Brahim Diaz Religion: Is He Muslim Or Christian? Parents & Wife

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The Real Madrid soccer star Brahim Diaz religion has remained a mystery among his fans. However, many believe he practices Islam because of his dad’s connection to Morocco.

The soccer player’s name is another major hint towards his religion, and his four younger sisters also have Arabic names. Some of Diaz’s fans have stated that his father, Sufiel, comes from Rifi roots and is not Arab. 

Brahim Diaz Hits His Signature Pose After Scoring Against Arandina On January 7, 2024
Brahim Diaz Hits His Signature Pose After Scoring Against Arandina On January 7, 2024 (Source: Instagram)

Born and raised in Malaga, Brahim had rejected Morocco’s offer to play in the 2018 World Cup. He made his international debut for Spain in 2021, but last year, he switched allegiances and elected to play for Morocco. 

After moving from City to Real Madrid in 2019, the 24-year-old returned last year to Madrid after three years on loan at AC Milan. The attacking midfielder scored a stunning goal against Leipzig and has been a tremendous replacement for the injured Jude Bellingham.

Brahim Diaz Religion: Is He Muslim Or Christian?

The Real Madrid midfielder Brahim Diaz has never stated the religion he practices. On Instagram, the soccer player has never shared any posts that could hint towards his faith. 

Occasionally, soccer players drop hints about the religion they practice through their posts’ captions, but most of Diaz’s captions have neutral statements. The talented soccer player has never shared any photos celebrating either Christmas or Eid. 

The soccer player comes from a family of mixed cultural backgrounds. His father, Sufiel Abdelkader, hails from Melilla, a Spanish city in North Africa. 

Melilla is one of those cities influenced by Moroccan culture, with a majority siding with the Muslim population. In 2021, it was reported that Christianity is the second most practiced religion after Islam in Melilla. 

Diaz Kisses The Madrid Badge After Returning From Three Years Loan At AC Milan
Diaz Kisses The Madrid Badge After Returning From Three Years Loan At AC Milan (Source: Instagram)

Diaz’s mother, Patricia Diaz, comes from Malaga, a Spanish city with most of the population professing Roman Catholicism. So, from a young age, Diaz was exposed to different cultures and probably different religious practices in his household. 

But the soccer player’s name, “Brahim,” has Arabic roots. It is a short name for Ibrahim, the Arabic name for Abraham. And many might know that Abraham is the prophet considered the father of three faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

So, with the soccer player not confirming his religious practices, one can only speculate that he is more influenced by his father’s Arabic roots, given that his name stems from it. 

Brahim Diaz Family

The soccer star is the only son of his parents, Sufiel Abdelkader and Patricia Abdelkader Diaz. He has four younger sisters, Zaira, Idaira, Dunia, and Irina.

In 2019, Brahim split from his agent, Pere Guardiola, and hired his father, Sufiel, as his agent. After starting to work as a soccer agent in 2019, Sufiel became the Director of Sports&Life Group a year later. 

His parents were previously featured in the video published by Real Madrid’s YouTube Channel. The video titled “The Brahim Story: Fulfilling his Real Madrid dream!” shows his parents, relatives, and coaches talking about Diaz’s talent from a young age.

In the video, Sufiel can be seen saying that in their family, they have always breathed soccer. After seeing Diaz’s talent on the pitch, Malaga FC came calling for him.

Brahim Diaz Pictured With His Parents And Four Younger Siblings
Brahim Diaz Pictured With His Parents And Four Younger Siblings (Source: Instagram)

At first, Sufiel was hesitant to let his son join the soccer world, but he and Patricia later agreed to let Brahim join the Spanish Club. In the video, Sufiel and Patricia’s pride is clearly reflected when Brahim is introduced as a Real Madrid player. 

Brahim’s father, Sufiel, was only 17 when he and Patricia had their first child. Sufiel is a former soccer player for Mortadelo, one of the historic youth teams in Malaga. He had come to Mortadeolo from Melilla when he was three. 

Sufiel’s agency, Sports&Life Group, currently has 36 players. Alongside Brahim, Leeds United’s left-back Junior Firpo is also part of the agency, and so is the soccer legend Andres Iniesta. 

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