Boxer Malachi Ross Obituary And Death: Did He Really Pass Away?

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Malachi Ross Obituary: In the frantic world of internet rumors, the latest strange one circulating is about the death of young American boxer Malachi Ross.

The boxing sensation Malachi Ross was recently crowned the US Youth Boxing Champion in the 156 pounds category.

However, baseless conjectures that he might be dead have been going around social media.

Young American Boxer Malachi Ross
Young American Boxer Malachi Ross (Source: Facebook)

Malachi Ross is a young American boxer ranked #1 in American youth boxing levels at the 156-pound weight class.

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, he started boxing early.

He has had notable achievements at the youth boxing level, winning countless national championships.

Owing to this early success, many tipped him to be the future of American boxing.

Malachi Ross Obituary: Did He Pass Away?

Although there are several obituaries posted about Malachi stating that he is dead, we can report these are baseless rumors.

Concerned fans anxiously questioned the authenticity of the news regarding his passing, uncertain whether it held any truth.

As speculation continued circulating online, many awaited an official statement or confirmation to clarify the situation.

Moreover, they even commented on his recent social media posts asking if he was still alive.

However, on a positive spin, he is still active on social media and is posting pictures on Instagram.

In his latest post, he shared a picture of him being ranked #1 in the youth national championships.

On top of that, his relatives and close ones have not come out and said anything regarding the news.

This most likely means the boxer is still alive and well. It will be interesting to see if he addresses the rumors and confirms they are fake.

Subsequently, this would provide relief and reassurance to fans worried about his health.

Malachi Ross Is The US Youth Boxing Sensation
Malachi Ross Is The US Youth Boxing Sensation (Source: Facebook)

Social media platforms can serve as breeding grounds for the rapid spread of misinformation, as false claims and rumors can go viral. 

Moreover, people often share unverified information without checking its accuracy, making it easy for fake rumors to gain momentum.

This is also the same case that has happened with this matter. The best thing to do is to wait for news from people associated with the boxer himself.

Overall, due to a lack of confirmation from official sources and his recent activity on social media, we can guess that Malachi is still alive.

The Future Of US Boxing

After achieving so much success in his youth career, Malachi carries the hopes of US boxing in the future.

He is a multiple-time national champion currently ranked #1 in USA Boxing’s junior 156 pounds division.

Subsequently, this has led to great buzz about the boxer among sports fans. Moreover, Malachi seems to have embraced this love and continues to work hard.

Malachi Has Achieved Great Success At The Youth Level
Malachi Has Achieved Great Success At The Youth Level (Source: Facebook)

He channels the support from fans into a driving force for his ongoing hard work and commitment to the boxing world.

After his recent national championship success, he posted on Facebook to celebrate the special moment.


The quote shows his motivation to succeed and acceptance of being the heir apparent to the US boxing throne.

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