Does Caleb Williams Have Brother Or Sister? Parents And Family

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Eyes on the routine on Caleb Williams, a quarterback at USC & a touted prospect for the 2024 NFL draft! Also, that fame brings his family-related queries into the scene that if Williams has a brother or a sister.

The Washington, D.C.-born football player often mentions his parents in interviews & barely misses to appreciate their efforts. Though, he has rarely talked about his siblings.

Caleb Williams went from a young boy who wanted to be a quarterback on a whim to a dedicated & passionate sports professional.

Well, some fuels of sheer dedication to football came from an incident at school when he didn’t get to play in the national championship for being ‘small.’

Can’t argue that he took it personally.

Caleb Williams, A College Football Player & The Winner Of The 2022 Heisman Trophy
Caleb Williams, A College Football Player & The Winner Of The 2022 Heisman Trophy (Source:

Now, Williams stands as eye candy for many NFL teams & analysts.

The 6 feet 1-inch tall football quarterback is the winner of the 2022 Heisman Trophy and the 2022 Maxwell Award.

Having showcased his potential with impressive passing & tackling skills at Gonzaga College High School, Caleb committed to college football at the University of Oklahoma.

However, after a season (completing the 2021-22 season), he went for the transfer portal as a sophomore & joined the University of Southern California, where he plays for the Trojans. 

Caleb Williams Siblings: Brother Or Sister?

Born on November 18, 2001, the 22 -year-old football player seemingly doesn’t have a brother or a sister.

Many online sources report that Caleb is the only child of his parents: Carl Williams and Dayna Price.

Whenever the NFL draft prospect talks about his childhood & family, he does mention his dad & mom but never mentioned having siblings.

Moreover, during his graduation moments from Gonzaga College High School, Caleb is seen with his parents only.

Does it ring the bell? Well, probably, pointing out the conclusion of him being the only child.

Is He Related To Mario Williams?

Rumors swirling & vanishing in thin air is a break-even that comes with fandom, & it has not spared the up-and-coming football figure, Caleb Williams.

Even though there were claims that Caleb may be related to former NFL star Mario Williams, it turned out to be a hoax only.

Nevertheless, the things that the two have in common are their surnames ‘Williams’ and their passion for football.

Yet to land his feet on the NFL ground, the University of Oklahoma former attendant is striving to leave a mark with his gameplays.

Could expect no less from a top quarterback prospect, no?



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