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Bre Ladd is a former American Volleyball Player, widely known as the wife of an NBA star-turned-coach Luke Walton. She was an exceptional middle hitter and had a magnificent professional career.

As of 2024, Bre is a mother of two sons and works as a divorce coach, as she likes to keep her life private, therefore, she is not on any social media platforms. 

Bre Ladd
Bre Ladd Picture From Her Year Book (Source: BiographyMask)

The Arizonian is the epitome of a woman’s virtue, having stuck by her partner’s side through thick and thin.

In like manner, the article covers Ladd’s early life, education, career, net worth, and personal life.

Firstly, look at some quick facts before moving on to the article. 

Bre Ladd | Quick Facts

Full Name Breienne Filene ‘Bre’ Ladd
Date of Birth 19 April 1984
Birth Place Tucson, Arizona, United States
Nick Name Bre
Religion Christianity 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac Sign  Aries 
Age 40 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch /1.85 meters/ 185cm
Weight 67 kg /147 lbs
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Blue 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Bob Ladd
Mother’s Name Tammie Ladd
Siblings Josh Ladd
Education Canyon Del Oro High School/University of Arizona
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Luke Walton (Married Since 2013)
Kids Two sons
Marriage Location Aspen, Colorado, United States
Profession  Former Volleyball Player
Debut  2000
Net Worth $3 Million 
Social Media  None
Last Update  July, 2024

Bre Ladd | Early Life &  Education

Bre Ladd was born in Tucson, Arizona, United States, on April 19, 1984, to Bob Ladd and Tammie Ladd. She has a sibling name Josh Ladd.

She went to Canyon Del Oro High in Arizona, where she was into basketball, soccer, and softball.

Bre Ladd and Luke Walton
Bre Ladd And Luke Walton Photographed Together (Source:

She completed a bachelor’s degree in Community and Public Health in her college years, which she completed in 2003. Later, she joined Nursing.

At an early age, she did not like Volleyball, but later she played for fun and enjoyed it. Later, she chose volleyball as a profession.

Bre Ladd | Age, Weight, And Height 

Ladd was born on April 19, 1984; therefore, she is now 40 years old.

Bre weighs a proper 157 lb, as she is an athlete hence, has an athletic body. Even after retiring from volleyball, she maintained her physical appearance.

As an athletic player, she is tall towering 1.85 m. Moreover, her pretty nature is complemented by her blonde and mesmerizing blue eyes.


Earlier, Bre Ladd liked playing basketball and softball but was not into volleyball. One day she played it for fun and found it very interesting, hence she continued playing, turning it into a career.

She even captained her school team during high school for two years (2000 and 2001). She led stats of 146 career blocks, 146 career aces, 971 career kills, and outstanding individual playing awards.

Bre Ladd
Bre Ladd Celebrating Win (Source: BiographyMask)

She was rewarded Gatorade National High School Volleyball Player of the Year 2001, the Tucson Citizen Award, and the Arizona 5MVP in 2001, which was unique as coaches voted it.

Bre Ladd | College Volleyball

“Bre was just a sponge,” said CDO State Championship coach Melva Lundy, “She learned very quickly.” I put her on the varsity by the end of that freshman year. Still, “She barely has tapped her potential.”

She has also ranked the top volleyball player recruit and was highlighted in the top 50 Fab Volleyball Magazine 2002.

The Tucson native’s volleyball adventure would lead her to be a middle hitter for the Arizona Wildcats at the University of Arizona from 2002 to 2004. Further, Bre scored an opportunity to play for Tucson Cactus. 

She also broke records as a freshman for most blocks averaging 1.09 holding the highest with 124 blocks. Her position was always included in all the PAC10 selections from her freshman to her last days. 

Salary & Income

In particular, there are no sources close to estimating her net worth, but a large mass assumes that in the last few years, Bre accrued a total of $3 million in net worth through her sporting roles at the collegiate level.

She also worked as a certified Divorce Coach, who helps people in the divorce process in California. As a wife, she shares a huge net worth with her husband Luke Walton.

Due to the lack of sound sources, it is simply impossible to corroborate the details of her salary and other wages.

Nonetheless, Ladd’s husband, a head coach at Sacramento Kings, has a massive estimated net worth of $30 million.

Moreover, in 2016, a deal with L.A. Lakers saw him pocket a hefty $25 million package. Recently, his annual earnings topped the $5 million mark.

The flow of money isn’t going to be cut short soon, as the Californian is now an official head coach for the Kings.

On the other hand, as a player, Walton had extraordinary income as he walked away with $30 million in 2007 after confirming a 6-year deal.

Similarly, several websites Luke’s annual wages to come around the $6.1 million mark in 2012.

Again, with money comes a taste for extravagance. Hence, the Sacramento head coach isn’t shy to show off his spectacular wealth by purchasing a mansion for $2.75 million after selling another residence valued at $1.23 million in 2008.

Luke Walton Mansion
Luke Walton Mansion (Source: Google)

Talk about riches and profit; the former player owned a property costing him $860 k in 2004, which he must have sold for double the price four years later.

Meanwhile, several tabloids covered a story of Walton’s purchase of an estate for a massive $7.5 million in 2018.

For instance, accommodation lies on 10,000 sq. ft. of land and is constructed in a French Riviera-style design.

Added to that, the residence comprises of eight-bedrooms along with eight bathhouses, a large swimming pool, and a spacious garage.

Bre Ladd | Relationship Status | Husband & Kids

Bre and Luke attended the same University; she played basketball for Arizona’s Women’s basketball team, whereas he played for Arizona’s Men’s basketball team. Likewise, the two didn’t hit off immediately.

“A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she is the last love of a man.” This statement is particularly reminiscent of Luke Walton and his lovely wife, Bre Ladd, both of whom found love towards each other and remain loyal to this day.

It was as if the almighty chose these two to unite for life. It is because both attended the same University and were ardent lovers of sports.

Until 2005, the two chose not to act upon their feelings and remained acquaintances.

Eventually, they decided to take a base further and dated for almost six years, after which Luke swooped in with the big question.

Bre Ladd and Luke Walton
Bre Ladd and Luke Walton (Source: BiographyPedia)

With this in mind, the duo organized a wedding that only is described as a setting straight out of a fairy tale.

Similarly, they both exchanged vows in holy matrimony on August 17, 2013, in the presence of 225 guests.

The venue was at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  In the same way, the reception venue, The Little Nell, in Aspen, Colorado, came through a suggestion of Brooke Keegan, the recommendation of Harmony Walton, Luke’s cousin.

Moreover, Kelley James was the musical guest at the reception venue, as he gave the audience a taste of the fusion of acoustic soft rock and rap.

On the contrary, the now happily wed couple received the blessing of their first child, Lawson, in 2014 and the second in 2016.

Bre Ladd | Social Media Presence 

Unfortunately, Bre is secretive and prefers her day-to-day life to be as far away from the limelight as possible. Hence, she is not active on any social media platforms.

Popularity Graph

Bre Ladd, the former volleyball player, popularly known as the wife of Professional Basketball  Coach Luke Walton.

Bre Ladd
Bre Ladd Popularity Graph (Source: Google)

Ladd came into highlight because of the sexual allegations against her husband, Luke Walton. She remained strong with her husband during a difficult time.

Bre Ladd | Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Who is Bre Ladd?

Bre Ladd is the wife of Sacramento Kings Coach Luke Walton.

The couple was highlighted because of the charge filed by Kelli Tenant against Luke Walton for sexual assault, however, it was withdrawn later.

What is the profession of Bre Ladd?

Bre Ladd is a former American Volleyball player; she played for Tucson Cactus for 4 years.

Currently, she is a divorce coach and a mother to two of her sons.

What is Bre Ladd’s net worth?

Bre Ladd is a divorce coach professionally, earlier she was a former volleyball player, and her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

She shares a huge sum with her husband Luke Walton, a Sacramento Kings coach.

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