Bob Stoops Wife Carol Stoops: Arlington Renegades Head Coach Married Life And Kids

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Bob Stoops wife, Carol Stoops, has been by his side ever since their college days. 

Bob Stoops, originally Robert Anthony Stoops, was born September 9, 1960, and is currently the head coach for the Arlington Renegades of the XFL.

Stoops is one of six children born to Ron Sr. and Evelyn “Dee Dee” Stoops in Youngstown, Ohio.

He graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School in 1978, where his father was the long-time defensive coordinator of the football team.

Bob Stoops
Bob Stoops (Source: Wikipedia)

At Mooney High School, Ron Sr. coached Bob and his three brothers (Ron Jr., Mike, and Mark).

In 1988, his father began feeling chest issues during a game against the squad his brother Ron Jr coached.

Following the game, he was taken in an ambulance and sadly lost his life on the way to the hospital.

Stoops, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, began his coaching career as an assistant under Hayden Fry at Iowa.

Bob Stoops Married Life With Wife Carol Stoops 

The football coach is married to the beautiful Carol Stoops, who remains a strong support pillar.

She was born on May 23, 1964, in Cresco, Iowa. She completed her major in elementary education at the University of Iowa.

Carol met Bob near the conclusion of her freshman year there. She recalls telling her mother about him and even expressing that she could see herself marrying him one day.

After five years of dating, she married Stoops in her hometown in July 1988. 

Talking about her professional life, Carol was named an independent national director of Mary Kay Inc., a cosmetics company. 

Bob Stoops Wife Carol Stoops
Bob Stoops’s Wife, Carol Stoops (Source: TheOaklahoman)

Her career began as a math teacher, but she began working for Mary Kay in 1991. It was initially part-time, and a friend convinced her to take the job.

Later she became an independent sales director two years later. However, she retired from her Mary Kay position in 2015.


Bob and Carol are blessed with three beautiful children. The oldest one is their daughter, and the two are twin boys. 

Mackenzie Stoops, the eldest daughter of Stoops, went to the University of Oklahoma.

Isaac Stoops, Bob’s one of the twins, has made a name for himself in the world of high school and college football.

He began his coaching career as a wide receivers coach at Moore High School in Oklahoma, where he honed his skills and helped guide his team to success.

Drake Stoops is a number twelve (#12) wide receiver for the Oklahoma Sooners. He is currently in his senior year. 

Bob Stoops, Wife Carol, and Sons Drake and Isaac and Daughter Mackenzie
Bob Stoops, Wife Carol, Sons Drake and Isaac, and Daughter Mackenzie (Source: AllSooners)

The couple have always loved their children very much.

When the twin boys got ready to move into their OU dorms, it was Carol who made the dorm checklist, bought the towels, and double-checked the move-in schedule.

During his daughter’s early years, Bob Stoops made it a priority to be an involved and attentive father.

Despite his demanding schedule as a football coach, he made time to take his daughter to kindergarten every morning when he wasn’t on the road recruiting.

Similarly, he would occasionally call from work and ask his family to keep the kids up past their bedtime so that he could spend time with them when he got home.

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