Cade Otton Parents: Father Tim & Mother Sally Otton

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Tim and the late Sally Otton, proud parents of NFL star Cade Otton, were the pillars of support throughout his football journey.

Their enduring encouragement, love, and family legacy played a crucial role in shaping Cade’s remarkable NFL career.

Cade Otton, An American Football Tight End For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cade Otton, An American Football Tight End For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Source: Instagram)

Cade Otton, born on April 15, 1999, went from Tumwater High School in Washington to becoming a standout tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL.

Starting strong in college at the University of Washington, Otton’s standout senior year in 2021 set the stage for his NFL journey.

Drafted by the Buccaneers in 2022, he wowed fans with a game-winning touchdown from the legendary Tom Brady.

He finished his rookie season with 42 receptions, 391 yards, and two touchdowns.

Tim and Sally Otton: Proud Parents of NFL Star Cade Otton

Cade Otton’s football journey is supported by his amazing parents, Tim, and the late Sally Otton.

They were proud parents of three children: Cade, Ryan, and Kylie. 

Cade Otton With His Parents Tim and Sally Otton And Siblings Ryan and Kylie Onton Along With His Wife Sierra Otton
Cade Otton With His Parents Tim and Sally Otton And Siblings Ryan and Kylie Onton, Along With His Wife Sierra Otton (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, the Otton family faced a tough time with Sally’s sudden passing on September 20, 2022.

Sally wasn’t just a football mom; she was a triathlete and a teacher, leaving behind a legacy of love and strength.

Otton recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, thanking the family for their strength and remembering their mom, Sally.

The caption read,

“Grateful for the love that binds us. In Mom’s memory, we stand strong together.”

As Cade steps into his NFL adventure, the spirit of his parents, especially his late mom Sally, keeps him going.

The Otton family sticks together, cherishing Sally’s memory and facing life’s twists with love and togetherness.

Brother: Ryan Otton

Ryan Otton, the younger brother of former Husky standout Cade Otton, is making his mark on the football field.

Ryan’s football journey at Washington started with a bit of a challenge, a hamstring injury, and the loss of his mom during his freshman year.

Cade Otton With His Brother Ryan Otton
Cade Otton With His Brother Ryan Otton (Source: Instagram)

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Ryan wears the iconic No. 87, symbolizing the Otton legacy on the field.

Even though he’s not in the spotlight yet, coaches see a lot of promise in his skills and his dedication to improving every day.

Last season, Ryan made a cameo against Colorado, showing he’s ready for the big stage. He’s got a few more years to go, but with the Huskies, he’s one to watch.

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