Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Macey Matthews Also Attends Clemson University

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Cade Klubnik girlfriend is Macey Matthews, a fellow Clemson. They have been in a relationship for over four years.

Macey Matthews was a cheerleader at Westlake High School. 

The 19-year-old quarterback sensation for the Clemson Tigers, Klubnik, and his fellow graduate, Macey, shared a significant milestone when they both graduated from high school in 2021.

Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Macey Matthews Also Attends Clemson
Macey And Cade Together In San Lucas, Mexico (Source: Instagram)

Macey took to TikTok to share a touching video brimming with cherished memories and heartfelt emotions after Klubnik’s graduation.

This video beautifully captured the essence of their journey through high school and their bright futures ahead.

Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Macey Matthews Attends Clemson

Cade Klubnik girlfriend, Macey Matthews, was born in Austin, Texas. Her father’s name is Matt Matthews.

She attended Westlake High from 2018 to 2022. During her time at Westlake High, Macey was a cheerleader, proudly donning the vibrant red and blue uniform of her high school cheerleading squad.

Her close friendship with her fellow cheerleader, Madeleine, is evident through numerous pictures capturing their shared experiences.

One of the most special aspects of Macey’s high school cheerleading days was the opportunity to support her boyfriend, Cade, who was a football player for Westlake High.

Macey and her cheerleading team cheered enthusiastically for their football team, creating lasting memories.

Macey and Cade’s connection traces back to their middle school years, and Macey fondly recalls how she cheered for him during his first-ever school game – a memory etched in her heart.

Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Macey Matthews Also Attends Clemson
Good Old High School Days (Source: Instagram)

In pursuit of her academic dreams, Macey transitioned to Clemson University alongside her boyfriend, Cade, following her graduation from Westlake High School in early 2022 with a diploma in Mathematics.

In August 2022, she officially began her freshman year at Clemson, joining Cade, who had already commenced his studies seven months earlier.

Cade, now the quarterback for the Clemson Tigers, undoubtedly has Macey’s support as she embarks on her academic journey, aiming for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Her anticipated graduation date is set for August 2026.

Macey grew up alongside her sister, Laurene Mattews.

In addition to her sister, Macey shares her life with her father, Matt Matthews. The two embarked on a memorable hiking adventure to Jackson, Wyoming, in July 2020. Furthermore, Macey has a younger brother who is an integral part of their close-knit family.

Relationship Timeline 

Cade Klubnik and Macey Matthews, high school sweethearts, have shared a beautiful journey together spanning four years.

Their love story commenced in 2019 when Cade and Macey, both graduates of Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, crossed paths.

In October 2019, they officially became a couple after developing their friendship during their freshman year.

Their connection deepened, evolving from friends to best friends, eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship.

Their unique bond was further fueled by the synergy of him being a football player and her passionately cheering for him from the sidelines in her cheerleading outfit.

A significant milestone in their relationship was celebrated on October 13, 2020, when Cade expressed his love and gratitude on social media, commemorating their first year together. This heartfelt gesture spoke volumes about the strength of their relationship.

Their high school journey was marked by significant achievements, with Cade’s football team clinching the state championship in December 2019, an event where Macey, as a cheerleader, played a pivotal role in rallying support.

Their first official date took place in January 2020, a moment that marked the beginning of many cherished memories together. Cade shared a snapshot of the two, poised for a memorable date night.

Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Macey Matthews Also Attends Clemson
Cade Klubnik Girlfriend Prom 2021 Cade And Macey (Source: Instagram)

In July 2020, they ventured to Seaside, Florida, creating lasting memories while enjoying the beach and each other’s company. Their relationship milestones continued with their one-year anniversary celebration in October.

Both Cade and Macey come from Christian backgrounds, born to Christian parents Tod and Kim Klubnik.

Their love for adventure also took flight when, in July 2023, they embarked on their second foreign vacation trip to Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. Their first foreign trip was to Potrero, Costa Rica.

Prom was another enchanting chapter in their journey. They attended their first prom together in 2021, sharing the experience with another couple, Annika and Adam.

In 2022, Cade, for his senior year, chose Macey as his date for the last Texas college prom, culminating in a sweet post-event kiss, sealing their night of memories and love.

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