Javier Alarcon Wikipedia And Edad: All About ESPN Journalist

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Javier Alarcon Wikipedia- The Mexican sports journalist has joined the ESPN panel after seven years at Imagen. Alarcon joined ESPN’s sports coverage on Star+ and ESPN’s linear channels.

Alarcon was rumored to leave Imagen last year in October. Joining ESPN also brings Alarcon on the same panel as his longtime rival José Ramón Fernández. 

Alarcon. 54, Has More Than 30 Years Of Experience As A Sports Journalist
Alarcon. 54, Has More Than 30 Years Of Experience As A Sports Journalist (Source: Instagram)

The soccer analyst will share his views on ESPN’s Futbol Picante analysis program. And on his very first appearance, Javier has already talked about how Mexican soccer has degraded in recent years. 

He said he isn’t optimistic about Copa America and believes that Mexican soccer has stopped training soccer players at the management level. 

Javier Alarcon Wikipedia And Edad

The Mexican sports journalist Javier Alarcon, 54, began his career at Televisa in 1988. Alacron established Televisa Deportes Newscast in 1990 after working as an analyst in the Euro Cup.

Alarcon left Televisa in 2015 and joined Imagen TV a year later in 2016. Alacron arrives in ESPN with more than 30 years of experience and has provided extensive coverage of the Olympic Games and World Cup. 

On his Instagram, Javier uploads several videos discussing the current soccer rumors, all the ins and outs, and also a few family photos. Alarcon joining ESPN brings him face-to-face with his former rival José Ramón Fernández.

The Sports Journalist Pictured With His Two Sons
The Sports Journalist Pictured With His Two Sons (Source: Instagram)

The two sports journalist’s rivalry began when José was working at Azteca. Fernández had previously criticized Televisa, but Alarcon has already made it clear they are no longer rivals.

In his interview with Infobae, Javier said he wishes they both could contribute to the team and not start any controversies or lawsuits.

Alarcon also said they were irrational battles that went personal, but now they see each other and laugh at it. Alarcon has promised he wants to generate better content with respect and humility. 

Alarcon ended his interview by saying that the level of arguments should be raised and not the level of voice. As much as Alarcon loves reporting about sports, he also loves keeping himself fit. 

He has shared several videos of him putting in the effort at the gym. The Mexica is seen doing several exercises, including pull-ups and bench presses, and also shares images from his cycling trips. 

Javier Alarcon Wife: Is The Sports Journalist Married?

The ESPN reporter recently announced his engagement to Mercedes Aguirre. The couple had been dating for a decade before Javier finally proposed to her on February 3.

The journalist shared a photo of Mercedes showing off her engagement ring, with him at the back teasing the camera. Javier has always shared pictures on their anniversary, which falls on March 15.

Like Javier, Mercedes has worked in TV, but as a presenter. There are a few clips of Mercedes from her TV days on YouTube. 

Alarcon Announced His Engagement Earlier This Month With Mercedes Aguirre
Alarcon Announced His Engagement Earlier This Month With Mercedes Aguirre (Source: Instagram)

The journalist is a father to three kids, two boys and a girl. Last month, Javier shared a photo with his two sons, Diego and Pablo. He captioned the post, “If you have fun with your kids, and you have them around, you’ve already won at life. The rest is the least.”

Unlike their dad, the two sons lead a low-key lifestyle and have their Instagram handle on private. Javier has previously shared a photo with his daughter, whose name he hasn’t mentioned. 

Javier shared the picture on May 8, 2023, and captioned the post, “I’m so happy to see you grow sweet mini. You are going to shine forever.” 

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