Brad Nessler Health And Illness Update 2023: What Is His Medical Condition?

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Brad Nessler, a name synonymous with sports broadcasting, has occasionally become the topic of discussion due to his health and medical condition.

Nessler and his partner Gary Danielson recently made headlines for their emotional signoff on the final ‘SEC on CBS broadcast.

Brad Nessler Was Inducted To Minnesota State University Hall Of Fame In 2011
Brad Nessler Was Inducted To Minnesota State University Hall Of Fame In 2011 (Source: Times Union)

Brad Nessler, born on June 3, 1956, is one of the leading play-by-play commentators in sports broadcasting.

Nessler is known for his dynamic commentary in college football and basketball games for CBS Sports.

Similarly, he has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide with his enigmatic personality and unparalleled expertise.

Firstly, Nessler began his professional career as a sports anchor and talk show host for WGST-Radio in Atlanta in 1980.

He later joined CBS Sports in 1990, calling NFL games, college football, and college basketball.

Likewise, he has had a long-standing association with ESPN, where he has covered multiple sports.

Moreover, his distinct voice was incorporated into popular EA Sports video games such as Madden NFL and NCAA March Madness.

His journey in the industry has been marked by versatility, having lent his talents to major sports networks.

What Is His Medical Condition?

Nessler has faced numerous challenges and rumors, one of the most persistent being his health.

Given his age and the nature of his demanding profession, fans have occasionally expressed concerns about his well-being.

The speculation about Brad Nessler’s health once gained traction during the 2018 SEC Championship Game.

Brad Nessler First Joined CBS In 1990
Brad Nessler First Joined CBS In 1990 (Source: X)

The 2018 SEC Championship Game, held on December 1, 2018, featured a match-up between Georgia and Alabama.

CBS, in its eighteenth consecutive year, televised the game, with Brad Nessler and his longtime “SEC on CBS” partner Gary Danielson in charge of the broadcast.

Brad Nessler Health Update 2023

A particular moment during his recent broadcast, viewers noticed something unusual when Nessler’s hands were observed shaking abnormally.

With that, concerns about his health surfaced on social media platforms.

One viewer took to X to ask,

“Does Brad Nessler have a medical condition that forced his hands to shake so much, or was he just nervous during the intros of the SEC title game?”

Speculations even extended to the possibility of Parkinson’s disease.

Another viewer on the Syracuse Forum inquired,

“Is he developing Parkinson’s? He seems to have a pretty visible hand tremor and some of the facial mannerisms.”

Brad Nessler And Gary Danielson In The Last Broadcast Of SEC on CBS
Brad Nessler And Gary Danielson In The Last Broadcast Of SEC on CBS (Source: NY Times)

Despite the buzz surrounding his health, neither Brad Nessler nor any news outlet confirmed these rumors.

The nature of any potential illness remains unknown, as the sportscaster or reputable sources have made no official statements.

In the meantime, Nessler has continued to work tirelessly in the years following the rumors in 2018.

He has maintained a busy schedule and appeared fit and healthy in his recent broadcasts on television.

So, we can assume that there is no imminent threat to Brad Nessler’s health condition for now.

Brad Nessler Bids Farewell To “SEC on CBS” 

The legendary CBS Sports commentating duo, Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson, covered the last SEC game on the network on Saturday.

An emotional Nessler closed the show by saying,

“We want to thank you, the fans and the viewers and everybody who’s been with us every Saturday at 3:30 for the ‘SEC on CBS.”

Reports have that ESPN is taking over the SEC broadcasting rights starting with the 2024 season.

It has marked the “end of an era” as CBS had been showing SEC games consecutively since 1996. 

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