Boxer Tony Bellew Brother Liam: More On His Sister And Parents

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Tony Bellew has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for his brother, Liam, from the early days.

Liam faced significant challenges due to his sexuality, enduring hardships from school to adulthood.

Throughout this challenging journey, Tony stood steadfastly by his brother’s side, courageously battling against the adversities the world threw their way.

Tony Bellew Is A Three-Time ABA Heavyweight Champion As An Amateur
Tony Bellew Is A Three-Time ABA Heavyweight Champion As An Amateur (Source: Instagram)

Tony Bellew, a former English professional boxer, made his mark in the sport from 2007 to 2018.

Post-retirement, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of boxing analysis and commentary.

His illustrious career includes a notable stint as the WBC cruiserweight champion, a title he held with distinction from 2016 to 2017.

Tony demonstrated his prowess at the regional level by clinching the British and Commonwealth light-heavyweight titles from 2010 to 2014.

Notably, he also secured the European cruiserweight title from 2015 to 2016.

Tony Bellew’s Stand For Brother Liam

Even before Liam openly addressed his identity, the family understood his orientation, which was evident in his demeanor.

From an early age, Tony Bellew’s little brother Liam faced challenges due to his sexual orientation.

In his junior years, Liam’s school life seemed relatively unproblematic, with friends picking him up.

However, the situation took a troubling turn as he progressed to his senior years.

Liam became a target for threats and physical abuse from some boys, leaving him feeling helpless.

Tony, the elder brother, became Liam’s protector in these difficult times.

His support became crucial in navigating the challenges that arose due to his brother’s identity.

Despite adversity, Tony remained steadfast in his commitment to stand by Liam’s side.

A poignant moment occurred in 2020 when Tony proudly congratulated Liam on his marriage to his partner, Steve, through a heartfelt tweet.

Tony Bellew Wishes Brother Liam On His Wedding In September 2020
Tony Bellew Wishes Brother Liam On His Wedding In September 2020 (Source: Twitter)

However, this gesture drew a disturbing backlash from online trolls.

Tony, undeterred, addressed the hate and threats he received, revealing the shocking extent of prejudice based on factors like color and sexuality.

I put on a picture of my brother when he got married to his husband and the hate and things I received. Wishing death upon him because of his colour, because of his sexuality, it was just insane.

In the face of such online abuse, Tony expressed his disbelief at the extreme reactions, highlighting the intensity of hate directed toward his brother.

Despite the trolls’ attempts to provoke him, Tony asserted that none had accepted his challenge to confront him face-to-face, exposing the cowardice behind the online hostility.

Family Struggles: Parents & Sister

Tony Bellew grew up in a family of six, raised by his parents alongside four siblings.

While Tony and his little brother Liam have been more publicly known, scant information about the other two siblings is available, leaving their gender undisclosed (whether brother or sister).

In the family narrative, Tony’s father played a significant role, but the dynamics took a challenging turn when he departed from the family when Tony was just 10 years old.

This challenging decision was influenced by financial constraints that strained the family’s stability.

It was revealed that Tony’s father was involved with another woman despite being married and having four children.

Tony Bellew Has Been Married To His Wife Rachael Bellew For Five Years
Tony Bellew Has Been Married To His Wife, Rachael Bellew, For Five Years (Source: Instagram)

The family’s struggle took an emotional toll on Tony, his siblings, and especially their mother, who faced the hardship of raising four kids alone.

The financial strain, coupled with the emotional distress caused by their father’s actions, made their upbringing particularly challenging.

Witnessing their mother’s nightly tears added an extra layer of devastation to their already difficult circumstances.

Despite the hardships, Tony vividly remembers his father as a remarkable man.

In his recollections, his father emerges as someone who consistently offered encouragement and unwavering belief in Tony’s potential.

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