Brad Bohannon Wife Kim Traylor: Betting Scandal Of Ex Alabama Coach

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Brad Bohannon and his wife Kim Taylor have celebrated over 13 years of marriage.

Kim, a steadfast supporter in her husband’s life, remained by his side when he faced negative press due to alleged involvement in suspicious gambling activities.

During the scandal, public interest heightened, with a particular curiosity surrounding his personal life and relationship with his wife.

Brad Bohannon, Former American College Baseball Coach
Brad Bohannon, Former American College Baseball Coach (Source: SoundCloud)

Bohannon, born on May 13, 1975, in Rome, Georgia, U.S., is a former American college baseball coach mostly known for his time with Alabama Crimson Tide baseball.

He began his collegiate baseball journey at Vanderbilt University in 1994.

Fast forward to 2017, the University of Alabama appointed Brad as the head baseball coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

However, on May 4, 2023, allegations of suspicious wagering activity led to his firing, taking an unexpected turn in his promising coaching career.

The Journey of Brad Bohannon and Wife Kim Traylor

Brad Bohannon and Kim Traylor embarked on their marital journey in 2010.

Their story, marked by resilience and enduring love, has been devoid of children.

The former Alabama baseball coach and his wife, Kim, faced the heartbreak of a hindered adoption attempt, which added a layer of complexity to their journey toward parenthood.

Kim’s struggle with chronic migraines posed a significant hurdle, making conventional pregnancy nearly impossible due to necessary medications.

Undeterred by these challenges, the couple explored adoption as an alternative path to building their family.

With anticipation and excitement, they prepared for the arrival of their adopted child, investing time and effort into creating a nurturing nursery and navigating the adoption process.

Brad Bohannon With His Wife
Brad Bohannon With His Wife (Source: TideSports)

However, just before the eagerly awaited due date, the birth mother had a change of heart, leaving Brad and Kim emotionally shattered.

Despite this setback, the couple’s commitment to each other remained unshaken, demonstrating a profound strength in adversity.

Their journey is a testament to the power of love and support in overcoming life’s trials.

Even amidst recent challenges and scandals, Kim has steadfastly stood by Brad’s side, reinforcing the resilience of their bond.

Betting Scandal Of Ex-Alabama Coach

The NCAA’s February 2, 2024 announcement revealed that Brad Bohannon intentionally shared confidential information with a gambler who bet against the Crimson Tide in a spring SEC game.

The scandal, which emerged in 2023, resulted in Bohannon’s termination in May of the same year, accompanied by substantial penalties from the NCAA for violations of wagering and ethical conduct rules.

Bohannon received a severe 15-year show-cause order, severely limiting his ability to work at the college level.

The investigation uncovered instances where Bohannon shared insider information with a bettor named Bert Eugene Neff, disclosing crucial details such as lineup information and player absences before games.

The use of encrypted messaging further heightened the seriousness of the ethical breaches.

Brad Bohannon, Former Alabama Baseball Coach Was Fired After Link To Suspicious Bets
Brad Bohannon, Former Alabama Baseball Coach, Was Fired After Link To Suspicious Bets (Source: UPI)

The bettor attempted a $100,000 wager, but the sportsbook, detecting suspicious activity, limited the bet to $15,000 before eventually ceasing to accept further bets.

The NCAA’s sanctions included three years of probation, a $5,000 fine, and restrictions on Bohannon’s future employment in athletically related positions during the 15-year show-cause period.

To address the fallout from the scandal, the University of Alabama pledged to implement a gambling harm education program.

Additionally, they appointed Rob Vaughn as the new head coach, replacing Bohannon in the wake of the controversy.

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