Caleb Farley Net Worth: Salary, Income And Property

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The American professional football player, Caleb Farley, is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million 2024. Farley is among the best young NFL cornerbacks in recent times and one of the highest-paid athletes in the Tennessee Titans. 

Having started his NFL career in 2021, Caleb has already amassed over $10 million in just two years.

Aside from his playing career, his contracts with various brands have contributed significantly to his wealth.

American Professional Football Player Caleb Farley
American Professional Football Player Caleb Farley (Source: The Guardian)

Caleb Ray Farley has played professional league football for the Tennessee Titans of the NFL since 2021.

Despite knowing about his frequent injuries, the Titans chose him as the 22nd overall pick in the draft.

As people had predicted earlier, Farley has not been well enough to perform for the team yet. Appearing in only 12 games in two seasons, he has won 14 tackles for the Titans.

Previously, before his professional league debut, Caleb played only two seasons for the Virginia Tech Hokies. Initially intended to become a wide receiver, he changed his plans after suffering an ACL injury at the beginning of his college career.

Farley’s most memorable season was in 2019, for which he was named a First-team All-ACC. He recorded 20 tackles, four interceptions, and a touchdown that season.

Caleb Farley’s Net Worth, Salary, And Income

The professional football player, Caleb Farley, has never officially shed light on his net worth. But overviewing his career earnings, the popular sports media has estimated it to be around $3 million.

His primary income source is league contracts, but he has also made much money through merch sales and brand deals.

Farley signed a fully guaranteed four-year contract worth $13.945 million on May 13, 2021. With that, he received $660k in salary and around $7.1 million as a signing bonus.

Caleb Farley
Caleb Farley (Source: Virginia Tech Athletics)

Despite having a forgettable rookie season, the club let him play as their backup cornerback in the 2022 season. He earned just over $3 million that season.

His base salary in the upcoming season is around $1.8 million, but it is unlikely that he will be fit to play all the games for his team, considering that he has not fully recovered from his back injury.

In addition, the recent tragic incident involving his dad’s death in his North Carolina home has devastated him. The player had bought that property for $2.05 million for his dad only a year ago.

More on Caleb Farley’s Father’s Death

The Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley’s father, Robert, died in the explosion at his Mooresville house on August 22, 2023. 

As per the reports, the house exploded around midnight when his dad was inside.

The first responders later told the media that the property was destroyed when they arrived at the scene soon after the explosion.

Caleb Farley And His Dad Robert
Caleb Farley And His Dad, Robert (Source: MEAWW)

Caleb’s dad, aged 61, was found dead, buried in the debris.

Similarly, their family friend Christian Rogers sustained a severe injury during the incident. He was taken to the hospital soon after the rescue team discovered him.

Meanwhile, Caleb Farley, who had returned to Mooresville to spend time with his dad earlier, was not at home when it happened. He only arrived at the scene on Tuesday morning.

With this, Farley has lost both his parents just within six years. His mom, Robin, died in January 2018 at 53 because of breast cancer.

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