Calvin Abueva Wife Sam Abueva: Married Life And Kids

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Calvin Abueva and his wife, Sam, have gone through several ups and downs in their relationship, but they live happily.

In 2019, the couple went through a public separation, but they have since reconciled and are back together.

Calvin was accused of domestic violence by her wife, Sam Abueva. She said she has suffered violence and unsolicited sexual advances in the past.

Filipino Professional Basketball Player Calvin Abueva
Filipino Professional Basketball Player Calvin Abueva (Source: Instagram)

Calvin Abueva is a Filipino basketball player who plays for the Magnolia Hotshots in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Abueva played for Alaska Aces from 2012 to 2018, Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters from 2018 to 2020, and joined Magnolia Hotshots in 2021.

Moreover, he has won several awards throughout his career, including the PBA Championship in 2013 and the PBA Best Player of the Conference twice.

He has also been selected eight times for the PBA All-Star, included in the PBA Mythical First Team four times, and twice in the PBA All-Defensive Team.

Abueva was part of the NCAA Philippines championship team in 2009 and was awarded the Most Valuable Player.

Furthermore, he was included in the NCAA Philippines Mythical First Team three times and was part of the PBL championship team in 2010.

Calvin Abueva’s Wife & Children

Calvin Abueva is married to Salome Alejandra, who prefers to be called Sam.

Sam is a devoted mother of six children and takes pride in raising them with love and care.

The names of Clint, James, and Deandre are widely recognized among the children of the Abueva family.

Calvin Abueva With Her Wife Sam Abueva And Their Six Children
Calvin Abueva With Her Wife Sam Abueva And Their Six Children (Source: Instagram)

Despite their happy family life, the couple has faced some difficulties that have affected their marriage.

These issues have been resolved, and they continue strengthening their bond as a couple and as parents to their children.

Calvin Abueva’s Wife Accues of Abuse

In 2019, Calvin Abueva was suspended from the PBA and faced severe accusations of abuse from his wife.

During a livestream on Calvin’s Instagram account, Sam Abueva presented photos of alleged CCTV footage as evidence to support her accusations.

Sam, who was 32 weeks pregnant, expressed concerns about her pregnancy due to Calvin’s actions.

She recounted instances where Calvin, intoxicated, put his weight on her stomach, resulting in her being hospitalized due to spotting.

Moreover, she also mentioned a previous incident where she refused sexual advances from Calvin due to bleeding, fearing a miscarriage.

Calvin Abueva With His Wife Salome Alejandra (Sam Abueva)
Calvin Abueva With His Wife Salome Alejandra (Sam Abueva) (Source: Instagram)

These allegations came to light after one of their children witnessed Calvin’s behavior, prompting Sam to speak out.

Similarly, she described her child waking up in fear and seeking comfort from her, afraid of their father’s actions.

Furthermore, Sam accused Calvin of infidelity, alleging that he had extramarital affairs with multiple women, resulting in pregnancies.

In response, Calvin denied all accusations through a separate Instagram account, labeling them lies.

He also claimed that he and Sam were already separated.

Despite the severe nature of the allegations, Calvin appeared unfazed and even took a jab at Sam, questioning her enjoyment of a trip to Boracay without him.

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