Brazil beats Peru to advance to Copa America final

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Many Brazil players did not want to participate in the Copa America after the Selecao advanced to the finals with a 1-0 win over Peru on Monday. Instead, some players said they hoped to see their rivals on Saturday at Maracana Stadium.

“I want to see Argentina in the final,” Neymar said after the match at Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. “And I am also cheering for them in the next game because I have many friends there to play. But, in the final, Brazil will win.” Argentina and Colombia will play in the semi-finals on Tuesday.

Neymar made a difference on the sidelines of the Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, the game’s only goal came in the 34th minute. After he deflected defender Alexander Callens on the left edge of the box. And assisted Lucas Paquetá, who simply pushed the ball into the net.

Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese was one of the key players in the game despite his side being eliminated. He made two tough saves from a short-range in the 18th minute. One by Neymar and the other by Richarlison, which would have allowed Brazil to move quickly to success.

Brazil gave the impression that they could score if they wanted to face Peru. The Selecao team that had beaten them 4-0 in the tournament’s group stage.

Brazil gave the impression that they could score if they wanted to face Peru (Source: AP News)
Brazil gave the impression that they could score if they wanted to face Peru (Source: AP News)

But the second half was very different with Gianluca Lapadula forcing Ederson to save the key goal in the 49th minute after the first half. Brazilian still have opportunities, but it continued to waste counter-attacks.

Brazil is looking for its 10th title.

Brazil is looking for its 10th title in the South American tournament in its ninth final in the last 14 editions of the tournament. The game moved to Brazil after Argentina and Colombia withdrew from co-hosting due to COVID-19 problems.

“Today we sat back, everyone helped us, that’s what we need to win titles,” said midfielder Casemiro. Before the tournament, he was one of the players who had started criticizing the organization for sending the Copa America to Brazil.

In addition, Brazil has alarming figures for COVID-19. And a crisis on its football federation that led to the suspension of President Rogerio Caboclo after a case of sexual harassment. Caboclo denies wrongdoing.

Two years ago, Brazil won the title without injuries to Neymar’s side as they beat Peru 3-1. Next Saturday’s Copa America final match, which will be played in front of no fans due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Such game will be a big challenge for players too.

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