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For a child, their parents are always their role models. It is said, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”

Similarly, Harry Ralston, “Bud” Black, famous as Bud Black, considers his parents his role model.  His parents were athletes, so he has always been inspired by them.

Obviously, he had a great childhood because his parents were so supportive. Back then, when everyone wanted their kids to be a doctor or an engineer.

His parents allowed him to be an athlete and were constantly supporting him as well.

Indeed, the “journey of life is tough.” But you can definitely make it to the top if you are patient and motivated enough to get what you want.

Bud was always passionate about his work, and he always had one thing on his mind, that was “success.”

Bud Black

Moreover, Bud Black is not only an athlete but also a Hollywood actor. He has done a lot of experiments in life and has also got success in whatever he has done.

In addition, he is a great baseball manager, as well. An inspiration to a lot of the young generation, a son, an athlete, an actor, and, most importantly, a great human being.

Today we dive into the life of Bud Black. His struggles and journey to success. Likewise, we will also discuss his family, early life, net worth, career, and relationship status.

Let’s get started with some quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Harry Ralston Black Jr.
Birth Place San Mateo, California, U.S.
Birth Date June 30, 1957
Nick Name Bud Black
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education San Diego State University
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Harry Black Senior Budd Black
Mother’s Name Not mentioned
Earned run average 3.84
Age 66 Years Old
Height 6 ft. 2inch
Weight 79kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Annual Salary $2 Million
Marital Status Married
Spouse/wife Nanette Stefen Black
Children 2 daughters (Jessie Black, Jamie Black)
Profession Baseball Player
Net Worth $15 Million
Current Work Colorado Rookies
Affiliations MLB (13th highest paid Manager of MLB)
Winning % .484
Win-loss record 121-116
Coaching record 998–1072
Merch Autographed Cards, Jersey, Bobblehead, Rookie Card
Last Update May, 2024

Bud Black Wiki-Bio | Early life, Parents and Education

Harry Ralston Black Junior (Bud Black) was born on June 30, 1957, in San Mateo, U.S., California. He was born to his father, Harry Black Senior Bud Black.

Sadly, not much has been mentioned about Bud’s mother. However, some sources mentioned that his mother was an athlete as well. She was a professional skater herself.

Further, Bud is an American citizen by birth, though his parents were Canadians. Added to that, he is a Cancer according to his horoscope chart.

Bud Black at the beginning of his career.
Bud Black at the beginning of his career.

As he is a Cancer by his horoscope, he has always been a family man. He loves his family and is extra protective of them.

Many times we have also seen him lose his calm in the playfield. It’s because of his aggressive nature.

Though he is a celebrity, not much about his family is disclosed. He likes keeping his personal life very private.

Furthermore, Bud attended Mark Morris High School for his high school education.

After graduating from high school, he joined Lower Columbia College. Later, he also completed his bachelor’s degree in management from SDSU Fowler College of Business.

Bud Black | Age, Height & Body Measurement

At the time of writing, Black is 63 years old and is happy in his life. He has a beautiful family. He celebrates his birthday on June 30 every year.

At the same time, we would like to add that he is a very focused and determined man. His work has always been his top priority.

From being a baseball player to being a manager, he has done his job with great dedication. He is considered one of the most successful baseball players.

That is because he has won 121 games in his career. At the same time, his managerial records are 924-985. He has always been so outspoken that; he also had to face a lot of controversies.

Rockies Pitching: Attitude over altitude.
Rockies Pitching: Attitude over altitude.

Moreover, Black stands 6 ft. 2 inches tall and weighs 79 kg. He was in perfect shape before, but now, he isn’t in the perfect body shape due to his age. But he definitely takes care of himself and his diet.

Bud Black Career | Baseball Player, Baseball Manager

From the very beginning, Bud Black had a great interest in sports. As his parents were athletes, his father was a hockey player, and his mother was a fine skater.

They always supported him to do whatever he wanted. They let him choose his own path.

Bud never saw his father playing hockey because his father took retirement from hockey before he was born. But he always loved playing hockey, though he didn’t choose it as his career.

Though both his parents were athletes, Bud Black considers his father the main reason he is on the sports field today.

Bud Black and his lucky number 10.
Bud Black wearing his lucky jersey number 10.

In many interviews, Bud has thanked his dad. Bud says the love for hockey has transferred from his father to him.

Even though he is not a hockey player, he follows hockey, and he does play hockey sometimes.

 “The speed of the game doesn’t translate on TV like it does in-person. The power in the legs, the quickness of the feet and the quickness of the hands, hockey players are truly great athletes.”

As a kid, he always used to play baseball. It somehow helped him in his future. It is always said, “Practice makes a man perfect.” The regular practices he did helped him a lot to gain some fame.

In the beginning, Bud played at San Diago state for his junior and senior years. From there, he started taking baseball seriously and thought of pursuing it as a career.

 Career As A Baseball Player And Coach

A true student-athlete.
A true student-athlete.

On 1981 September 5, Bud Black did his first MLB debut. He won 121 games in his career. After that, he also started playing for Seattle Mariners in 1981.

Further, Budd joined Kansas City Royals in 1982, and together their team won the world series in 1985. After that, he played for the Royals team for 6 years.

Moreover, he joined Cleveland Indians (1988-1990). Then, Toronto Blue Jays (1990). Later, he joined San Fransisco Giants (1991-1994).

Lastly, he went back to the Cleveland Indians in 1995. After his successful playing career, Bud started a new journey as a coach in 2000.

He was a pitching coach for Anaheim Angels for 6 years. Under his guidance, his team also won the 2002 world series against the San Francisco Giants.

Summary MLB Stats

Career 20.9 121 116 3.84 398 296 11 2053.1 1039 1.267

Learn more about his MLB stats and coaching record on MLB.com.

Career As A Baseball manager

On November 8, 2006, Bud Black was officially hired as a manager for Giants. However, in October 2006, he was interviewed for the vacant managerial post.

However, it went to Padres manager Bruce Bochy, and he became a candidate for the Padres’ job.

Indeed, Black returned for his contract in 2009, and his contract extended to 2010. Further, Bud worked as a manager for San Diego Padres from 2007 to 2015.

Bud Black wins NL Manager of the year award.
Bud Black wins the NL Manager of the year award.

Notably, Bud was awarded the NL manager of the year in 2010. He is also the 3rd full-time pitcher to win the NLB manager award.

After, eight seasons he was fired from Padres on June 15, 2015. Black had a record of 649 wins when he was fired.

In 2016, Bud was hired by Colorado Rockies as their manager on November 7. He has been working with them since then.

Bud Black | Manager Stats

Team Regular-season record Postseason record
G W L Win % G W L Win %
Total 2070 998 1072 .482 5 1 4 .200

Bud Black | Quotes

  • You don’t experiment with a changeup against Alex Rodriguez in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium.
  • No one pitches that alike unless they’re brothers. They pitch so much alike you’d have to split them up in the rotation just so hitters didn’t get the same look.
  • We talk to all of our guys to have the in-game awareness and to be cognizant of the game around you. You have to have the big picture. Also, when it is critical to make pitches and to not let the game get away from you. These are things that John has started to realize.
  • I don’t think these guys lose confidence. You’ll find very few major league players lose confidence. That’s one of the reasons they got here because they’re very confident men.

Bud Black | Net Worth, Salary, Income

As Bud has been working for so many years now, his net worth is estimated to be $15 million. He earns $2 million on an annual basis.

According to the USA today, Bud Black was last under contract in 1995, with a $400,000 package worth. He earned $600,000 in 1998, $3  million in 1994, $1.8 million in 1991.

Bud Black owns a house in Rancho Santa Fe, California, which is worth $1.595 million. The house has 6049 sq. ft space with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. 

Besides, he has also purchased a Condominium in San Diego’s Italy, for $589,000. It has a 1200 sq. ft living space with a modernized kitchen, a sitting room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

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Bud Black | Personal Life, Wife And Children

Love is fundamental in life. It would be best to have someone to share your feelings, happiness, and sorrows.

Similarly, Bud Black also has someone he shares his home, feelings, happiness, and everything.

Bud Black is happily married to his beautiful wife, Nanette Stefen Black. Nanette is a pediatric ICU nurse by profession. They got married on February 9, 1985.

Budd Black with the wife.
Bud Black with the wife.

Furthermore, Bud and Nanette have two beautiful daughters, Jamie and Jessie Black.

Jamie Black is their first child, and she is currently working as an interior designer. She graduated from Oregon State University.

On the other hand, Jessie graduated from the University of Maryland with a kinesiology and math degree.

Bud Black likes to keep his personal life private; that is why there is not much information about his family.

Bud Black | Social Media Presence

Bud Black is not active on any of the social media platforms. He likes to keep everything simple and private.

Being a celebrity, he manages to keep many things about himself private. Many celebrities will do things for publicity. However, Bud doesn’t even have a social media handle.

We hope Black joins Instagram soon so that we can see more about him. And it would be easy for us to explore him and understand him well.

Bud Black | Some FAQs:

Did Bud Black sign a new contract with the Colorado Rockies?

Yes, Bud signed a new three-year contract with the Rockies in 2019. According to his contract, he will be with the Colorado team till the 2022 MLB season.

Where can one buy Bud Black’s baseball card?

One can buy Bud Black’s baseball card for a good value on eBay.

How much is Bud Black baseball card worth?

Bub black baseball card price ranges from $0.18-$1.75.

What is Bud Black’s coaching record?

As of October 3, 2021, Bud black has a professional coaching record of 998 wins and 1072 losses.

Does Bud Black have his own earbud line?

No, the former baseball player does not have his own earbud line.

What position did Bud Black play in MLB?

Bud Black played in Major League Baseball(MLB) as a pitcher from 1981 through 1995. 

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