents Spend Quality Time On Christmas In December 2022
Bjorn Fratangelo Parents Spend Quality Time On Christmas In December 2022 (Source: Instagram)

He had a dream start to his career, winning the French Open boy’s title in 2011, but for a few years, he struggled professionally, plus with a leg injury in 2018. 

At such a challenging time, his family stood by his side and helped him return to the court with a bang, winning his third ATP Challenger Tour.

Talking to the ATP Tour at that time, he shared,

“This is probably the most emotional victory I’ve had in my career. I don’t get excited about a lot of things, but this one is pretty bittersweet with how my year has gone and how I’ve been able to turn it around. If a few months ago someone told me I’d be holding a $100k Challenger title, I would have laughed. But here I am and I’m pretty proud of myself.”

He further added that his family and fiancee, Keys, played a pivotal role in helping him overcome his “slump.”

They provided unwavering support during his challenging period when he was struggling to reignite his passion for the sport.

How Much Is Bjorn Fratangelo’s Net Worth?

Fratangelo is expected to have accumulated a net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

Credit goes to his tennis career, which has helped him earn considerable money.

He has come a long way since starting his professional career in 2009, mostly playing in the ITF Pro Circuit. 

Bjorn Fratangelo Claims His Fourth ATP Challenger In Cleveleand On November 2021
Bjorn Fratangelo Looked All Set On Neptune T-Shirt, Yonex Shoes, And Dunlop Racquet In March 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Throughout his tennis journey, he has grabbed total prize money of $1,614,944, combining his singles and doubles.  

Neptune Athletics sponsors his clothing, while Yonex USA sponsors his shoes.

Similarly, his racquet is sponsored by Dunlop Tennis, and Tourna Tennis sponsors his racquet grip. 

Is Bjorn Fratangelo Married? 

Fratangelo is engaged to American tennis player Madison Keys.

The couple first crossed paths while training at a Boca Raton, Florida, facility. Interestingly, they were part of a close-knit group of friends. 

Subsequently, they relocated to Orlando one after the other and resided in the same apartment complex.

With that, they started to hang out a lot more and eventually ended up in a relationship. 

Some days before Christmas, she announced their relationship via Instagram in 2017 and captioned, “Santa delivered this year.” Ugh — how cute!”

After six years of dating, the couple ventured on a new journey as Fratangelo popped the question to Keys in March 2023.

They shared a collaborative Instagram post showcasing Key’s engagement ring, accompanied by the caption, “Forever.”

Fratangelo Annouces His Engagement With Madison Keys On March 2023
Bjorn Fratangelo Announces His Engagement With Madison Keys On March 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Shedding light on the memorable day, Keys opened up the proposal.

“He actually did it at home. The day that I got back from Dubai so I was not expecting it at all. I was sitting on the couch and he was like, ‘Hey I have your birthday present.’ He handed me something and then got down on one knee. Just sitting on the couch so now we have to keep the couch forever.”

However, a wedding doesn’t seem to be around the corner for now, as both players don’t have much personal time. 

 Keys said, “As tennis players, we don’t have a lot of time and weekends that could potentially work. So we’re trying to nail down one very specific day and hope things work out.”

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