Who Is Brittany Joyce, Matt Joyce Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Matt Joyce and his wife Brittany Joyce, the dynamic duo, have seamlessly transitioned from baseball glory to entrepreneurial success in the fitness industry.

Brittany Joyce plays a crucial role alongside Matt in their F45 Training fitness franchises.

Matt Joyce, An American Former Professional Baseball Outfielder
Matt Joyce, An American Former Professional Baseball Outfielder (Source: Instagram)

Matt Joyce, born on August 3, 1984, in Tampa, Florida, is a baseball legend who left an indelible mark on Major League Baseball (MLB) during his illustrious 14-season career.

Matt’s baseball adventure started when the Detroit Tigers drafted him in the 12th round of the 2005 MLB Draft.

He made his MLB debut with the Tigers in 2008, showcasing his talents on the grand stage.

Over the years, Matt’s skill and dedication earned him an MLB All-Star nod in 2011 while playing for the Rays.

His standout performances include a grand slam in the critical Game 162 that secured a postseason berth, which became a defining moment in his career.

After his playing career, Matt transitioned into a sports analyst for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Matt Joyce Wife, Brittany Joyce

Brittany Joyce, the influential partner alongside Matt Joyce, has ventured beyond the baseball diamond, making waves in the fitness industry.

Brittany, a key figure alongside Matt, has played an instrumental role in the launch and success of the F45 Training franchises in the Tampa Bay region.

They’ve created a fitness empire that radiates energy, positivity, and a shared dedication to health.

Matt Joyce With His Wife Brittany Joyce And Daughter Kensington
Matt Joyce With His Wife Brittany Joyce And Daughter Kensington (Source: Instagram)

Together, they not only run successful businesses but also create a thriving family.

The Joyces, proud parents to their daughter Kensington, symbolize a harmonious blend of career, family, and fitness.

From Baseball Glory To Fitness Franchise

Former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce has stepped off the baseball field and into the business arena.

Joyce and his wife Brittany and business partner Blair Johnson ventured into the fitness industry. They purchased the rights to five F45 Training fitness franchises in December 2018.

Their fitness journey began in 2020 when they opened the first location at 18035 Highwoods Preserve Parkway.

F45 Training, founded in Australia in 2012, offers 45-minute workout classes combining circuit training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and functional training.

Matt Joyce And Brittany Joyce Transforming Fitness With F45 Ventures
Matt Joyce And Brittany Joyce Transforming Fitness With F45 Ventures (Source: Instagram)

Joyce expressed his enthusiasm for the F45 model, highlighting its organized and fun approach that delivers effective results; he fell in love with it after just one workout.

However, the fitness memberships are priced at $129 per month, aiming to enhance Tampa Bay’s vibrant fitness community.

Joyce’s venture into the fitness industry showcases his dedication to promoting health and wellness.

As the former Rays player turned entrepreneur, he invited the Tampa Bay community to participate in this ongoing chapter, where every workout is a step toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Stay tuned for a grand slam experience at F45 Training, where Matt Joyce brings the same passion and commitment that made him an All-Star in baseball to the fitness world.

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